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2608619 CF-4048126 AJAX : UI Components David Jacobson Filter NOT changing grid resultset Problem Description: When entering a value in a search field and filtering the grid data, the value of the field doesn't get passed to the cfc query for the grid as previous before 4.x upgrade. Steps
3854931 CF-4200533 AJAX : UI Components David Jacobson cftextarea form variable missing Problem Description: When submitting a cfform with richtext via ColdFusion.Ajax.submit, the cftextarea value is always [empty string]. Steps to Reproduce: Fill out form add text to cftextarea and submit Actual
Tracker Issue ext.js errors
2608636 CF-4040469 AJAX : UI Components David Jacobson ext.js errors Duplicate ID: CF-3699520 Problem Description: After upgrading the hosting servers to CF11 all cfgrids no longer display the custom toolbars Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Grid displays with no upper or lower toolbar
2608586 CF-4057631 AJAX : UI Components David Jacobson cfwindow no longer works correctly I am trying to open a cfwindow via javascript, the code worked before the upgrade and now all I get is the modal part and no window. Any ideas? From the code below I get the alert and then the modal
Tracker Issue 1 null Error
2596876 CF-3520220 CFIMAGE David Jacobson 1 null Error Problem Description: Getting the following error when usinf cfimageoverlay - 1 null The error occurred on line 41. Steps to Reproduce: "??"?/ '''''''''[[================ Actual Result: 1 null
Tracker Issue cfdocument and images
2596987 CF-3203939 Document Management David Jacobson cfdocument and images Problem Description: When using cfdocument type='pdf', images don't properly appear. Steps to Reproduce: I have tried several fixes to get this working. This report was used last year on a CF8 box and worked as expected