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Comment on Oracle’s Java policy change by Gary Fenton
Comment on Oracle’s Java policy change by Gary Fenton
Comment on Functions are first class citizens by Gary Fenton
Comment on Presentation Files of Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2018 by Gary Fenton
Comment on Oracle Java support for Adobe ColdFusion by Gary Fenton
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Comment on What was new in CF10, 11, or 2016 that you may have missed? by Gary Fenton
Comment on No more GUI based installers for ColdFusion next? – Need your feedback by Gary Fenton
Gary Fenton Best method to code bulk emails Hi. I’m interested to find out if anyone else has written some frequently used code that generates at least 100,000 personalised emails at a time? e.g. a mailing list. Have you done anything in particular to optimise the process such as sharing the work
3012840 CF-4198527 Charting/Graphing Gary Fenton cfchart ignores name arribute Throws an error "variable chart1 is undefined" when the NAME attribute has been provided for a flash or html chart. If the variable is not referenced after cfchart then the chart is immediately displayed on the page
2612563 CF-3498172 Security Gary Fenton Simple and secure way to logout and end user session The cflogout tag is not enough to properly end a user's session. Neither is deleting the session scope. If someone logs back into the CF app from the same computer they will inherit the last user
3015864 CF-4198534 Charting/Graphing : Server Gary Fenton cfchart memory leak crashes server Problem Description: Repeated use of cfchart keeps increasing memory use until CF stops responding to requests. "Error 500 Java heap space" reported in the http status code. CF logs confirm out of memory