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2608226 CF-4160218 Security David Mitchell GetSafeHTML will crash on invalid XML (antisamy, nekohtml) Related Bugs: CF-4160212 - Similar to Problem Description: When attempting to sanitize data the getCleanHTML (actually the underlying scan method from Antisamy) will throw an "Invalid HTML input
2924267 CF-4198402 Language : String Functions David Mitchell GetSafeHTML truncates strings with some tags Problem Description: Since update 11 when using getSafeHTML with the default policy certain tags which are defined to be removed by the policy truncate all data following the end tag (in
2608227 CF-4160212 Security David Mitchell Coldfusion 11 ships with outdated version of Antisamy library Related Bugs: CF-4160218 - Similar to Problem Description: The version of Antisamy which ships with CF11 is 1.4.4. This version was released in early 2011 (see: http
3531633 CF-4199809 Language : Null Support David Mitchell Nulls go to undefined when getQueryRow() is used Problem Description: When getting a row from a query via getQueryRow(), column values become 'undefined'. The keys are present in the struct but attempting to get the value results