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Doug Cain It would be really helpful to have the CF2018 beta as a container. It was also mentioned in a previous thread that an example apache container integrating the connector to CF would be very helpful. Oh and MUCH more flexibility in the configuration / environment variables for JVM memory
Doug Cain Hi Brad, Thanks for that, I have used them before but we suffer from the ADCF war whitespace issue which makes it a bit tricky. I'll revisit what broke and see if we can fix it on our side, meantime I create my own CF containers for our dev environment which is quite a mission given
4574591 CF-4203085 Doug C. So this makes using CF standard or enterprise un-tenable within container infrastructure without some sort of "special" arrangement with adobe on licensing. The only way a container makes sense in light of this licensing decision is as an evaluation tool. You may as well
DougCain If your using a WAR then its a known rather annoying limitation:
Comment on cflogin doesn't work in a cluster with Redis session management by Doug C.
3085992 CF-4198656 Doug C. This a more general CF bug the POST version of argument collection is not being decoded into the function arguments, this works as expected for PUT this is a fundamental flaw and needs to be corrected ASAP
4572069 CF-4203082 Doug C. Looks like my CAR file was blank which was the main problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. Be nice if CAR files weren't;t binary so we could actually see whats in them and construct them as a file - a json version would be ideal.
2612315 CF-3526880 Doug C. problem with that is it relative to the calling template, it is intentional to be one level up from the webroot so the templates are not in the webroot but are in a known 'absolute' position hence /../ is effectively absolute from the webroot where ../ is relative.
2608593 CF-4054576 Doug C. This is just allowing lazy programmers to keep their slippers on and hold everyone else back from a consistent interface to a core function. You may have got away with reverting it in a point release but a full brand new shiny release is expected to have breaking changes
DougCain Hi Saurav, also noticed a couple of notes on the bulletin: "Customers who have followed the lockdown procedures during installation are not impacted by this issue. " Is this referring to manual and/or auto lock down? If so the the issue only affects windows users that have not run
Tracker Issue OEM Fusion Reactor
2673354 CF-4126704 Server Monitoring Doug Cain OEM Fusion Reactor The server monitor has not been touched in several versions and could do with a re-work OR license Fusion Reactor as part of (at least) the Enterprise Server. In production (and development) Fusion Reactor is the best tool I have
2609424 CF-3849074 External U. +1. "You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it's not as sharp as... well... the original." Doug Kinney #3 - Multiplicity
2610645 CF-3689365 External U. Hi Doug I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? Cheers Graham
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 7 released by DougCain
6790746 CF-4207069 Piyush K. Doug, Can you confirm if the test code I shared, is a valid approach towards reproducing the issue. Do you have anything that can used on a standard CF installation, outside the context of CommandBox.
Bradley Wood Doug, if you want to use a containerized version of the 2018 beta, you can do so right now using the Ortus Docker images. They are powered by CommandBox, and therefore can start any CF engine/version and also come with CFConfig to manage all your config settings without needing
2608674 CF-4024640 Server Monitoring Doug Cain Bundle fusion reactor as server monitor The current server monitor whilst handy hasn't seen an update for a long time. So rather than using resource to enhance this, integrating fusion reactor into the product seems like an obvious solution. I wouldn
3344895 CF-4199390 Core Runtime Doug Cain Enable Code Coverage Tools TDD / BDD is a core component of modern development and is aided greatly by code automation tools. There is currently no easy way to get detailed test coverage information from cold fusion. The closest seems to be this project
features, and would solve the issue for every concerned party. (And please - make the default the expected (returns a 0), rather than the strange empty string behavior.) As an alternative, simply introduce it as a breaking change (as Doug suggests) in the next major version and note it in the release
2673190 CF-4146924 Language : Functions Doug Giles Null variables with same name as property are not resolved correctly Problem Description: Null variables with same name as property are not resolved correctly If a local variable is declared in a function in a CFC, and the local variable has
Charlie Arehart Doug, as for that jvm flag, if you read to the end of that section in the <a href="" rel="nofollow">security bulletina> , you'll see it attempts to clarify things, saying "Set the JVM flags on a JEE installation
2612315 CF-3526880 Language : CustomTag Doug Cain cfimport doesn't resolve /../ correctly in cf10. It did in cf9 Problem Description: cfimport behave differently in cf10 when resolving the path /../xxx to get to a directory outside the webroot Steps to Reproduce: In CF9 this works in CF10
shared by reference. Below is a download that Doug Smith at Dave Ramsey put together to prove the issue. This issue does not exist on ACF8, Railo or OpenBD. It happens on ACF9 and 9.01.> FROM:
6790746 CF-4207069 Piyush K. Doug, The page load time mentioned in my last note was on u6 (server info command outputs "CF Engine: adobe 2018.0.05+315699", not the update level, apparently) It tried the workflow again on update 7. The page load time for cf
6790746 CF-4207069 Piyush K. Doug, I understand, the issue is the time CF takes to process the first cfm request post server startup, and not really the time it takes for the server to start up. I've tried the test cf_compiler_test-master/run_tests.cfm on a commandbox based CF. I don't see
6790746 CF-4207069 Piyush K. Doug, no timelines yet.... won't be immediate future... since its a couple of updates away. the bug tracker's a bit quirky when it comes to externalizing attachments, I reckon ... so putting in the test code at the end of this note. waiting to hear from you