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2608183 CF-4168693 Language : CF Component Geoffrey Demoulin Application.cfc this.timout not working Duplicate ID: CF-3963559 Problem Description: The Bug 3963559 has been marked as fixed but seems to still occur on cf11u9. I've uploaded a sample project using the code in the bug's steps
2608330 CF-4123073 Document Management Geoffrey Demoulin CFHTMLTOPDF Add support for CSS position:flex and related properties I've tried to use the CSS position:flex without success. I believe cfhtmltopdf uses a custom webkit under the hood, which version is it? Would it be possible to upgrade it
2608055 CF-4198020 Core Runtime Geoffrey Demoulin Allow more advanced features in regular expression Feature 3042166 requested for coldfusion 9 was deferred as "NotEnoughTime" in 2014. I would think it is time to revisit the issue since regular expressions are a powerful tool that is most needed
2608082 CF-4195914 Core Runtime Geoffrey Demoulin GetComponentMetadata incorrectly displaying parent components full name when using relative names Problem Description: When calling GetComponentMetadata on a component extending a parent component located in an other directory by referencing
2608084 CF-4195763 Scheduler Geoffrey Demoulin Application scheduled task event handler "onError" not called Problem Description: When creating a scheduled task with an event handler, errors/exceptions are not triggering the onError method. Steps to Reproduce: -> Use the attached project. 1
2608448 CF-4091230 CFPRINT Geoffrey Demoulin CFPRINT doesn't respect the "pages" parameter in cf11u7 Problem Description: Printing a multi-page PDF using pages=1 and copies=1 will result in printing all the pages instead of just page 1. This happens in the latest CF11u7. Reverting to CF11u6 fixes
2608079 CF-4196148 Core Runtime Geoffrey Demoulin cflogout not using the application token set in cflogin Problem Description: I have an application which name contains an "@" character. This causes issues with the cflogin function (The string COOKIE.CFAUTHORIZATION_myapp@mycompany is not a valid
2608085 CF-4195754 Language : CF Component,Scheduler Geoffrey Demoulin Cannot schedule tasks which event handler extend a component that inherits "CFIDE.scheduler.ITaskEventHandler" Problem Description: When adding a new application task, the task will generate an exception saying "Error
2608265 CF-4148154 ORM Support Geoffrey Demoulin ORM inheritance working incorrectly Problem Description: Using entity inheritance causes incorrect SQL statements to be generated by coldfusion. I have the following structure: The Company component has offices. The Office component inherits
2608325 CF-4126264 Language : Serialization Geoffrey Demoulin serializeJson on ORM entity throws a runtime NullPointerException in some cases. Problem Description: When trying to serialize an ORM entity to Json, a NullPointerException is thrown in specific situations. To test, I have an extremely
2608371 CF-4109053 Document Management Geoffrey Demoulin Merging PDF variables fails in cfscript Problem Description: When trying to merge pdfs variables generated with cfhtmltopdf in cfscript, an exception is thrown. Steps to Reproduce: cfhtmltopdf(name="test", orientation
2608498 CF-4076193 Language : CF Component Geoffrey Demoulin Properties with default values not accessible outside init function Bug 3352745 has been marked as fixed but still happens when createObject() is called instead of the new() operator. Please see my comments as well as Aaron's on Bug
2608053 CF-4198050 Web Services Geoffrey Demoulin Empty queries on Axis 2 comes back as a QueryBean object instead of empty query Problem Description: Bug 3948955 is still not fixed as of CF11u10. Steps to Reproduce: 1/ Set the web service version to axis2 (coldfusion web service version 2) in cf