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Comment on CF2016/2018 Datasource SSL configuration by George Alsobrooks
Comment on CF2016/2018 Datasource SSL configuration by George Alsobrooks
2609683 CF-3807350 Security George Alsobrooks Inconsistent naming standard between DecodeForHTML and DecodeFromURL Function name DecodeForHTML should be renamed to DecodeFromHTML. ColdFusion 10 added several commands to EncodeForXXXXX. These are all named consistently and start with ‘Encode
4119180 CF-4201686 Document Management : PDF Form George Alsobrooks cfpdfform with name attribute makes the PDF unsignable in Reader DC Problem Description: If cfpdfform with the name attribute is used to populate a PDF object and passed to the user the user will not be able to sign the form
2609050 CF-3941413 Debugging George Alsobrooks CFdump errors on query names with commas Problem Description: If a column name has a comma in it, cfdump will error out instead of displaying the query. Steps to Reproduce: SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AS 'User Name (Last, First)' Actual Result
2609127 CF-3925916 File Management : VFS-RAM George Alsobrooks cfspreadsheet unable to write to ram:// Problem Description: cfspreadsheet tag is unable to write to the Virtual File System by using "ram://" This was reportedly fixed in CF 10 Update 11, and previously reported in these Bugs
2610895 CF-3671526 Installation/Config : Connector George Alsobrooks file extensions case-sensitive on all web servers Duplicate ID: CF-3199281 I don't see a way to report that a bug shouldn't be closed (Bug ID#3199283), so I'm creating a new one. Problem Description: As descripted in Bug ID