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Comment on ASCII characters in Email "From Name" mangles text by Donald v.
2672742 CF-4174138 Piyush K. Donald, Can you pls. confirm if you can observe this issue with different browsers (say Internet Explorer, Chrome and FireFox).
2598783 CF-3040949 Document Management : Office Integration Donald Bellenger Bug 82123: If it is set as a var, it fails with no error message! This is a BIG time sink. I don't know about thread safeness. Method: Result: NONE! ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2672742 CF-4174138 AJAX : UI Components DONALD BAERT CFLAYOUTAREA include file will not display Duplicate ID: CF-4165704 Related Bugs: CF-4165704 - Similar to Problem Description: When including a file in a cflayout and cflayoutarea the data initially displays then disappears. Steps
2609723 CF-3792163 Piyush K. Hi Donald, Can you please check if the workaround mentioned at works for you. It basically involves wrapping around your grid references within Ext
2609723 CF-3792163 AJAX : UI Components DONALD BAERT CFGRID getGridObject no longer defined Problem Description: Many of the pages we developed using CFGRID no longer work the way they did in CF9/CF10. We cannot call the ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject in CF11. It will always error with "Unable
2611602 CF-3607474 Installation/Config : Connector DONALD BAERT Unable to set file/folder level authentication or SSL. Problem Description: Entire site’s authentication and/or SSL is set to whatever the root of the site is. If site root is set to Windows Authentication we are unable to set any
2612097 CF-3558382 AJAX : Plumbing Donald Langhorne SerializeJson improper conversion of dates. Problem Description: SerializeJson() function apparently converts date strings into a specific format. I am finding that this behavior is not consistent, some things get converted, others do not. Steps
2613157 CF-3342688 Documentation Donald Langhorne Local Documentation is missing Problem Description: Local Documentation is completely missing. Steps to Reproduce: Install ColdFusion 10, leave 'Documentation' option checked, complete installation Actual Result: Local documentation is completely
----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3944215 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Donald External Customer Email: External Test Config: My Hardware and Environment details: Mac OS X (10.10) running Coldfusion 11 to connect to SQL Server 2014
2610930 CF-3665422 Database Donald Langhorne Looping over a query resultset in CFscript using for-in loop produces different result than traditional loop Problem Description: When you have a query that contains boolean values coming from a database, which are always 0/1 the values are "converted
2610925 CF-3667877 Serialization Donald Langhorne Deserializing a a json string where some variables have values of null changes those values Problem Description: I discovered this when I tried to use a json string where some values were null. When I used deserializeJson() it changes null to