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2609565 CF-3830375 Language Gary Stanton UTF-8 characters with cflocation are encoded incorrectly. Problem Description: When using cflocation on a UTF-8 encoded page, characters in the URL are not correctly encoded. Setting the encoding to 'iso-8859-1' actually corrects the issue - though all UTF-8
2608179 CF-4170204 CFForm : HTML Gary Stanton 'serverSideFormValidation = false' stops validation errors, but does not stop omission of fieldnames Problem Description: In CF9, a flag was added to disable the legacy 'hidden fields form validation' that occurrs on form fields in the format: xxx
2609356 CF-3854891 Language : Serialization Gary Stanton SerializeJSON on a Java object causes service restart Problem Description: When performing SerializeJSON on a Java object or interface, the entire ColdFusion service immediately crashes and restarts. Admittedly, I can't see a reason you