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2609515 CF-3839092 Charting/Graphing Don Walter "WebCharts3D Invalid License" randomly appears Problem Description: "WebCharts3D Invalid License" randomly appears on any charts in our site. Seems to come back every couple months or so, using CF 10 Enterprise, update 12 Steps to Reproduce: Unknown
2596974 CF-3286741 Language Walter Seethaler Generic setters ignore import operator Problem Description: import sub.WithImport; component accessors="true" { property sub.WithoutImport Test1; property WithImport Test2; } The above class in the webroot and the 2 classes: WithImport and Without
2596975 CF-3283249 Language Walter Seethaler Import ed interface is not resolved correctly on returnTypes Problem Description: An example is attached as a zip. Just extract it to an empty webroot. import api.IExample; component implements="api.IExample" extends="Base" { IExample function init
2673366 CF-4126690 Language Travis Walters Overall Performance Gains - Passing By Reference Optional? Greetings, I was thinking about my early programming days back when I used C/C++/Java a lot and how I could pass variables by reference and use pointers. It sort of got me curious as to whether
2596872 CF-3525414 Net Protocols Nick Walters cfhttpparam Content-Type on GETs Problem Description: cfhttpparam name=Content-Type does not appear if the method is GET. This is probably because technically it's nonsensical to specify a Type for Content that doesn't exist. Some very large companies