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Comment on Re-Opening bug #3138032 - this is not a 3rd Party problem by George M.
Comment on Allow third argument to createobject to be one or more locations of jars by George M.
2609050 CF-3941413 Debugging George Alsobrooks CFdump errors on query names with commas Problem Description: If a column name has a comma in it, cfdump will error out instead of displaying the query. Steps to Reproduce: SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AS 'User Name (Last, First)' Actual Result
2609127 CF-3925916 File Management : VFS-RAM George Alsobrooks cfspreadsheet unable to write to ram:// Problem Description: cfspreadsheet tag is unable to write to the Virtual File System by using "ram://" This was reportedly fixed in CF 10 Update 11, and previously reported in these Bugs
2610895 CF-3671526 Installation/Config : Connector George Alsobrooks file extensions case-sensitive on all web servers Duplicate ID: CF-3199281 I don't see a way to report that a bug shouldn't be closed (Bug ID#3199283), so I'm creating a new one. Problem Description: As descripted in Bug ID