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Comment on Docker images for ColdFusion by Doug Cain
Comment on Docker images for ColdFusion by Doug Cain
Comment on Docker images for ColdFusion by Doug Cain
Comment on Recordings for CF Developer Week by DougCain
Comment on Whitespace Management is missing CFAdmin > Server Settings > Settings by DougCain
Tracker Issue OEM Fusion Reactor
2673354 CF-4126704 Server Monitoring Doug Cain OEM Fusion Reactor The server monitor has not been touched in several versions and could do with a re-work OR license Fusion Reactor as part of (at least) the Enterprise Server. In production (and development) Fusion Reactor is the best tool I have
2673354 CF-4126704 CFwatson U. Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Doug Cain Note Added: Entered Feature. Date Added :2015-07-17 12:07:38.0
3344895 CF-4199390 Core Runtime Doug Cain Enable Code Coverage Tools TDD / BDD is a core component of modern development and is aided greatly by code automation tools. There is currently no easy way to get detailed test coverage information from cold fusion. The closest seems to be this project
2608674 CF-4024640 Server Monitoring Doug Cain Bundle fusion reactor as server monitor The current server monitor whilst handy hasn't seen an update for a long time. So rather than using resource to enhance this, integrating fusion reactor into the product seems like an obvious solution. I wouldn
2612315 CF-3526880 Language : CustomTag Doug Cain cfimport doesn't resolve /../ correctly in cf10. It did in cf9 Problem Description: cfimport behave differently in cf10 when resolving the path /../xxx to get to a directory outside the webroot Steps to Reproduce: In CF9 this works in CF10