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2682137 CFB-4198177 General - IDE Eric Belair Invliad "Duplicate Attribute Name" errors for CFSCRIPT params Problem Description: When I use "param" to set a default parameter value in CFSCRIPT, I am often seeing "Duplicate Attribute Name" errors, even though they are not duplicates. Steps
2682150 CFB-4193624 Performance Eric Belair Seemingly every time that I try to write a SQL CASE statement, CF Builder locks up and is unresponsive. Problem Description: I am writing a SQL query with sub-queries and CASE statements. When I am in the middle of writing a CASE statement, Cold
3076497 CF-4198615 Performance Eric Belair Java Heap Space OutOfMemoryError using CFINDEX after installation of Update 12 Problem Description: I have a template file that runs as a CF scheduled task to index a collection of PDFs. It has run every day without incident for months. I installed Cold