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Azeema Examples – sample code sample examples The post Examples – sample code appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Discussion,IDE,2018,discussion
Portal Topic CFLOCATION issue
Karuna516 CFLOCATION issue giving "too many redirects" issue. The post CFLOCATION issue appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,2018,discussion,language
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Portal Topic Datasource
xopfppòfòòff Datasource Hi, Hi, does the Express version allow for the creation of ODBC datasource? Thank you The post Datasource appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Discussion,discussion,odbc
Portal Topic Do I need an API?
David Byers Do I need an API? APIs are very powerful, but do you need to build your application as an API? The post Do I need an API? appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,modern cfml
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christopheru99796564 ColdFusion 2016 Support for SQL 2019? ColdFusion 2016 Support for SQL 2019? The post ColdFusion 2016 Support for SQL 2019? appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Updates,2016,compatibility,discussion,updates
p3142 CFBuilder, FTP and Compare Files Why is it still so darned difficult to compare local and remote files, and then upload them, in ColdFusion Builder? The post CFBuilder, FTP and Compare Files appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Discussion,IDE,discussion,ftp
2609701 CF-3799243 External U. Why don't you seed what the discussion points you have in mind are? We can get going with the discussion, even if *you're* too busy to participate.
Charlie Arehart IT has been discussed elsewhere that alternatives are planned. No timeframe given.
Aaron Neff Hi Charlie, I'm sorry to hijack your thread, but didn't want to create a separate discussion for the following point: The Beta page's "View all Discussion" button should probably say "View all Discussions" (plural instead of singular). Unless, of course, there will only be 1
2609565 CF-3830375 Milan C. correcting decision as discussed with awdhesh, will not fix this
2609701 CF-3799243 Aaron N. I see the status is currently Open/ToFix, but no discussion seeded.
2613614 CF-3200312 External U. As discussed on SOTR2012 this is the bug report. Regards, Jork
2614289 CF-3119176 Kunal S. Moving to needs review as discussed with Chandan
Comment on Bug 74757:(Watson Migration Closure)Read this thread for discussion by External U.
Aaron Neff Hi Adobe, +1 to an answer to Brad's question. What happened to the discussed/preferred syntaxes that no longer work? Thanks!, -Aaron
Grae Desmond Thanks for the reply, that makes sense.  I went and voted and maybe the discussion here will help get it on the radar in addition to the bug tracker.
3479371 CF-4199631 Alexander H. Already discussed in
2673578 CF-4126386 Suresh J. As discussed , let's evaluate the fix and then take call on the fix for version
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. >>> @Dom you should probably be a bit more forthcoming here; as much to identify the fact you are actually the dev/instigator of this behaviour in PresideCMS? This *is* your code we're discussing working around here, right? Why should this matter? This is not a
2608609 CF-4050165 External U. Everyone has been discussing this on your boards since July 2015. We have nothing to go in?
2608792 CF-3993718 Suchika S. Closing the bug as per the discussion below. Thanks, Suchika
2609288 CF-3861951 External U. For discussion and test cases, see
2609449 CF-3846509 HariKrishna K. As discussed with customer, closing this as NotABug.
2609701 CF-3799243 Awdhesh K. Need broader discussion on the design and implementation of onRestRequest. Will revisit this after post Beta.
2609701 CF-3799243 External U. Hi Awdhesh, I hope the broader discussion will be added as comments on this ticket. Thanks!, -Aaron
2610680 CF-3687548 Rupesh K. This needs a much wider discussion whether CFML needs to be strongly typed. Parking it for the time being.
2597041 CF-3175165 External U. +1 - Voted for this multiple times over the years. This was discussed when was released, and is still a problem.
Comment on Bug 87105:Discussed this with Josh / Rakshith a bit at NCDevCon by External U.
Comment on Bug 74757:(Watson Migration Closure)Read this thread for discussion by External U.
2682167 CFB-4168736 Anit K. Hi Alex, As discussed, this is an expected behavior and we will not be fixing this. Regards, Anit Kumar
2682996 CFB-3712153 Adobe D. Closing this as per discussion thread below. (Comment added from ex-user id:dsarkar)
4261416 CF-4202194 Aaron N. Related thread:
4255706 CF-4202170 Aaron N. Related thread:
4284979 CF-4202296 Aaron N. Related thread:
4288021 CF-4202301 Aaron N. Related thread:
4317657 CF-4202401 Aaron N. Related thread:
5143436 CF-4203636 Poonam J. Hi Aaron and Bakia, I understand your concern here, possibly I will discuss this with Development team and get back to you. -Poonam
5380145 CF-4204037 Kailash B. As discussed with the User, he will be submitting a different bug with correct code. Closing this for now.
5793701 CF-4204474 Dattanand M. @Philipp Looks like ZingChart limitation, we will discuss with ZingChart and get back to you.
Aaron Neff literal syntax for sorted struct Hi Adobe, Could we please have a discussion about what the literal syntax would look like for sorted struct before its implemented? Related ticket: Thanks!, -Aaron The post literal syntax for sorted struct
David Byers Other social resources for ColdFusion The CF Community is vast.  Here's some other places you can turn to in order to find help or network within the ColdFusion community. The post Other social resources for ColdFusion appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion
David Byers Quick Tip: CF 2018 Array Negative Indices are Read Only Array negative indexes in CF 2018 appear to be read only. The post Quick Tip: CF 2018 Array Negative Indices are Read Only appeared first on ColdFusion. CF2018 Updates,Discussion,Updates,cf2018 updates,ColdFusion,coldfusion 2018
David Byers Quick Tip: Where to find installers for older versions of ColdFusion has installers for ColdFusion dating back to version 1.5. The post Quick Tip: Where to find installers for older versions of ColdFusion appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,question,updates
Articles not being approved? appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,ColdFusion Community Portal,Discussion,announcements,coldfusion community portal,discussion,updates
WadeBurns ColdFusion 2020 software release date Is there a ColdFusion 2020 software in the works?  Is there a planned release date? The post ColdFusion 2020 software release date appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Updates,ColdFusion,discussion,updates
Coldfusion 2018 Auto Lockdown tool appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Lockdown,Security,2018,discussion,lockdown,security
Fusion. Discussion,Lockdown,Security,2018,discussion,licensing,lockdown,Oracle,security
David Byers ColdFusion Needs to Die It’s time for bold action in order to make ColdFusion grow... and it starts by killing the reputation that ColdFusion is anchored with. The post ColdFusion Needs to Die appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Discussion,General,2016,2018,announcements,cfsummit,discussion
mitsuok24115360 CF update error on Azure Web App [hotfix-004-314546.jar] CF update failed by java error on Azure Web App - windows code base - Java11 tomcat9 The post CF update error on Azure Web App appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Hotfix,Updates,2018,discussion,hotfix,updates
Fusion. Discussion,Language,discussion,documentation,language
Mochammad Alex Coldfusion 9 work with windows server 2012 / IIS 8.5 Is it possible CF9 work with windows server 2012 / IIS 8.5? I have license for CF9 The post Coldfusion 9 work with windows server 2012 / IIS 8.5 appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Discussion,IDE,ColdFusion,discussion
Aaron Neff Hi Saurav, Thanks very much! I've mentioned this in Slack w/ a link back to this discussion. Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. I've created some discussions recently that are still "awaiting moderation". Any way to reduce the moderation delays? :)
Charlie Arehart Regarding the discussion of metaspace, I will share that if someone hits an "outofmemoryerror: metaspace", the best solution may well be simply to remove the maxmetaspacesize argument, as I discuss here:
2613177 CF-3341256 External U. Hi Milan, This ticket (CF-3321646) was created on Thursday, October 4, 2012 and is actually the duplicate of CF-3321646 which was created earlier on Thursday, August 30, 2012. So discussion should continue in CF-3321646, instead of splitting discussion over to here
2596957 CF-3312296 Adobe D. We would need to further discuss over call/connect meeting, i didn't get your contact information in our bugbase, please email me for further discussion referring this bug. (Comment added from ex-user id:mquraish)
2596957 CF-3312296 Adobe D. Hi All, Jason isn't getting this issue wrt CF9.0.1 as now they are using CF11 so they are further testing it with updated CF11 server and would have discussion with me again whereas i am also further discussing with Byron regarding it. (Comment added from ex-user id:mquraish)
Chris Bossons QueryExecute named parameter gotcha! I’ve not seen this posted before, apologies if it’s already been discussed! Our team have identified a bug when using QueryExecute and named query parameters. This doesn’t appear to affect all installations of ColdFusion, as it doesn’t affect my
Aaron Neff runtime interface fulfillment check Hi Adobe, Why is interface fulfillment check done at runtime instead of compile time? Thanks!, -Aaron The post runtime interface fulfillment check appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,CFC,component,interface
Aaron Neff Tracker not sending emails Hi Adobe, Can you please resolve Unsent emails need sent. Thanks!, -Aaron The post Tracker not sending emails appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,ColdFusion
Charlie Arehart OK, thanks, and glad to hear of that discussion. Hope you may get answers from Adobe, if they'll consider that (or indeed any) idea. I do hope we will see some reply from someone well before that looming deadline.
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hey Jim, Closing this bug for now as there has been no response with the same. But do let us know in case as discussed you were able to replicate the issue, we would be re-opening the issue. Thanks!
2672779 CF-4170889 Kailash B. Hi Shirak, As discussed over the call, we are currently in the process of fixing the bugs you filed. We will be providing you with a patch as soon as we have one. Thanks, Kailash
2608241 CF-4157031 Krishna R. Because it is an EET, including it for HF9 as discussed with Awdhesh. Added keyword also. Integrated as well for HF9-CF11
2673429 CF-4126560 External U. +1 for Code Analyzer integration w/ CF Builder. I see this is deferred. I'd like to discuss/plan possibilities during Aether PR if possible.
2673464 CF-4126522 Milan C. This has already been fixed considering all the options discussed on forums. Please refer to the latest docs for sorted and ordered structs.
2608386 CF-4104256 External U. Actually, please do not consider this ticket yet. I now have a different idea which I would like to discuss in the PR. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608697 CF-4021594 External U. I read where this was discussed and I see the people voting for this and their reasons, and they are sound, so +1 from me.
2609164 CF-3917048 Immanuel N. Closing the bug as fixed. Case insensitivity for CFM, CFML, CFC, CFR and CFSWF are handled. /REST/ will not be handled as discussed in bugs CF-3917003 and CF-3791392.
2609222 CF-3909707 External U. We need a repro, Ray. As discussed, this works fine for me: cfwddx(action="cfml2wddx", input={}, output="w"); writeDump(var=variables); -- Adam
2609669 CF-3811003 External U. Adobe, There was a fair amount of discussion on this ticket. Can you please let us know what was/wasn't done? Thanks!, -Aaron
2609860 CF-3756518 Rupesh K. We need a wider discussion for making the language complete OO. There are quite a few things like - method overloading, static method & variables, abstract components, data types etc. Deferring it for the time being.
2612070 CF-3560964 External U. Nice one, cheers Himavanth. You couldn't share the discussions on those old bug tickets somewhere, could you? Am intrigued to see people's "logic". -- Adam
2612133 CF-3555025 External U. Cool, cheers for the clarification. Can you make a point ("you" plural: ie: the team) of being that clear when discussing versions from now on. BTW, I believe the "next after 12" might be "13" ;-)
2596901 CF-3486277 External U. See this discussion between myself and Adam Cameron
2613240 CF-3337394 External U. Regarding "Ugh, I had a typo." ..actually, I was using the repro discussed earlier in this ticket. Thanks, -Aaron
2613277 CF-3336197 External U. Thanks, Himavanth, for the discussion. #CF-3491695 has been filed for time support in cfschedule's exclude attribute. Implementing #CF-3491695 will resolve this ticket. Thanks!, -Aaron
2613278 CF-3336193 External U. Thanks, Himavanth, for the discussion. #CF-3491695 has been filed for time support in cfschedule's exclude attribute. Implementing #CF-3491695 will resolve this ticket. Thanks!, -Aaron
2613365 CF-3329177 External U. +1, I agree that users should be informed. Then, in a future release, deprecation should be fine. A general deprecation policy, for old functionality, should probably be discussed and planned at some point.
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. (Hi to jasonk1technology and Quraishi. If you are going to discuss this privately, could you please also post anything meaningful back here for us spectators and past contributors ? Thanks in advance, byron_knapp)
2596981 CF-3223465 External U. Some discussion here:
2614106 CF-3131518 External U. Feel free to call me on the phone, I would serioulsy like to discuss the implecations of this problem. And demonstrate the problem over a connect session if possible.
2614299 CF-3118358 External U. Um, I hope there isn't much to discuss. It should return a number. What's the point of returning true? Or did I misread your note. ;)
Comment on Bug 78927:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: spreadsheetReadBinary() function poorly namedSee discussion / confusion here: https://prerelease by External U.
4219048 CF-4202030 Nitin K. ColdBox 5 framework works with update1 over CF2018 beta release.    Closing the bug.
3992528 CF-4201202 Vijay M. As discussed with Aaron over forum thread, there will be backward compatibility issues with this change. Hence, we will not be doing this enhancement.
4267605 CF-4202219 Aaron N. Related thread:
4284960 CF-4202293 Aaron N. Related thread:
4260812 CF-4202192 Aaron N. Related thread:
4285284 CF-4202295 Aaron N. Related thread:
4288022 CF-4202302 Aaron N. Related thread: