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4481296 CFB-4198401 General - IDE : Workspace General Missing icon for closed projects Problem Description: When you close a project in the Navigator a Red Square is displayed instead of the Closed Project Icon Steps to Reproduce: Close a project. Actual Result: Ugly display Expected Result
2682581 CFB-3920999 General - IDE michel.monette IDE locks up for no reason when editing an cfm 18k in size. Problem Description: Here's a new problem with Eclipse/CFB3 ... I was right in the middle of editing the PercentScrap_Actionform.cfm and on the same SELECT statement line when just editing
3365023 CFB-4198230 General - IDE Philipp Cielen CF Builder breaks when installing Darkest Dark Theme to Eclipse Problem Description: CF Builder is incompatible with Darkest Dark Theme plugin for Eclipse. Steps to Reproduce: 1.) Install the popular Darkest Dark Theme for Eclipse to CF Builder
2682198 CFB-4159551 General - IDE : Workspace General Coldfusion Builder does not show right-click options on a fille which is not in workspace - Create a cfm file and save it on desktop - drag and drop this file into builder - right click and check options - Options are not displayed properly
2682320 CFB-4120160 General - IDE Peter Tilbrook Update won't install - Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016 Problem Description: Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016 update won't install Steps to Reproduce: Help/Check for Updates menu Actual Result: 'Updating Software' has
2682689 CFB-3755724 General - IDE CaseyDougall ColdFusion Builder 3 - File Associations not picking up a new extension as CFM. Duplicate ID: 3713334 ColdFusion Builder Problem Description: you cannot associate additional file extensions to the CFML handler. The file has been added in File
3272270 CFB-4198227 General - IDE : Start page Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Getting Started links need updated Getting Started links need updated Steps to Reproduce: 1) Open CFB 2) On Getting Started page, click "ColdFusion Roadmap" (Issue: Roadmap is for Raijin/Blizzard, but should be for Aether
2682281 CFB-4130082 General - IDE Phill Nacelli Mapped CFC Variable not working when line contains var Problem Description: The following line doesn’t show the hyperlink navigation option to the "someMethod()" method: var someVariale = mappedCFCObject.someMethod(); But then I noticed
2682293 CFB-4130069 General - IDE Dave Ferguson Directory browser window jumps When switching works space and clicking "browse" the directory browser appears then jumps up. This same behavior exists in CFB3. However, this behavior is inconstant with other Mac applications. http
Tracker Issue Can not update
2682325 CFB-4119441 General - IDE Christopher Tierney Can not update Problem Description: No repository for update found Steps to Reproduce: Help > Check for updates Actual Result: 'Contacting Software Sites' has encountered a problem. No repository found at http
2682610 CFB-3843381 General - IDE cfjedimaster Log Viewer, Close All Files, breaks Add Open one or more files in the Log Viewer and use the "Close All Files" icon. When you do, if you click to add a log file, it won't show the file chooser. You have to restart CFB to get the ability to add log
2682611 CFB-3842861 General - IDE dabinaz Red X showing for CF code in tag Problem Description: I have a inside tag and CFB says it is an error. Steps to Reproduce: see image Actual Result: Error displayed Expected Result: No error displayed Any Workarounds
2682636 CFB-3797287 General - IDE cfjedimaster Mistaken problem reported with cfinclude Please see bug 3797282. Because I can't type cfinclude template= into my editor, I did this instead. I typed: I then typed, OUTSIDE the tag, template="...". I then cut and pasted it inside cfinclude so
2682653 CFB-3787600 General - IDE derekb123 Color coding is not functioning correctly Problem Description: Color coding is not functioning correctly Steps to Reproduce: open attached file Actual Result: Color for text is all green with default colorization Expected Result: should be all colored
2682787 CFB-3724541 General - IDE cfjedimaster Script-based lock incorrectly flags errors Consider this simple function: public string function helloWorld() { lock scope="session" timeout=9 { } return "hello world"; } Thunder reports an error: "Missing return statement in function
2682953 CFB-3716771 General - IDE Template wizard: remove cfclientsettings from generated template Problem: Template wizard: remove cfclientsettings from generated template. It waits or device ready event or times out. It should be added only when there is cfclient code and needs cfclientsettings
Tracker Issue Can't run Index.cfm
4037801 CFB-4198285 General - IDE Can't run Index.cfm Problem Description: Setup builder 3.1 with existing project created with Dreamweaver. Project location is: c:/websites/MCB Additional Source link: wwwroot Path: c:\Coldfusion11\cfusion\wwwroot try to point to index.cfm and select run. Get
5417200 CFB-4198445 General - IDE : Start page Grammar: "Got a ColdFusion Questions?" should read "Got ColdFusion Questions?" or "Got a ColdFusion Question?" Problem Description:Grammar is incorrect. "Got a ColdFusion Questions?" should read "Got ColdFusion Questions?" or "Got a Cold
2682151 CFB-4191665 General - IDE Roland Collins "Customize Perspective" menu item does not work and crashes IDE after restart Problem Description: If you try to use the Window -> Customize Perspective dialog, no dialog is presented. The IDE continues to work fine until you restart the IDE
2682926 CFB-3718648 General - IDE : General TagWizard feature is missing in CFB3.0, it was present in CFB2.0 Problem: TagWizard is not ported in CFB3. But it's important to note that, TagWizard is not a feature that is commonly used by users and in fact no user has even reported that this feature
2888720 CFB-4198194 General - IDE Eduardo Pequeno No warning for source control locked files Problem Description: When a file is locked by another user in source control, CF Builder 2016 will let me open and modify the file instead of giving a warning stopping me from opening it. Steps
2682622 CFB-3823554 General - IDE zburke syntax checker reports "invalid token" when a cfscript function returns type "component" Problem Description: The syntax checker wrongly reports a syntax error for functions defined in a cfscript block that return the type "component". Steps to Reproduce
Tracker Issue Undo Buffer Issue
2682913 CFB-3720735 General - IDE shawnmvh5 Undo Buffer Issue Problem Description: Cannot undo more than 25 actions Steps to Reproduce: Make many edits to a file, attempt to undo more than 25. Actual Result: Undo stops after ~25 undos Expected Result: Undo should continue to undo until
2682164 CFB-4172368 General - IDE Paul Sussan Complete failure of product Problem Description: Crashes to desktop on startup. Totally broken when it was working perfectly the night before. Steps to Reproduce: Shut down computer and come in the next day. Actual Result: Product Crashes Expected
2682166 CFB-4170327 General - IDE Firstname Lastname CSS syntax highlighter broken Problem Description: This is valid CSS and it marks it as incorrect. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open attached file with CF builder CSS highlighter Actual Result: 1. Encountered " "\"UTF-8\" "" at line 1, column 10
2682169 CFB-4168441 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Syntax highlighting is incorrect inside comment Problem Description: Syntax highlighting is incorrect inside comment Steps to Reproduce: Open attached example code with "CFML Multi Page Editor" Actual Result: Code inside a commented area
2682170 CFB-4167890 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Eclipse: "XML" shown twice in Preferences Problem Description: In eclipse preferences the the "XML" item is shown twice and not fully integrated. The adobe tree is highly outdated. Steps to Reproduce: Install Builder into Eclipse Mars or Neon
2682171 CFB-4167889 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Eclipse: "HTML" shown twice in Preferences Duplicate ID: 4167890 ColdFusion Builder Problem Description: In eclipse preferences the the "HTML" item is shown twice and not fully integrated. The adobe tree is highly outdated. Steps to Reproduce
2682172 CFB-4167888 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Eclipse: "CSS" shown twice in Preferences Duplicate ID: 4167890 ColdFusion Builder Problem Description: In eclipse preferences the "CSS" item is shown twice and not fully integrated. The adobe tree is highly outdated. Steps to Reproduce
2682173 CFB-4167887 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Eclipse: "JavaScript" shown twice in Preferences Problem Description: In eclipse preferences the the "JavaScript" item is shown twice and not fully integrated. The adobe tree is highly outdated. Steps to Reproduce: Install Builder into Eclipse
2682263 CFB-4130104 General - IDE Mark Drew Unable to use Open Resource shortcut from editor Problem Description: When editing a cfml or cfc file, if I try to use the shortcut to open a resource (Navigate -> Open Resource from the menu) I get an error sound and nothing happens. Steps to Reproduce
2682323 CFB-4119447 General - IDE Wil Genovese Outdated Eclipse and Java Duplicate ID: 4119444 ColdFusion Builder Problem Description: CFBuilder 2016 is still running on Eclipse Kepler CFBuilder 2016 is still running on Java 1.6 - THAT IS A DEAD VERSION!!! We cannot use newer Eclipse plugins
2682615 CFB-3836308 General - IDE cfjedimaster Log viewer title broken sometimes I opened up Log Viewer and closed the one log I had opened. I opened another, application.log, and while it is working fine, the title is just "a". Screenshot:
2682626 CFB-3818777 General - IDE cfjedimaster It crashed when I typed names = ["Ray", "Scott", "Todd", "Dave"]; //arguments are item, index, and whole array unames = { return n.ucase(); }); /* This too unames = arrayMap(names, function(n) { return n.ucase(); }); */ l
2682637 CFB-3797282 General - IDE,Performance cfjedimaster Minified CSS in editor file can crash CFB Due to the bug I just reported about CSS in extensions, I had pasted the contents of bootstrap.min.css into a file. I noticed that CFB began to slow down as soon as I did that. For example, moving 3
2682657 CFB-3783894 General - IDE stoked744 Script based function doesn't format when "var i" is present in the loop declaration The below function won't format in the editor (ctrl-t-m) when the var keyword is present in the loop declaration: public numeric function get
2682665 CFB-3777310 General - IDE henrylearn2rock Log Viewer cannot load coldfusion-out.log Problem Description: With CFB3 Log Viewer, cannot load coldfusion-out.log Steps to Reproduce: 1. add coldfusion-out.log to Log Viewer Actual Result: INFO: loading resource C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion
2682674 CFB-3768281 General - IDE Leftbower Outline View truncates function name Problem Description: The outline view truncates function names after a fixed number of characters or based on some fixed width. This width is not modifiable and prevents this feature from being used with long function
2682676 CFB-3766954 General - IDE cfjedimaster Color coding of strings within strings This is kinda bad code, but CFB chokes a bit on this when it encounters this line: In one file, the code turns green at "#Replace and continues completely green for about 4 lines, ending at a CFML comment
2682677 CFB-3766685 General - IDE banny1994 SQL Keywords not reacting to colors/styles set in preferences Duplicate ID: 3700521 ColdFusion Builder Problem Description: Where the default is for keywords such as "Select" to appear in bold brown, they are appearing in normal font and color, not a
2682691 CFB-3754042 General - IDE cfjedimaster SQL Editor doesn't work in queryExecute If you do the SQL Editor by right clicking inside a cfquery block, the view will correctly pick up the existing SQL. If you do the same in queryExecute, it does not. Since most folks will be using the script
2682789 CFB-3724405 General - IDE Adam Cameron. Getting started screen is woefully out of date CFB 3.0 has a "ColdFusion News" panel on its starting page, and most recent article is July 2011. Also that page includes "What's New in ColdFusion 9.0.1". Not even the most recent version of CF9
2682137 CFB-4198177 General - IDE Eric Belair Invliad "Duplicate Attribute Name" errors for CFSCRIPT params Problem Description: When I use "param" to set a default parameter value in CFSCRIPT, I am often seeing "Duplicate Attribute Name" errors, even though they are not duplicates. Steps
2682188 CFB-4163331 General - IDE Christopher Tierney Editor Becomes Non-Responsive on Certain Types of Code Problem Description: It seems that my issue just persists when writing code for the Taffy framework. The editor will become non-responsive at random points. I think when it's using
4216883 CFB-4198318 General - IDE : Start page [ANeff] Bug for: CFB's Start page is very outdated CFB's Start page has issues: 1) The "ColdFusion News" section talks about Thunder, Splendor and Splendor/Thunder's Public Beta (this was 4 years ago!) 2) The heading at the top says "Adobe Cold
3605946 CFB-4198255 General - IDE Marius Milosav Can't start the CFB 2016 Problem Description: Twice after installing a fresh CFB2016 as standalone, after a few times of usage the application can't be started Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: The work around
2682139 CFB-4198117 General - IDE Unknown Unknown ColdFusion Builder does not scale on high-dpi screens Problem Description: ColdFusion Builder does not scale properly on high-resolution (high-dpi) screens such as the Dell XPS 15 4K range. The icons appear too small to use. This problem has been
2682141 CFB-4198069 General - IDE David Belanger "setting" script always shows an error in CFBuilder Problem Description: The script equivalent, which is simple "setting", consistently shows an error in CFBuilder. I've attached a couple of screen shots as well as a the sample code that should
2682167 CFB-4168736 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Evaluation expired message cannot disabled Problem Description: After install CF builder in Eclipse you will receive an Evaluation expired popup, everytime you open eclipse. It always tell you thet the Standard Edition has expired and only
2682175 CFB-4167702 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Keyboard shortcuts are not working Problem Description: All keyboard shortcuts are not working. If you press "CTRL+T a list bubbles up, but if you press A, you will not get an cfabort. You need to click the cfabort with a mouse after you press
2682194 CFB-4160064 General - IDE David Belanger Opening some files causes a race condition (80-100%) Problem Description: When I try to open the attached file, my processor shoots up to 100% and CF Builder seems to freeze. I waited about 5 minutes and still no joy. I can open the file
2682214 CFB-4152930 General - IDE Jake Munson Saving file opened from file system creates duplicate editor Problem Description: While editing a file opened from the local file system (not from a Project), each time you save the file a duplicate editor is created for the file. Steps to Reproduce
2682578 CFB-3928024 General - IDE Raymond Example of bad comment coloring Example of a document that doesn't color right. Looks to be the URL. component { = ""; public boolean function onApplicationStart() { //register my tasks cfschedule(action="update", task
2682602 CFB-3846047 General - IDE KW802 Project URL Prefix Not Saving Problem Description: After creating a new project in CF Builder 3, if I right-click the project and choose "Set URL Prefix" to enter a value, the value is not saved when I exit & restart CF Builder. Steps to Reproduce: Create
2682630 CFB-3809129 General - IDE,Performance Carl Von Stetten SQL Comments cause Builder to Freeze/Crash Problem Description: Within tags, if inline SQL comments ("-- my comment" placed at end of a line of SQL code) are used, and you later reopen the file to make edits to the query, CF Builder
2682654 CFB-3786077 General - IDE No editor descriptor for id org.eclipse.ui.internal.emptyEditorTab after non graceful shutdown Problem Description: After my machine had an unexpected shutdown, I re-opened CF builder and all the tabs I had previously had open were reopened
Tracker Issue Updater Fails
2682662 CFB-3780733 General - IDE Updater Fails Duplicate ID: 3761655 ColdFusion Builder Problem Description: I get this message when running the update menu. Unable to read repository at
2682667 CFB-3775120 General - IDE CFJSGeek Bug for CFB3 Mandatory Update Problem Description: References bug ID# 3761655. When checking for updates the following problem occurred: 'Contacting Software Sites' has encountered a problem. No repository found at file
2682681 CFB-3761655 General - IDE CFJSGeek Unable to Update Software Problem Description: Unable to update software. Steps to Reproduce: Help > Check for updates Actual Result: Receive error: Some sites could not be found. Unable to read repository at http
2682769 CFB-3727747 General - IDE raZorTTZ Perspective switch not working correctly Problem Description: When CFBuilder asks for permission to switch perspectives (ColdFusion debug or Team syncronize) it opens a view instead of the perspective. Steps to Reproduce: -Ensure windows > preferences
2682179 CFB-4166867 General - IDE Firstname Lastname Unable to acquire PluginConverter service during generation Problem Description: If CF Builder is installed into Eclipse MARS as plugin you get error shown. Unable to acquire PluginConverter service during generation for: C:\Program Files\Eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.ide
2682183 CFB-4166570 General - IDE Nat Dunn Extra indentation always uses tab character even when preferences are set to use spacing. Problem Description: When adding an indentation level, CFBuilder always adds a tab even when preferences are set to use spaces. You can press Backspace and then Tab
2682569 CFB-3939862 General - IDE Rich Adobe ORM CFC Generator throws error on Mac Problem Description: The ORM CFC Generator throws an exception when the Generate button is clicked after selecting tables. Steps to Reproduce: In RDS Dataview, right mouse click on a table and launch Adobe CFC
2682616 CFB-3834409 General - IDE David Belanger CFML Editor keyboard shortcuts for tags don't work Problem Description: For example, to insert a simple nbsp, you neet to press (CTRL+T, N). The (CTRL+T) works and brings up a popup window but pressing N does nothing except make the popup disappear
2682686 CFB-3758872 General - IDE cfjedimaster Color coding with comments breaks easily I think I may have logged a bug for this before. This is hard to reproduce consistently, but I see this a LOT lately with my editing sessions. It is easy to "break" color coding with CF comments. By break I mean
2682285 CFB-4130078 General - IDE Travis Walters File Search Find and Replace Feature Data Loss Due to File Encoding Change on Save Problem Description: When using the file search feature under Search -> Search to find and replace text, there is no check to see if data loss will occur when saving
2682680 CFB-3761672 General - IDE OleRedCracka Builder Welcome screen has bad link Problem Description: The "ColdFusion Builder: Getting Started" welcome page that shows on opening ColdFusion Builder has links at the bottom to useful places, both local and remote. But one of these is a link
2682996 CFB-3712153 General - IDE Cole Embedded browser not available Problem Description: Embedded browser not available Steps to Reproduce: Start the application Actual Result: Get an error screen "Embedded browser not available" Expected Result: To see a start page Any Workarounds: none
2682178 CFB-4166921 General - IDE Firstname Lastname java.lang.NullPointerException: Failed to create the part's controls Problem Description: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.server.util.ImportLocalServerUtils.addDefaultServer( at com
4281006 CF-4202269 Debugging : General Error message spelling mistake - DecodeBinary function incorrect error message: Error Occurred While Processing Request The input and output encodings are not same. correct: The input and output encodings are not the same.
2608739 CF-4013832 General Server Adam Cameron CLI/REPL - probably via CommandBox I'm sure this has been raised before, but I cannot find the ticket. ColdFusion needs a CLI/REPL for it to be taken seriously in these times. It's just a fundamental. CommandBox is really good in this regard, so
Tracker Issue FTP file synch
/SFTP/FTPS is straightforward, but CF2 made it easy to compare then synch. Similar functionality appears to be available in CFB3, but is poorly documented and difficult to use. Specific issue include difficulty in reviewing and changing FTP setup information, as well as general usability. Discussions in CFM forum suggest
2878880 CFB-4198193 General - IDE : General Alexander Hass ColdFusion Builder 2016 does not install correctly as plugin in Eclipse Neon 64bit Problem Description: If I click a CFM file to open with CFbuilder the file does not open, but a Java crash message is shown. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Install
2612764 CF-3431489 Web Services : General ext-user CF10 - Perm Gen memory filling up Problem: Perm Gen memory filling up by using (refreshWSDL=true) for a CreatObject("webservice",...) that was called in the init of a CFC that a loop was creating thousands of transient instances of. Method: 1
2673406 CF-4126636 External U. Nice idea. Am not entirely convinced by the &= version being the best way to imply that functionality, that said. But am stll behind it as a general idea.
2608171 CF-4172940 General Server John Lang CGI Variables - Certificate Information Backwards Problem Description: When looking at CGI.CERT_SUBJECT or CGI.CERT_ISSUER variables from ColdFusion, the information is stored in reverse of what it should be. This affects interacting with other
6790746 CF-4207069 Christopher T. This is an issue, as Wil described, not only with auto-scaling EC2 instances at AWS but in general. We should expect fast start up times for an Enterprise level service.
2603260 CF-3035825 Database : General Daniel Kim Bug 72697:Named Stored Procedure Parameters - dbvarname in cfprocparam Duplicate ID: CF-3035675 Problem: Named Stored Procedure Parameters - dbvarname in cfprocparam I remember there being some back and forth with 7.0.2, and in discussions
2608614 CF-4049214 ColdFusion Services Tony Sykes Coldfusion 11 Update 6 - Messaging (BlazeDS) errors Problem Description:[BlazeDS-v4] 09/02/2015 09:46:50.656 [ERROR] [Message.General] Unhandled error when processing a message: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax
3309226 CF-4199146 General Server D R Update 4 breaks app - Compiled Class / Application.cfc errors. Problem Description: We have a taffy based web app which Update 4 seems to have broke. Logs indicated issue with Application.cfc as well as complaining about not being able to find compiled class
.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application.start(Unknown Source) at at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication(EclipseAppLau at org
2610582 CF-3695181 General Server Pat Buchanan SpreadSheetSetColumnWidth() stops working after updating to ColdFusion 10 Update 11 - reopened Duplicate ID: CF-3616845 Reference bug 3616845 of which this is the exact same issue. It is marked as fixed in build 286553 yet is still exists in update
2612070 CF-3560964 General Server Michael Schmidt Multiple Form Elements With the same name turned into array - missing empty elements Problem Description: Prior to CF10 to turn a repeated form element into an array we used getPageContext().getRequest().getParameterMap(). This worked smoothly
2682642 CFB-3793578 Editor Features : Code Colorization banny1994 SQL Code Coloring - Uppercase not recognised, keywords highlighting outside of tags Uppercase SQL keywords still not recognised by the syntax coloring rules, also if you type general text into the editor between let's say tags, you
2609540 CF-3835411 External U. Just fyi, the Boncode connector is running fine for us in general now after tweaking the configuration. We are using CF 11 now in production and it is working well. There's no need to investigate the Boncode connector, just please investigate the issue with your own
2612070 CF-3560964 External U. Himavanth, I think you might be failing to understand WHY people would want to use "this.sameFormFieldsAsArray=true". It's generally not just because they want an array instead of a list, it's because **they want the blank fields included**. If blank fields aren
3305759 CFB-4198229 General - IDE Kevin Benore ColdFusion Files won't open in Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.0 (build 20170620-1800) Problem Description: When attempting to open CF files within the product, I get: java.lang.NullPointerException at com
2613579 CF-3217461 Web Services : General ext-user Cold Fusion - 10 Fails to receive that binary data through IIS Problem: ColdFusion 10 fails to receive binary data over IIS Method: 1. installed ColdFusion 9 with default settings and built-in-server. 2. Installed ColdFusion 10 with IIS
6790746 CF-4207069 General Server,Performance Very slow startup time CF2018 update 6 and above - compiler issue? Problem Description: It looks like u6 has introduced a significant overhead to the compiler, I would guess with the new fat arrow parsing (props to John Whish for that thought). 2018
2608614 CF-4049214 External U. The coldfusion-out.log file shows error - [BlazeDS-v4] 09/02/2015 09:46:50.656 [ERROR] [Message.General] Unhandled error when processing a message: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/jms/InvalidSelectorException incomingMessage: Flex Message (flex
2609540 CF-3835411 External U. See additional answers and info below: 1) Does the ColdFusion server have the Hotfix2 applied? >> Yes 2) After approximately how much time, does the application pool come down >> Generally within 30 to 120 seconds at full load. 3) Connector logs, with the debug
2599523 CF-3040004 General Server Aaron Marshall Bug 79974:(Watson Migration Closure)This is a feature request - I'd like to see coldfusion provide an alternative to PHPs fsock so that coldfusion can interact with remote sites, this could be useful for pinging servers and checking upt Problem
2683859 CFB-3043730 Debugger : General Andrew Scott Bug 86819:-(Watson Migration Closure)When debugging I have come across times where the debugger won't fire, and the browser continues to try and connect and never returns a valid status code Problem: When debugging I have come across times where
2598752 CF-3040982 Documentation : General Aaron Neff Bug 82175:[ANeff] Doc Bug for: "onLoad" missing in CF9's cfgrid "History > ColdFusion 9"Currently CF9's cfgrid doc contains the following (under History, for ColdFusion 9):ColdFusion 9: - Added collapsible, gro Problem: [ANeff] Doc Bug for: "on
2599406 CF-3040231 Database : General Lolita Gendelman Bug 80218:(Watson Migration Closure)You can't call an Oracle PL/SQL FUNCTION - this is one HUGE limitation, at my company, we should be able to reuse our existing PL/SQL codebase, instead of writing new PL/SQL procedures with OUT parame Problem
like writeoutput, when wrapping each output item seems tedious. There are pros and cons to all these solutions, and you can google to find the docs for each, but I offer below some resources that discuss them and CF/XSS protection in general.

As for validating the input (which is indeed just