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Azeema Examples – sample code sample examples The post Examples – sample code appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Discussion,IDE,2018,discussion
Portal Topic CFLOCATION issue
Karuna516 CFLOCATION issue giving "too many redirects" issue. The post CFLOCATION issue appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,2018,discussion,language
adamwakal AWS Chime CF Tutorial Chime Example The post AWS Chime CF Tutorial appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,ColdFusion,discussion,language
Portal Topic Do I need an API?
David Byers Do I need an API? APIs are very powerful, but do you need to build your application as an API? The post Do I need an API? appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,modern cfml
Mark.rodriguez784 Creating second ColdFusion Instance Manually Manually Create Coldfusion instance The post Creating second ColdFusion Instance Manually appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,Support,administrator,discussion,Extended Support,language,support
Bernhard Döbler Input validation to avoid XSS How to perform input validation to avoid XSS? The post Input validation to avoid XSS appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,modern cfml,security
manfrede66586020 ColdFusion 2016 and Google Drive Google SpreadSheet Sheets CFFILE Upload The post ColdFusion 2016 and Google Drive appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,2016,discussion,language
Charlie Arehart IT has been discussed elsewhere that alternatives are planned. No timeframe given.
Aaron Neff Hi Charlie, I'm sorry to hijack your thread, but didn't want to create a separate discussion for the following point: The Beta page's "View all Discussion" button should probably say "View all Discussions" (plural instead of singular). Unless, of course, there will only be 1
Aaron Neff Hi Adobe, +1 to an answer to Brad's question. What happened to the discussed/preferred syntaxes that no longer work? Thanks!, -Aaron
Grae Desmond Thanks for the reply, that makes sense.  I went and voted and maybe the discussion here will help get it on the radar in addition to the bug tracker.
Aaron Neff literal syntax for sorted struct Hi Adobe, Could we please have a discussion about what the literal syntax would look like for sorted struct before its implemented? Related ticket: Thanks!, -Aaron The post literal syntax for sorted struct
David Byers Other social resources for ColdFusion The CF Community is vast.  Here's some other places you can turn to in order to find help or network within the ColdFusion community. The post Other social resources for ColdFusion appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion
David Byers Quick Tip: CF 2018 Array Negative Indices are Read Only Array negative indexes in CF 2018 appear to be read only. The post Quick Tip: CF 2018 Array Negative Indices are Read Only appeared first on ColdFusion. CF2018 Updates,Discussion,Updates,cf2018 updates,ColdFusion,coldfusion 2018
David Byers Quick Tip: Where to find installers for older versions of ColdFusion has installers for ColdFusion dating back to version 1.5. The post Quick Tip: Where to find installers for older versions of ColdFusion appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,question,updates
Articles not being approved? appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,ColdFusion Community Portal,Discussion,announcements,coldfusion community portal,discussion,updates
WadeBurns ColdFusion 2020 software release date Is there a ColdFusion 2020 software in the works?  Is there a planned release date? The post ColdFusion 2020 software release date appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Updates,ColdFusion,discussion,updates
Coldfusion 2018 Auto Lockdown tool appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Lockdown,Security,2018,discussion,lockdown,security
Fusion. Discussion,Lockdown,Security,2018,discussion,licensing,lockdown,Oracle,security
Aaron Neff Hi Saurav, Thanks very much! I've mentioned this in Slack w/ a link back to this discussion. Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. I've created some discussions recently that are still "awaiting moderation". Any way to reduce the moderation delays? :)
Charlie Arehart Regarding the discussion of metaspace, I will share that if someone hits an "outofmemoryerror: metaspace", the best solution may well be simply to remove the maxmetaspacesize argument, as I discuss here:
Chris Bossons QueryExecute named parameter gotcha! I’ve not seen this posted before, apologies if it’s already been discussed! Our team have identified a bug when using QueryExecute and named query parameters. This doesn’t appear to affect all installations of ColdFusion, as it doesn’t affect my
Aaron Neff runtime interface fulfillment check Hi Adobe, Why is interface fulfillment check done at runtime instead of compile time? Thanks!, -Aaron The post runtime interface fulfillment check appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,CFC,component,interface
Aaron Neff Tracker not sending emails Hi Adobe, Can you please resolve Unsent emails need sent. Thanks!, -Aaron The post Tracker not sending emails appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,ColdFusion
Charlie Arehart OK, thanks, and glad to hear of that discussion. Hope you may get answers from Adobe, if they'll consider that (or indeed any) idea. I do hope we will see some reply from someone well before that looming deadline.
Fusion community by providing official support for more code editors. appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,appreciations,discussion,language
in their ways. The post Fighting Stagnation: Learning how to grow your skills in a stagnant development environment appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,object oriented design
Covid 19 and Life After) appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Webinar,Discussion,Events,coldfusion webinar,discussion,events,Summit
are interested in the same. We wanted to know if we can get recorded sessions of the same anywhere? The post sessions of Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2020 for AEST timezone? appeared first on ColdFusion. Developer week,Discussion,Events,Anywhere,developer week,discussion,events
Charlie Arehart This question was somehow repeated 3 times. I replied here only to see others replying to one of them. I will remove my reply here and post it there. Can other responders seeing this also please keep replies directed at just that one: discussion
Charlie Arehart Dejank, note that you would want to use the available -upgrade argument on that command-line wsconfig tool. This is discussed in the docs, at 
Charlie Arehart Well, they've not been "silent", though I sympathize with everyone wanting to see more definitive statements from them, and ASAP. Part of the problem is that the issue has been raised in various places here, both this blog post and in discussion/questions. And in one of those
:// Summary: Gavin and Eric host this weeks episode.They discuss the big news, Corvid-19 and its affect on upcoming ColdFusion Conferences. They discuss the CommandBox 5.0.0 release and a new automated deployment for Lucee engines to ForgeBox, so the bleeding edge is updated daily. They discussed
:// Summary: Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode.They discuss the ITB Conference going Virtual as an Online Conference, and the discount deals for ITB 2018 and 2019 videos. They discuss a lot of CF Webinars coming up in the next few weeks from Adobe, Fusion Reactor and Ortus. They discuss
:// Summary: Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode.They discuss the Adobe updates. They discuss the big news, Corvid-19 and its affect on upcoming ColdFusion Conferences. They discuss a lot of CF Webinars coming up in the next few weeks. qb v7.5.0 is released and the ContentBox Docker Image Summary Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode.They discuss Lucee’s announcement of Final and hotfix. They discuss Adobe’s request for feedback on possibly removing the GUI based installer for CF2020. They discussed new releases of cbSecurity v2.3.0, qb v7.6.0, cbGuard v4.1.1, and tease
Michaela Light CF Camp 2018: Madness in Munich Part Four- ORM-Love it or Hate it? Hello and welcome back once again to our series, CF Camp 2018: Madness in Munich! Throughout the series, we have been discussing hot ticket items that will be discussed at this year’s upcoming CF Camp, the only CF
: The balance between getting a job done and creating a work of art. appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,modern cfml
-conference workshop to bring more developers into the CF fold… Adobe one-upped me with something even better. appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Events,Preconference,cfsummit,coldfusion summit,discussion,events,preconference
is Better?) appeared first on ColdFusion. Application Performance,Discussion,Performance,application performance,discussion,Hacking,performance
and security on a Windows 2016 R2 server? Thank you. The post Starting fresh with upgrade from CF 10 on Win 2008 R2 – recommendations? appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,2018,discussion,language,updates
with a solution that would also bolster the community by creating a CF Jobs portal. The post Adobe could support and bolster the ColdFusion Community by creating a CF focused jobs portal appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion,Discussion,Language,discussion,language,training
GavinPickin Modernize or Die® Podcast – CFML News Edition – Recorded October 22nd, 2019 Did you catch this weeks live Modernize or Die Podcast - CFML News Edition? Brad returns from CF Camp in Germany to help Gavin hosts this weeks episode. We discuss a security release for CF Wheels V2.0.2. We
appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,ColdFusion,discussion,language
Portal Topic MySql Connection
Sql(DataDirect), fill in the information with Database – sakila (the example one that comes with MySQL Community edition), server is localhost (i have even tried, port is 3306, username is root and the my password.  […] The post MySql Connection appeared first on ColdFusion. ColdFusion Builder,Discussion
Charlie Arehart FWIW, I'll point out here that Suresh from Adobe did say in a forum post recently (discussion/2514693/"> where he reported: "The next update of  ACF  2018 and 2016 planned for  Jan
2673534 CF-4126439 Installation/Config : Installer Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Readme issues C:\ColdFusion2016\Readme.htm issues has issues: 1) It discusses ColdFusion 11. It should discuss ColdFusion 2016. 2) "Register Today" link throws 404. (url: 3
Jeff Sweeney CFFIDDLE – anything other than Facebook login Can’t you have anything else other than facebook authentication?  The post CFFIDDLE – anything other than Facebook login appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,CFFIDDLE,Discussion,announcement,announcements,cffiddle,ColdFusion
? appeared first on ColdFusion. customers,Discussion,Sonarqube,automation,ColdFusion,sonarqube
Ken Auenson Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017 presentations Does anyone know if all of the presentations from CF Summit 2017 will be available in a single location after the conference? The post Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017 presentations appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Discussion
Aaron Neff Adobe logo next to staff names Hi Adobe, IMO, there should be an Adobe logo next to staff names. That way users know if an author or commenter is an Adobe employee or not. Thanks!, -Aaron The post Adobe logo next to staff names appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Discussion
to the links near Portal’s top-right) Thanks!, -Aaron The post Iconography suggestion appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Iconography,Language,ColdFusion,Community Portal,language
Anit Kumar Panda Thanks Aaron. One of the intent for ColdFusion Community Portal is to have a common platform for both Adobe and community and not to differentiate between the contribution from various sources. We can discuss this further, if you would like to. Having a Adobe logo/icon on the blog
Anit Kumar Panda pokypuppy Yes, that's in plan. We didn't have "no-login" option available earlier. Now that's available. I'll check and get back to you with an ETA if possible, after discussing
Aaron Neff Hi all, Adobe removed the wsconfig options from CF2018's installer when choosing the standalone option. Here's a discussion (well, mostly w/ myself LOL ;)) regarding sensibly restoring the wsconfig options to installer UI when "Developer Edition" was selected: https
Bradley Wood Another idea being discussed in CFML Slack is moving packages that are active over to ForgeBox, which is still actively developed, supports package versioning, is professionally supported, and has CLI tooling already in place.  Many RIAForge projects are already on ForgeBox but we
Charlie Arehart Have you tried the solution Adobe offered, as I discuss here:
Charlie Arehart

This question was somehow repeated 3 times. Can responders please keep replies directed at just one of them:

And I hope the poster, iq1, will delete all but that one to avoid further confusion.

Charlie Arehart Dan, did you assess what I discuss in the section here, "Always check the update logs"? And did you see the first bullet in the known issues section? Finally, if those don't get you going, see the help resources I offer at the bottom of that section on checking the logs.
Charlie Arehart It doesn't seem anyone ever came back and updated this discussion. You can indeed now pass in the CF license key as an environment variable. For that and much more, see
Charlie Arehart Cem, yep. Since you don't say "as well", I'll just point out that I did make the same assertion: "Why isn’t the new system being based on a backup taken instead the weekend before the cutover? Where is this being discussed, if it has been?"
Charlie Arehart Michael, some are happy with the update, at least after addressing additional post-update fixes required, as discussed in comments here. Some still have problems even after doing that. For now, the "jury is still out", in the minds of many. For others, they have applied the update
issues over CF2018/Apache appeared first on ColdFusion. CF2018 Updates,Discussion,Updates,2018,cf2018 updates,coldfusion 2018,discussion,performance,server,updates
away some Fusion Reactor goodies. We discuss the recent speakers on the Online ColdFusion Meetup and the next presenter is Matthew Clemente. We also remind everyone about your last chance to cash in on a free T-Shirt with Hacktoberfest. We announce upcoming conferences, discuss tweets videos and blog
Tube – Summary: Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode.They talk about the State of the CF Union 2020 Survey. They discuss CFWheel’s latest beta release, 2.1.0. They discuss the updates to the ColdFusion Community Portal. They remind you about Ortus’s upcoming Webinar
:// Summary: Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode.They discuss TestBox 3.2.0 being released, CMD is announced as Gold Sponsors of Into the Box, a live stream from Matthew Clemente, Ortus’ next webinar on CBElasticSearch and the recording of Jon Clausens Webinar from last week on getting started
confirmed that the windows 64 bit installer HAD worked on Server 2016): And FWIW, the thread where this was discussed (including comments from back in 2016 and then 2017, showing the history of the discussion
="" rel="nofollow"> still have a truncated discussion of the extra steps needed when applying the update, if you have run the auto-lockdown tool. Again, compare the discussion there to the extra info  in the update
Portal Topic Usable search
‘advanced’ search. Is that possible or planned? Thanks!, -Aaron The post Usable search appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,Search,123,bar,ColdFusion,Community Portal,foo,foo bar,foobar,language,search,testing
-CF questions from CF Portal’s “Unanswered Questions” page appeared first on ColdFusion. Community Portal,Discussion,ColdFusion
” profile during CF installation (as discussed here). It’s not that it’s used by the installer itself. Rather, it’s implemented for use with the weinre (mobile development inspection) feature that was also new in CF11, as part […] Blog,ColdFusion
. The post Adobe please change the portal, for working with posts having dozens of comments: 5 proposed enhancements appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Community Portal,Usability Issues,blog,ColdFusion,discussion,usability issues
Charlie Arehart That's great news to hear, Benjamin. Thanks. And for any who may wonder where Adobe shared that info, it was in a reply to another thread he'd opened: Sadly, I can't seem to find a way to provide a direct link to the specific
Charlie Arehart I was addressing what you raised. I didn't plan to get into all the ins and outs of sql licensing - - and changes over the years. Also, I was not discussing sql enterprise but standard  like you. Anyway, yes, cf costs money, and on par with enterprise solutions
Charlie Arehart Another great idea, Brad. As for redirecting, though, would you think you'd capture all the historical info currently in RF? I'd suspect not--and I'd understand deciding it's not worth the bother. Just asking if it's been considered (by those discussing a proposed move to FB. It
Giancarlo Gomez

Hey Charlie,

Sorry for the late reply and sorry for posting that here as I jumped the gun on the Java 11 title in the heading and my 2016 issue. Well as we discussed in DC, it appears the issue was caused by a flag I had in my jvm.config. The flag causing the issue

Charlie Arehart Adobe posted a short-term fix available for CF2018 and CF2016, as discussed in comments of the bug report that I'd linked to above, See the ones dated from today
2673011 CF-4156896 Wishlist Aaron Neff [ANeff] Wishlist for: SetTimeZone(String timezone) Currently, CF defaults to OS's time zone or JVM arg -Duser.timezone. We should be able to specify time zone at app-level. Suggestion: SetTimeZone(String timezone). We've discussed this for years. Multiple
Portal Topic Usability Issues
at top only returns 7 results, instead of all results) I cannot paginate thru the Q&A results to a specific ‘page’. I have to keep clicking a “load more” button that just […] The post Usability Issues appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,Usability Issues,Community Portal
the data structure pointed by it will not be mutable? Example: `final myVar = {foo=”bar”}; = “baz”` Who would prefer that to not throw an exception (current behavior) or to throw an exception? Thanks!, -Aaron The post final == immutable? (or not?) appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Final,Language,ColdFusion,final,language,publicbetaaether
appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Language,Websocket,cfwebsocket,ColdFusion,coldfusion 2016,language,websocket
( name = “cookiename”, expires = 30, value = “#encrypt(serializeJSON(memberObj,true),application.key,”cfmx_compat”,”hex”)#”, httpOnly = true, preserveCase = true, secure = true );     The post What is the best way create a session-less site? appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion
Fusion. Discussion,Language,URL Case,ColdFusion,language,tomcat,url case
between multiple servers or splitting the task into multiple smaller threads? All of the recipients are in a query and I’m using to loop through it. There are several cfif/cfelse parts to provide some personalisation based on what’s […] Blog,Discussion,cfmail,email,mail
Grae Desmond CF Objective 2017 Links and Wrap Ups So on the discussion thread the other day someone asked about links to slides from the ColdFusion Summit.  Turns out there was one but it got me thinking about CF.Objective 2017 that happened in DC on July 20th and 21st this year. More info on CF
as an HTML file right in your installed CF instance? Frequently when people want to consider, discuss, debate, or simply confirm the terms of the EULA for a given version, they resort to searching the web, where they may find some PDF (from Adobe or otherwise, […] The post Finding the EULA (End User
you find the updates as well as better understand the update process and resolve problems with it, as I discuss here. A page listing all updates for each recent CF version First, did you know that there is a page which lists all updates […] The post Finding more about applying ColdFusion updates
Security Workshop. It was fun, and terrifying at the same time. My session on 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API went well, lots of interest, and lots of discussion after the class. I am sharing my slides in this post, […] Blog,api,cfsummit,jasmine,javascript,testbox,testing
Portal Topic Supplied Drivers?
install must be done separately? Question: Could you please explain what “Supplied Drivers” means, especially as it pertains to ODBC being listed but requiring manual install? Thanks!,-Aaron The post Supplied Drivers? appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,32-bit,64-bit,coldfusion 11,coldfusion 2016
? And the doc updated to list a ticket# for each? A list of “Thing X does Y instead of Z” isn’t so useful when we want: 1) To know what is the repro case 2) To vote on […] The post Known Issues doc needs ticket numbers appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,aether,known issues,tracker
typical “Home” icon? 3) Why is it placed obscurely at the top-right between the Search & Info icons? I think that icon can be removed, since clicking the CF logo & “Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Administrator” […] The post CF Admin’s “Resources” icon appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,aether,cf admin
uday ogra Custom cache plugin – How to implement it Introduction to Custom cache plugin As discussed in previous blog we have introduced new caching engines in ColdFusion and we are not tightly bound to ehcache now. But even after adding 3 more engines, customers might have a requirement to plugin
on Adobe Forums appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Forums,Q&A
Michaela Light Adobe ColdFusion 2018: Step into the Aether The wait is over. Adobe ColdFusion 2018 has arrived! After speaking with Rakshith Naresh in our episode “Revealing the ColdFusion 2018 Roadmap Details”, we discussed some of what was going to be revealed in ColdFusion 2018. He was very
to care little of the safety and continuity of their ColdFusion applications. Entire comment sections of blog posts have been turned into heated discussions over the subject of “Use or Not?” I will explain the importance of using version control software, tell you why it matters to ColdFusion developers
. The result of this survey will guide Adobe in making some of the decisions associated with the future versions of ColdFusion. Some of the survey results will also be discussed at the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2018. If you choose […] The post Adobe ColdFusion Annual Survey – 2018 appeared first on Cold
portal update appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Community Portal,Usability Issues,blog,ColdFusion,discussion,usability issues
-and-coldfusion-part-2/ Second, the extended code example above (about using CFSCRIPT) really has nothing that logically needed to be indented. Third, if you may be referring to the if statement, that's discussing how to continue on a new line what logically should be on the previous line. Indeed, and finally
Michaela Light Jerry Thanks for the great ideas on promoting CF better! You would be very welcome in the CF Alive Inner Circle group where we discuss and act on these kind of ideas Absolutely! I have been talking to C level folks about CF. I
left.  That said, plans have been spoken about 2016 and 2018 in regards to updating for Java licensing, but CF11 hasn't been discussed yet.  What are the plans for providing core support for CF11 users in regards to JVM support so users can stay on a supported JVM past January 2019 when Oracle ceases