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General Error when creating PDF using cfhtmltopdf
Comment on General Error when creating PDF using cfhtmltopdf by External U.
2682913 CFB-3720735 External U. same problem. builder 2016. windows 7 enterprise. 64 bit. the undo history setting is not available in the cf eclipse settings - only at the higher level in general, settings. changing it in general doesn't help.
Tracker Issue 401 Error
6422295 CFB-4198455 Debugger : General 401 Error When I enable the "Windows Authentication" and configure the CF admin page over external web server, the Debugger is failing with the 401 error
2609226 CF-3877103 External U. > So is TRUE being coerced into "TRUE"? Booleans treated as strings generally get converted to "yes"/"no"
2610073 CF-3732993 External U. Generally, the functionality available in the the tag feature should be available in the QueryExecute() script feature and vice-versa.
2610566 CF-3695877 Rupesh K. Logging needs to be looked at in general and in a great detail. It has been planned for Dazzle.
2682683 CFB-3760370 Ram K. Setting tab preferences in General->Editors->Text Editors->"Displayed tab width" should now work in CFB editors.
Comment on Comparison method violates its general contract! null by Dattanand M.
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Charlie Arehart How to get added to the prerelease for CF2020 Getting added to the CF2020 prerelease, is now even easier. The post How to get added to the prerelease for CF2020 appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Blog,General,announcements,blog,ColdFusion,general
David Byers ColdFusion Needs to Die It’s time for bold action in order to make ColdFusion grow... and it starts by killing the reputation that ColdFusion is anchored with. The post ColdFusion Needs to Die appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Discussion,General,2016,2018,announcements,cfsummit,discussion,general
4481296 CFB-4198401 General - IDE : Workspace General Missing icon for closed projects Problem Description: When you close a project in the Navigator a Red Square is displayed instead of the Closed Project Icon Steps to Reproduce: Close a project. Actual Result: Ugly display Expected Result
2608305 CF-4132361 General Server hamza bb "> "> ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4132361 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: hamza bb External Customer Email: External Test Config: ">
2614161 CF-3128527 Documentation : General ext-user Change in Modification to Tags subsection of Charting The following should be changed to ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3128527 External Customer Info: External
4281006 CF-4202269 Debugging : General Error message spelling mistake - DecodeBinary function incorrect error message: Error Occurred While Processing Request The input and output encodings are not same. correct: The input and output encodings are not the same.
6390357 CF-4205635 General Server,Mobile Support : Device Detection CFCLIENTSETTINGS error Problem Description: Steps to Reproduce: add above code to a webpage Actual Result: error Expected Result: display based on size Any Workarounds: nope
2918733 CF-4198396 Bradley W. Please note, arrow functions are mentioned in this ticket, but it's a more general ticket with several enhancements so I entered this specific ticket for it.
2673406 CF-4126636 External U. Nice idea. Am not entirely convinced by the &= version being the best way to imply that functionality, that said. But am stll behind it as a general idea.
2608588 CF-4057085 External U. ColdFusion 11 Update 6 Update Level: 06 Update Type: General Install Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 13:52:09 +1000
2608602 CF-4051598 External U. Agreed: lists in general aren't a cool idea, really: I don't think their usage should be perpetuated for new functionality. The suggested approach to dealing with this is a good one.
2608729 CF-4015193 External U. I'm voting for this as best prose written on a bug tracker. Also cos it makes sense. I'm not sure of the mooted approach, but the general gist is sound.
2609783 CF-3774074 External U. Oh, and what about ColdFusion 10? 10 is still under general support, and this bug affects that too. So ought to be fixed in 10 too.
2609877 CF-3754490 External U. Yes, treating strings as arrays in the general case would be _extremely_ useful! And, again, Lucee already supports this.
2610566 CF-3695877 External U. Well let's not restrict this to ORM logging. Extend it to logging in general: it should be more programmatically controllable than simply what CFLOG offers. -- Adam
2611034 CF-3648785 External U. Agree, provided there's a broader look at how this sort of thing could generally be implemented.
2611034 CF-3648785 External U. +1 This, coupled with general futures/promises could open up a lot of use cases where we currently have to look to other languages for such functionality.
2613365 CF-3329177 External U. +1, I agree that users should be informed. Then, in a future release, deprecation should be fine. A general deprecation policy, for old functionality, should probably be discussed and planned at some point.
2613653 CF-3194817 External U. Seems like Adobe has a problem producing timely bug fixes. I think the general public should be made aware...
2602963 CF-3036294 External U. This is a pretty important ER, especially as CF matures in general and in terms of Application.cfc and advanced techniques specifically.
2682913 CFB-3720735 extuser My whole team is getting this issue, and seems to stop at around 20 and not the 200 as set in General > Editors > Text Editors there is a option for Undo history size and the default is 200.
4691150 CF-4203264 Aaron N. +1 - In general, CF's implementation of member functions caters to less engineering hours instead of less customer confusion. (referring to type-specific vs type-casting)
3048633 CF-4198573 Kama S. I think this should be generalized that any function that takes a callback should be able to accept a BIF, not just UDF.
2556976 CF-4197194 Nimit S. Hi John, This is a bug and we have already moved it to ToFix state. We will consider this bug for the next general update of ColdFusion. -Nimit
6502591 CF-4206046 A. B. Great catch, Bradley! In general, independent requests to a user-defined function should not affect each other.
6790746 CF-4207069 Christopher T. This is an issue, as Wil described, not only with auto-scaling EC2 instances at AWS but in general. We should expect fast start up times for an Enterprise level service.
:// There is a FAQ at the bottom of the page that indicates that it will be free, though the page currently offers no specific date. And while it has menus at the top for speakers and sponsors, […] The post CF Summit Fall 2020 will be online, free appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Blog,General,announcements,blog,cfsummit,general
2682198 CFB-4159551 General - IDE : Workspace General Coldfusion Builder does not show right-click options on a fille which is not in workspace - Create a cfm file and save it on desktop - drag and drop this file into builder - right click and check options - Options are not displayed properly
! This should just work: // General.cfc component { property x; function getX(){ return x; } function setX(x){ variables.x = arguments.x; } } // general.cfm o = new General(); o.x = "value"; // calls setX() writeOutput("Value from o.x: #o.x#"); // calls getX() It shouldn't *need* a setting
2612557 CF-3499033 Language Adam Tuttle New function request: valueArray() to complement valueList() Often I find myself looking to get all of the values for a single column of a query result, as an array. Right now I generally use this syntax: list
. What is Core Support then? Core support is the time frame wherein the product and the support programs are available. This provides, five years of product support from the general availability date of a product. General availability is the date when […] The post ColdFusion 11 “Core Support” ends
images, the API Manager, the site, and even Tracker itself? Read on. The post Filing issues for things like ColdFusion docs, Docker images, PMT, CFFiddle, and even the bug tracker itself appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcement,Blog,General,announcement,blog,bug,general
Aug 22 and Sep 12 will be LOST appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcements,Blog,General,announcement,announcements,blog,ColdFusion,general
2682926 CFB-3718648 General - IDE : General TagWizard feature is missing in CFB3.0, it was present in CFB2.0 Problem: TagWizard is not ported in CFB3. But it's important to note that, TagWizard is not a feature that is commonly used by users and in fact no user has even reported that this feature
/administrator/mail/undeliveredmail.cfm is to review and potentially respool undelivered mail. Currently to administer undelivered mail requires access to the general Server Settings role. Administering Undelivered Mail is a very different function from configuring general Server Settings. Ideally this new "Undelivered Mail" role would *not
3022904 CF-4198542 ANDREW L. Issues are likely to be related to Error constructing implementation (algorithm: FIPS186PRNG, provider: JsafeJCE, class: com.rsa.jsafe.provider.JSA_FIPS186PRNGXChangeNoticeGeneral) java.lang.SecurityException: JsafeJCE provider
2610309 CF-3712059 External U. I mean a general approach to facilitate being more aggressive about fixing bugs without you guys being able to fall back on "backwards compat". Obviously the technique is generally used to apply to the control of features-in-development, but it can be extended
5752036 CF-4204404 Jonathan C. I hope this is recognized as the larger issue that it represents - that the application metadata is treated as pseudo-transient, rather than being maintained within a persistent scope ( e.g. `server` or `application` ) and being, generally, immutable on a request
Jim Priest I've always add data and build the table,  then format, then apply widths. So in your code example just move your formatting functions to the bottom. I've also found it's usually better to format general things, rows, columns, then come back and format specific cells, etc. Good luck :)  
Vamseekrishna Nanneboina @TigheLory, Java 12 support isn't necessary for the security fixes to take effect. As a general recommendation, we always encourage our users to be on the latest JDK/update level. We will be adding support for JDK 13 soon, FYI.
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Legorol San On Windows, it is standard for software to come with a GUI installer. Going against that standard provides an unfamiliar experience and alienates people, especially newcomers. Personally, in general I find GUI installers easier to use than the command line, because it guides me through
3606970 CFB-4198254 Editor Features : General CF Builder crashing on MAC OS High Sierra Problem: CF Builder 2016 crashing on MAC OS High Sierra (10.13) Method: It crashes when we cut/delete some piece of code from any cfm/cfc. Result: Builder crashes Expected: Should not crash Workaround
2816424 CF-4198297 General Server Michael Worthley A timeout occurred while attempting to lock module.##############.registration.cborm Problem Description: THe module loads fine on initial startup, but subsequent loads timeout. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any
Tracker Issue This is a test bug
2671739 CF-4198168 General Server Anit Kumar Panda This is a test bug Problem Description: Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4198168 External Customer Info
2608056 CF-4197990 General Server ext-user Server non-default Logs path is not honoured Problem: Change server's logs directory to a new path. Logs are not redirected to the new path provided in the ColdFusion administrator's logging settings. Method: Result
2608243 CF-4155785 General Server ext-user Application metadata is not thread safe Problem: When there are multiple applications, applications metadata is not thread safe and one application's data is available to the other application. Method: Result: Expected: Workaround
2673292 CF-4132719 Security : General ext-user Issue when assigning values to a CFINPUT . Problem: Issue when assigning values to a CFINPUT . The URL variables that are used to populate CFInput's for the CF Grid pages(for the customer) turns the URL variables into special characters
2608321 CF-4127419 Web Services : General ext-user Adding consumer setting level at admin Problem: Adding consumer setting level at admin Method: consuming webservice from axis 1 Result: it takles axis 2 and displays a error Expected: Should take webvervise as mentioned Workaround
2608567 CF-4061784 General Server Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: 3037369 became hidden Duplicate ID: 4061953 Adobe Bugbase Please unhide 3037369. I'm no longer able to view it. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4061784 External
2608568 CF-4061783 General Server Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: 3043160 became hidden Duplicate ID: 4061953 Adobe Bugbase Please unhide #3043160. I'm no longer able to view it. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4061783 External
2609207 CF-3911226 General Server Raymond Camden Struct map as a member func broken This is broken: person = {name:"Ray", age:41}; youngerPerson =,value,struct) { writedump(arguments); }); ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2600088 CF-3039401 Documentation : General Phillip Senn Bug 78995:even should be event Problem: even should be event Method: ormsettings.evenHandler= Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3039401 External Customer Info
2600092 CF-3039397 Documentation : General Phillip Senn Bug 78989:Typo: even should be event Problem: Typo: even should be event Method: The even handler Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3039397 External Customer Info
2600104 CF-3039384 Documentation : General Phillip Senn Bug 78964:label is spelled wrong Problem: label is spelled wrong.writedump(var=myquery, lable="query" Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3039384 External
3365023 CFB-4198230 General - IDE Philipp Cielen CF Builder breaks when installing Darkest Dark Theme to Eclipse Problem Description: CF Builder is incompatible with Darkest Dark Theme plugin for Eclipse. Steps to Reproduce: 1.) Install the popular Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse to CF Builder
4467713 CF-4202899 PMT : UI [ANeff] Bug for: PMT space in version number Issue: PMT space in version number Repro: Settings > General Configuration Actual Result: "Version: 2018.0.0 .308164" Expected Result: "Version: 2018.0.0.308164" (see attached screenshot) How is that even happening?
4569947 CF-4203075 Debugging : General [ANeff] Bug for: debug output completely broken Issue: debug output feature is completely broken Repro: 1) Enable "Enable Request Debugging Output" in CF Admin 2) Choose dockable.cfm or classic.cfm Actual Result: When hitting a CF page, debug output
Tracker Issue ImageCreateCaptcha
5045528 CF-4203441 Documentation : General ImageCreateCaptcha Problem Description: 1. The syntax description is all on one very, very long line. 2. The documentation mention that font and fontsize are optional. It does not say what the values are if they are not specified. Steps to Reproduce
5439123 CF-4204069 Security : General CFHTTP method "get" not getting correct mime type after hot fix Problem Description: After the last hot fix, CFHTTP "get" method is throwing a 400 error on requests with username/password. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Error 400: unable to process
Comment on Comparison method violates its general contract! null by Dattanand M.
3085992 CF-4198656 Doug C. This a more general CF bug the POST version of argument collection is not being decoded into the function arguments, this works as expected for PUT this is a fundamental flaw and needs to be corrected ASAP
2556976 CF-4197194 Bradley W. Please reopen this ticket. What Adobe has done is not in line with how the general programming community has accepted for closures to work in other languages. If this is by design, the design needs to be changed. It is important for closures in ColdFusion to work
2608653 CF-4033628 External U. Well they're a bit too focused to be methods of a String class; they're about encoding, they're not about *strings* per se. So they should be in something like: String Encode.forHtml(String stringToEncode) String methods should only relate to the general concept
2596685 CF-3910255 External U. thanks!! sorry, I should have realised I needed a application.cfm in my events directory to stop the cascade up to my general application level settings which is a 3rd party CMS which probably would need special variables to be set. its working now. please delete
inheritance in general when the super keyword is used to invoke a base class's functions.
2609860 CF-3756518 External U. Best you get this reopened now, yes? And have that discussion. Whatever you plan, can you pls consult the community first because... erm... generally we've got a better idea of what to put into CF and how it should be implemented that you lot do. No disrespect meant
2610633 CF-3689989 External U. Bug was discovered from data saved to MSSQL 2008 database Generally SQL string data from nvarchar tables. Characters probably as a result of users copying and pasting data from other systems / PC's / MAC's etc.
2611049 CF-3648120 External U. Yeah, the restriction on VAR statements should be lifted. It used to make sense up until CF9 when the general approach to VARing was loosened in that one can VAR variables anywhere in a function, and can re-VAR them too, without error.
2596848 CF-3564398 External U. And in case there is any confusion, this is not about "dates" in general. It is specifically and (so far as I've seen) exclusively related to the actual"date" datatype in SQL Server, which was introduced in SQL Server 2008: http
2612273 CF-3532462 Awdhesh K. General cfc invocation within custom tag works fine. The issue is with nested custom tag. In case of nested module tag, the reference of bodycontents and out (enclosing Jspwriter) gets messed up. Proper investigation is required to know where and how the bodycontent
2612952 CF-3361929 External U. Hi Piyush, We are unable to view CF-3306641. Can it please be made public so that we can vote. Thanks!, -Aaron @Adobe in general: Whenever marking a bug as duplicate, can the original always be made public so that we can vote?
2613055 CF-3348839 External U. a) this ought to have been fixed by now, I reckon; b) CFAdmin in general should not be so unstable as to break if it if doesn't like *data* from its own XML files.
2613701 CF-3182493 External U. using domain-level cookies for CFID/CFToken is generally a very bad idea - CF10 appears to be *forcing* these tokens to be domain-level, with the net effect that a CF10 instance in a domain can be **fatal** to session management on any other CF instances in the entire
2614288 CF-3119366 Milan C. This was not REST related bug but a general bug. If you try to fetch the cfc using cfc explorer then also it throws error. This has been fixed. Now in REST also it will work fine.
2597339 CF-3043970 External U. This is _not_ fixed. It is no longer a tag, and therefore attributeCollection is inappropriate. If you make a function out of something, it needs to behave like a function. It's not our fault that your general-purpose solution does the wrong thing.
2682913 CFB-3720735 External U. This seems to be fixed in • Adobe ColdFusion Builder by 3760370 : Tab size was ignored. Tab size in CFB editors is now set as per Preferences->General->Editors->Text Editors->'Display tab width' value. As the undo history is in that same screen :) One
5385589 CF-4204042 HariKrishna K. Justin,  Can you check if the update is installed successfully. The login submit button issue, could be a cache issue in chrome. Can you clear the cache and check? You can find the theme option under settings->General page.   Let me know if you need any
2673374 CF-4126681 Benjamin R. Hi Adobe, I would also like to add my request to reconsider and add support for safe navigation on structs using array notation. It's all very well to have safe navigation except of course when the variable doesnt follow naming conventions... The Slack "cfml-general
size for the file OR the general purpose bit flag bit #3 should be set indicating that BOTH the compressed size and uncompressed size in the local file header will be set to 0 and that the data descriptor following the compressed data should be used to find the values. CF10 sets the general purpose
Portal Topic ColdFusion Lives
general knowledge about ColdFusion because a Google search can be a bit aggravating. Keep up the good work Adobe. The post ColdFusion Lives appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Testimonial,ColdFusion
Steve Sommers Websocket – channels? This may be a noob question, and I admit that I am a noob when it comes to websockets. With ColdFusion, channels seem to be part of the core but when I research websockets in general, excluding ColdFusion, I cannot find documentation on channels. Are channels
to understand your pain points better. This survey is primarily about a marque feature usage of ColdFusion 2018 and to understand your pain points associated with ColdFusion in general.
Tracker Issue nested cfoutput
2673503 CF-4126477 General Server Frédéric Peters nested cfoutput Problem Description: Nested cfoutput do not behave like previously Steps to Reproduce: Run this code: SELECT randID, itemID FROM Messages WHERE messageId = "1" #randID# #itemID# Actual Result: generates an error Expected
2673542 CF-4126428 General Server Philipp Cielen [cielen] OS X Preference pane for starting/stopping CF server There is an OS X preference pane for MySQL and Tomcat and it would be nice to have one for ColdFusion too so one can conveniently start/stop the server from there