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Hotfix installer shows wrong message in the console
Comment on Hotfix installer shows wrong message in the console by Krishna R.
Hotfix installer showing title as HotFix hf-10-00001 it should be ColdFusion 10 update 1
Hotfix not installed if newer build in the same update level is already installed
2608835 CF-3980425 Installation/Config : Connector John Lang CF11 Hotfix 5 Causing 503 Errors Problem Description: Since installing Hotfix 5 on our CF11 servers, after a period of time we get 503 errors from IIS. This did not happen with our prior install of Hotfix 3 (we never installed hotfix 4
2609119 CF-3927019 S P. Hi Bob Could you attach the log files pertaining to the server details & hotfix installation details. location: /ColdFusion11/cfusion/hf-updates/hf-11-00003/ (hotfix installation log files) : /ColdFusion11/cfusion/logs/ (server,exception,coldfusion & application
clicking on "Download and Install" does not installs Hotfix. This is a random behaviour
2608835 CF-3980425 External U. I forgot to mention that after installing Hotfix 5 I did remove the connectors and then re-add them as instructed by the update. I've also tried doing that again since we experienced issues, but the issues don't stop.
Comment on clicking on "Download and Install" does not installs Hotfix. This is a random behaviour by Adobe D.
2613431 CF-3317565 Adobe D. Workaround: Installing/Un-installing the HotFix for individual ColdFusion instances from the ColdFusion Administrator will not work. As a workaround, run the hotfix installer from the command prompt or apply the hotfix from the ColdFusion Administrator of the main
2613434 CF-3317248 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user Uninstalling applied Hotfix from console as a non-admin mode allows user to uninstall Problem: Uninstalling applied hotfix as a non-root user allowing users to uninstall. This should be prevented Method: In the Uninstaller logs
2673051 CF-4155044 API Manager : HotFix ext-user HF2 Installer adding unnecessary .sh files to APIM/bin , APIM/database/datastore ,APIM/database/analytics in WIndows Problem: HF2 Installer adding unnecessary .sh files to APIM/bin , APIM/database/datastore ,APIM/database/analytics in WIndows
Comment on Un-installer unable to remove Hotfix from all the Instances onto which it was applied by Krishna R.
Comment on Un-installer unable to remove Hotfix from all the Instances onto which it was applied by CFwatson U.
2609075 CF-3936559 Adobe D. Can you please provide hotfix installer log files for HF14, HF15 and for each instance from the following locations: /hf_updates/Adobe_ColdFusion_10_Update_**_Install_***.log /hf_updates/hotfix_filelist.log and /hf_updates/Adobe_ColdFusion_10_Update
6502762 CF-4206047 Chris S. Hello Nimit, I work with Brian and Wendy and I installed this hotfix on our server to test, but I'm not noticing any difference at all when testing. I followed the instructions you posted for installation, but I don't see anything in cf admin to indicate
Un-installer unable to remove Hotfix from all the Instances onto which it was applied
6259329 CF-4205250 James M. Tracker appears to be very casual and doesn't maintain a changelog to track changes in status. Here's the latest: 11/3/2019 08:00-ish Pacific - Component updated to 'Core Runtime' - Component updated from 'Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer' to an empty value
2609156 CF-3918827 External U. Boris - thanks for the suggestion, on my machine, I had installed 13 and then 15. I uninstalled 15 from the command line and then installed 14 and then 16 sequentially, also from the command line, and it is now running successfully. wget
2608216 CF-4162515 Nimit S. Pierre, By looking at the log, it looks like hotfix installer was unable to stop ColdFusion server due to which it results in these fatal errors. 1. Are you able to access ColdFusion administrator now? If yes, then try to un-install it from CF admin. 2. Are you
2596863 CF-3544895 AJAX Ross Phillips Post ColdFusion Security Hotfix APSB13-10 - error on JSON returned with debug on Problem Description: After completing the install process of the hotfix (APSB13-10) I get the following error when debugging ("Enable Request Debugging Output
2610812 CF-3678038 Krishna R. This feature is is already available. Can you please check the URL and see these details under the heading "How can uninstallation be done from command prompt?"
2613416 CF-3319704 Rupesh K. The hotfix installer can use the proxy configuration if they are defined in the system property. You would need to define the following settings. http.proxyHost http.proxyPort http.proxyUser http.proxyPassword
2614486 CF-3101550 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer ext-user Instances to install hot fix is not properly aligned in the UI Problem: If we have more then 4 instances onto which we have to apply the hot fix. The UI is not showing all the instances its showing only 4 and remaining instances
Comment on Solr service fails to start after hotfix 21 install - unable to load CFIDE admin interface, shows error page by Piyush K.
In Admin UI, prompt which shows up for instances during hot-fix installation doesnt contain check box for "Select All" option
2608641 CF-4038087 External U. Any update on this bug? We are seeing this in production on our ColdFusion 11 servers with the latest hotfix installed. Eclipse Memory Analyzer is pointing at's LinkedHashMap. Example entry key: C
2608958 CF-3952968 Immanuel N. We are unable to repro this with HF5 in place. One observation was that the spelling goes wrong in - component acccessors=true Can you please try this with the latest hotfix installed.
Comment on clicking on "Download and Install" does not installs Hotfix. This is a random behaviour by Adobe D.
2596843 CF-3574419 External U. This happened consistently on each server I installed the HotFix. I start the HotFixes in our ITG and QUA environments and have the developers test their code for any issues prior to moving it to our production servers. On the six servers I installed this on, I
2608093 CF-4192428 Deepraj J. Bernhard, Looking at the hf-11-00010 logs it looks like Hotfix installation failed for the first time because of permission issues and then you reinstalled it with sufficient priviledges and it was installed without any ERRORs/Warnings. so i am wondering if its a
2613416 CF-3319704 Hot Fix Installer Paul Hastings add proxy to installer for servers behind firewalls it seems corporate firewalls might block a server's access to the hotfix file. manually moving the update XML & JAR files isn'y that far removed from manually installing the hotfix. adding a
2672867 CF-4160634 Hot Fix Installer ext-user HF Installation does not show build number Problem: In the newly created branch, hotfix build numbers show up as 2016.0.02.00000. Build installed: \\see-builds-red\solstice\cf12_hotfix2\299128\Web\hotfix\hotfix.jar Method: Result
hotfix installed and we are getting proper dates. Also coldfusion 9 uses commons-net-2.0 jar. Can you let us know the jar version of commons-net and also cfserver update level and os details. Thanks
2612134 CF-3554978 Hot Fix Installer Philipp Cielen Automatic updates improvements I was asked by Rupesh Kumar to post this to the public CF Bugbase: Ideally CF would handle most of the things mentioned in the FAQ (
2613205 CF-3339196 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Multiple installation invocation happens sometimes Problem: While installing hotfix from ColdFusion administrator, sometimes multiple installation invocations happens sometimes. This doesn't happens every time. Method: Result: Sometimes
2608258 CF-4151061 Mukesh K. Hi Paul, I have tried in my system and not able to reproduce the issue . Can you please share CF10 hotfix19 installation logs file ? You can also get in touch with the CF support team at for help with narrowing down the issue. Thanks, Mukesh
2612021 CF-3564451 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer ext-user Error applying update on a child instance, if main (cfusion) instance is not selected. Problem: Error Occurred while reading update information - Element PUBDATE is undefined in UPDATE. Method: 1. Install ColdFusion 10. 2. Create
Solr service fails to start after hotfix 21 install - unable to load CFIDE admin interface, shows error page
2613383 CF-3327626 External U. The error showed up in version 10.0. But after installing the hotfix 10.0.1 it's still impossible to start the application when Secondary caching is enabled.
2608093 CF-4192428 Bernhard D. Today, I installed Hotfix 12 and am now on version 11,0,12,292866 I was initially provided with the ColdFusion installation by an administrator in my company. He has some automation that does the ColdFusion installation. I did not uninstall anything.
2608822 CF-3984812 External U. I cannot install CF11 on windows 10. Fifth attempt. I have even installed the latest update hotfix_009. No admin page displays. I ran the web config manually. No luck!!
5399887 CF-4204050 James M. FYI: I just installed CF2016 hotfix (or update) 10, performed a test and this bug is not fixed.
2613059 CF-3348487 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: Updaters should always create a .car file Updaters should _always_ create a .car file of all settings. As we've seen w/ Update 3 (all tasks deleted on CF start), it should've created a .car file so that people can
: click available updates, click download in HotFix hf-10-00002 28th Feb 2012 panel Actual Result: "Error occurred while downloading the update: Failed Checksum verification " Expected Result: download and installation of hotfix Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
6259329 CF-4205250 Jason H. EDIT (2019/10/03): I was originally given a hotfix for CF2018 instead of CF2016. I contacted Adobe Support and got the correct hotfix, installed, and everything is working properly now. Please refer to my comment on the left side for more detailed info
2609213 CF-3910531 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer Adam Cameron Update deinstaller restarts wrong version of CF I have both CF11 Express and full installed on the same (dev) machine. In different directories. They use the same HTTP port though, although this should not be relevant. When I
2613159 CF-3342557 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Hot fix must have constant base number with varying build number Problem: While installing Hotfix currently we don't have a constant base number. There should be some base number displaying in the ColdFusion Administrator which should
2608620 CF-4047480 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer Henry Ho cf10_mdt_updt.jar runs in CONSOLE mode in Windows 10 Problem Description: cf10_mdt_updt.jar runs in CONSOLE mode instead of GUI mode in Windows 10 Steps to Reproduce: 1. Install JSE 1.8.0_60-b27 2. java -jar cf10_mdt
\jre\bin\java -jar \opt\coldfusion10\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-10-00002\uninstall\uninstaller.jar (Modify the command according to your path/OS/Hotfix) 2) If you have installed it from ColdFusion Administrator you can run the following command First cd to C:\ColdFusion10 and then run the following. >C
the update jar manually from the windows command prompt. Ref. You may also contact for help.
2608373 CF-4108519 Christian K. After Migration from Coldfusion 10 to Coldfusion 2016 I have this issue. M;y CF2016 Server has installed all available hotfixes (Hotfix 5). Did I missed something or is there any other solution available ?
6343609 CF-4205442 Document Management : PDF generation CF2018 PDF Creation hangs Problem Description: PDF creation hangs. Steps to Reproduce: Unknown. Actual Result: Request stuck. Expected Result: Requests don't get stuck. Any Workarounds: None. Restart service. install hotfix hf201800
2673611 CF-4122530 Nimit S. This issue has been fixed and will be released as part of an update. Please reach out to ColdFusion support at to get private hotfix.
2608826 CF-3982713 Hot Fix Installer : Installer ext-user Through Proxy authentication Hotfixes couldn't be downloaded with update 15 and later/CF 11 also Problem: Hotfixes are not downloadable when it has to go through proxy authentication. Looks like this could have been broken
2608603 CF-4051460 Deepraj J. (As discussed with KP) Either we release Full installer (This was fixed by IA in latest 2014 IA,and installers build latest IA wont have these issues),Further as far as hotfix is concerned,this is not even the case because you have to have Java to launch hotfix.jar
2613415 CF-3320393 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Single click on "Progress Information" dialog box sometimes doesn't work Problem: Apply Hotfix by clicking on "Download and Install". A dialog box pops saying the "ColdFusion server will be stopped and restarted during installation" click
Ryan McGuirk Just installed the hotfix 7 for CF 2016. We are currently unable to access the out sites over https. Anyone facing similar issues? Insight for the fix? All of out cipher suites are up to date.
3059556 CF-4198589 Jürgen W. I am not able to install the hotfix: C:\temp>c:\coldfusion2016\jre\bin\java -jar hf201600-0000000.jar Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile hf201600-0000000.jar
2613824 CF-3160217 Adobe D. Customer has confirmed that the hotfix 3 was not installed\downloaded properly and hence the error. Closing this. (Comment added from ex-user id:sagarg)
5917231 CF-4204694 Piyush K. Dave, Can you share the following details. The update level of your CF server before applying the update. The update install log. hotfix_filelist.log Are you OK with a screen sharing session where we can walk through the update process to see whats going wrong?
6266261 CF-4205265 Jason S. Nimit, Thanks for letting me know. The ticket you reference says it is fixed. Do you have any estimate on when that will be released? We would like to install the hotfix becuase of the security patches but this bug is holding us up. Jason
2673047 CF-4155252 Hot Fix Installer ext-user On uninstalling HotFix2 on CF2016, there are 654 fatal errors related to "BackUp of cordova files", in the uninstallation logs. Duplicate ID: CF-4155250 Problem: On uninstalling HotFix2 on CF2016, there are 654 fatal errors related to "Back
as expected. If I apply either of the only hotfixes that are available AFTER the base install, the CF Cookie with null/blank values will then cause the error. I don't have the option to revert to any hot fix prior to what's already in the latest CF installation download. But the issue isn't in that file
2609217 CF-3910257 External U. The issue still exists in hotfix 5. I did a completely new install on a Wndows 2012 server. In first place everything was working fine. After I installed and configured a loopback adapter for our loadbalancer, the clusterintances didn't start anymore. I raised a new
Comment on Solr service fails to start after hotfix 21 install - unable to load CFIDE admin interface, shows error page by Piyush K.
2613431 CF-3317565 Hot Fix Installer : Installer ext-user Unable to installing Hot Fix from ColdFusion administrator of any individual Instance Problem: Have ColdFusion Instances (cfusion, cfusion1 and cfusion2) All are running. Trying to install hotfix on cfusion2 from Administrator of instance
5105751 CF-4203490 Michael B. We have been running this hotfix in Production the last 4 days. We have not seen a recurrence of the issue. It appears to have resolved the issue. Has this been incorporated into other patches? We're about to install the latest version of CF patches to our servers
2556974 CF-4147893 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user The commons-collections jar gets deleted under "ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib" on uninstalling the hotfix. Problem: The commons-collections jar gets deleted under "ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib" on uninstalling the hotfix. Workaround: The jar
6287702 CF-4205355 CFIMAGE After CF2016 hotfix 12 cfimage tag behaves differently Problem Description: cfimage can no longer read mismatch file extension/mimetype after installing hotfix 12 for CF 2016 Steps to Reproduce: //this will work.... mimetype is png and file extension is png cfimage
2608518 CF-4072189 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer ext-user Unable to start colldfusion main instance server after hotfix upgrade to HF18 Problem: Method: Steps to reproduce : 1. Apply the mandatory update in coldfusion 10. 1. Create new instance CF1 from instance manager . 2. Upgrade
2673176 CF-4147738 Administrator : Administrator Console ext-user Coldfusion 2016 full installer does not display update level Duplicate ID: CF-4170551 for full installer cf12_final_hotfix -- > 298673 it displays build level at 2016.0.0.298673 It should be updated to display build level 2 Problem
2608258 CF-4151061 Deepraj J. This happens when the hotfix doesnt have enough priviledge to stop the coldfusion server (as per your hf19_manual.txt) and few files are held by the server which results in unsuccessfull installation. Mukesh can you please confirm if the message "No Administrative
2609119 CF-3927019 Administrator Bob Blackman Problems Installing Coldfusion 11 with Yosemite Problem Description: I installed CF 11 and the ColdFusion 11 Update 3 hotfix. When first trying to access the CF Administrator (http://localhost:8500/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm), I receive this error
2609925 CF-3743255 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user In Weblogic, Dialog box which pops up after downloading the hotfix does show any buttons. Problem: In Weblogic, Dialog box which pops up after downloading the hotfix does not have any button. For details refer attached screenshot
2609008 CF-3947725 External U. I followed your notes below and found this in the hf log Summary ------- Installation: Unsuccessful. 375 Successes 1 Warnings 0 NonFatalErrors 1 FatalErrors Action Notes: Failed to copy hotfix files:C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\648143.tmp
2613856 CF-3156476 Administrator : HotFix Notification ext-user Updates page not working as expected for user profiles created using User Manager Problem: 1) If a user is granted admin role (i.e. administrator and API access), he is *still* not allowed to download/download and Install
5855566 CF-4204517 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer ColdFusion Update 4 Fails on OSX Mojave 10.14.5 Problem Description: After installing Update 4 Cumulative Steps to Reproduce: Install Update 4 rollup. Restart MacBook. Boom! ColdFusion dies. Actual Result: ChristophersMBP:bin appwise
was not installed. It seems as though CF doesn't even try to read the hotfix file. While I have CF running, I cannot open an older hotfix file in the cfusion/lib/updates folder because it is locked (being used by the CF process). However, I can open this newer hotfix file as if CF isn't even reading it at all
again. It didn't work and again can confirm that I saw the service stop and start. I deleted all directories and files belonging to the hotfix. I restarted the service. I clicked "downloaded and install" in the CF administrator. I saw the service stop and start but again, no luck. I've attached
5361900 CF-4204021 Scheduler Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 Problem Description: After installing the hotfix scheduled tasks are deleted. Several reports of this here: and in the comments here:
UnverifiedException-on-matching-wildcard-certificate-td36407.html Our environment is Windows Server 2012 x64, IIS 8.5 Steps to Reproduce: install hotfix 6 in an environment with wildcard certificates without SAN's defined Expected Result: no errors Any Workarounds: manually update the httpClient library to version 4.5.10 to correct the {Default
5917231 CF-4204694 Dave I. For all 8 servers we applied update 11, all of them were on update 10 before we applied update 11. I can attach a copy of the install log and hotfix logs in this thread. Yes, I am ok with screen sharing, but at this time all the servers have been updated
quick hit on the update log revealed permission issues. Steps to Reproduce: Install CF2016 and follow the Lockdown guide completely (especially the part about the CFUser) Actual Result: The hotfix wasn't applied. Looks like it can't access/delete certain files. Expected Result: Hotfix
use the java present at /jre/bin for running the jar file. For details on manual installation, you can refer (the articles are for CF10, but work the same for CF11):
mean that we abandon this vehicle and go back to the manual installation and management of hotfixes. We would not like to drop this vehicle and go back to the mess of having individual hotfixes for each bug separately. But if the community seriously wants us to drop this feature, let us know.
Comment on CFPOP doesn't create the query given by name="" with updater 7 installed by Krishna R.
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by Jonathan T.
How to install ColdFusion updates manually
: -Dhttp.proxyHost=myproxyservername -Dhttp.proxyPort=myproxyport I can see the example hotfix titled "HotFix hf-10-00001 Fri, 17th Feb 2012," so this is an improvement over the Alpha release, but I still cannot "Download" or "Download and Install" it. I have verified that I have access to the file
5746462 CF-4204398 Nitin K. The original bug CF-4204071 is made external now. Marking this bug as duplicate. The fix will be merged in the next bug-fix hotfix release.  In case you need the patch urgently, you can reach out to support on . Nitin
5446523 CF-4204075 Nitin K. The original bug CF-4204071 is made external now. Marking this bug as duplicate. The fix will be merged in the next bug-fix hotfix release.  In case you need the patch urgently, you can reach out to support on . Nitin
----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3436476 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: scottchantry External Customer Email: External Test Config: My Hardware and Environment details: ColdFusion 9.0.1 (no hotfixes installed): Windows Server 2008R2
and service, run correctly. And I followed the steps to replicate the problem: 1. Install CF-11 (JVM latest version 1.8). 2. Last update (hotfix 10). 3. Click to coldfusion collections (the service is charged). 4. Click PDF service does not work I want to know if they have a case like mine, because I do
installed second time did you uninstall the previous failed installation? For CF10: Have you applied Mandatory update before applying hotfix20 ?
5075441 CF-4203461 Martin J. Thanks Phill, The same thing happened to us with a NULL issue and Adobe support shared a hot-fix via Dropbox. I have to say I am worried that they are sharing bug fixes to install on our production servers that they aren't then including in their official patches
: Take a working instance of ColdFusion 10u17 and apply hotfix 18. After installing the hotfix, rebuild or upgrade the connector: /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/runtime/bin/wsconfig -upgrade -v Or: /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/runtime/bin/wsconfig -uninstall /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/runtime/bin/wsconfig -ws
2780570 CF-4198273 Hot Fix Installer JOSEPH DEVORE hot fix installing in wrong directory Problem Description: If your ColdFusion install doesn't use the default CF root (C:\ColdFusion11) the updater will create this directory and extract the hotfix files to the wrong location. The updater starts
but not in the Installed updates 3. Updates logs files shows 1 Fatal error : Failed to copy hotfix files:/tmp/776840.tmp/dist/cfusion Status: FATAL ERROR Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR - Failed to copy the hotfix files to the target location:/Applications/ColdFusion2016