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Comment on ASCII characters in Email "From Name" mangles text by Frank A.
2609842 CF-3759389 Frank J. Added a note here:
2613737 CF-3172613 Frank J. Added a note:
2597052 CF-3156025 Frank J. Added a note at:
2610456 CF-3700856 Frank J. Please take a look at the following page:
2596920 CF-3400761 Frank J. maxlength is not a supported attribute. Removed this from the doc.
2613655 CF-3194067 Frank J. Added a note:
2612932 CF-3367378 Frank J. Nimit, Take a look at:
Comment on DateTimeFormat does not render "ddd" as a three letter day as the docs say. by Frank J.
Comment on imagePaste lists a return value in the documentation, but returns nothing. by Frank J.
2612161 CF-3553079 Frank J. Could you please take a look at this updated document and verify the changes:
2596897 CF-3492087 Frank J. The documentation is being actively cleaned. Many obsolete functions are refactored. For instance, take a look at: The page has now correct examples and also community-contributed snippets. In the case of
2610812 CF-3678038 Frank J. We don't usually document hotfix steps in user manuals. Nimit, is this something you cna do through a helpx KB Doc?
at that point is missing. Method: Result: A chart bug that returns erroneous information ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3041362 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Frank Ng External Customer Email: 1E1A
KeyExists() is improperly named if it doesn't return true if a key (not a value) does actually exist. The value is irrelevant - the key *does* exist. There are, frankly, too many good reasons to fix null, and only one excuse not to fix null... 'it'll break backwards compatibility'. Uh, yeah... and *that* my friends, is a
Tracker Issue cfpdfform not working
2613209 CF-3339107 Document Management Frank Stocker cfpdfform not working Duplicate ID: CF-3581597 Problem Description: When trying to use the "read" action of cfpdfform it failes with various error messages (depending on PDF Format) Steps to Reproduce: Take a PDF Form i.e. www
2609896 CF-3749296 External U. Yeah, am OK to downgrade it. I think I probably didn't pay attention to what I was doing when I raised the ticket (although your priority labels are a bit vague: "some" as opposed to "few"). I don't even care if you fix it or not, to be frank... I only came across
2613441 CF-3316776 External U. Thanks for updating the docs, Frank. And for fixing the glitch in the code example (you can delete my comment now if you like). But this is not "fixed". It's fundamentally wrong that a function that indicates in its name is a NOCASE version of a function doesn
works. Consider the following code: #NumberFormat(1.5)# Now… some people might look at that and think, “of course it’s going to display 2.” Honestly, I had no idea. numberFormat() without a mask will round numbers. That seems strange to me, frankly, but live and learn. Try
javaCast("int",value) all over the place which is ugly and, frankly, stupid. An integer should serialize to an integer! Method: Run this code:#serializeJSON(x)#Expected: [123]Actual: [123.0] Result: None, just a bad JSON serialization. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
that output to be web accessible particularly since unless I'm overwriting it every time I would not even know the file name. Typically what I am doing is just going onto the server and opening up the log files in a browser to see what happened. Frankly an interface similar to what we have for viewing
is helpful but presents scalability issues because session replication is not perfect and Sticky Session Load Balancing can often result in imbalanced load. A more preferrable solution would be to configure a connection string to a distributed cache in the Application.cfc (per-application scope) AND
. The whole approach of having a single point that needs to know everything about what needs to be (de)serialised is just an "epic fail" to use zeitgeisty vernacular. And, to be frank, I said all this in the blog article. So it's slightly irksome to have to repeat it. -- Adam
of OS, machines, installation or browser at our end." Please list the OSes, CF install type, CF versions etc you've experimented with. Both for the purposes of elimination of factors, plus - to be frank - I don't believe your people have done at all a thorough job here, so I'd like to see written