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2608742 CF-4013820 External U. +1 for plain text / JSON / something human-readable / human-editable.
2608742 CF-4013820 External U. Either human readable/pretified XML (good) OR human-readable/pretified JSON (better).
2613458 CF-3312089 External U. Deleting and re-creating a task can introduce other unintended human errors.
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at this point). If the setting could default to this it will reduce human error and make the process faster for the end user.
2610279 CF-3713323 External U. +1 ... Dramatically e-enable backward-compatible interfaces with fully tested materials. Interactively procrastinate orthogonal intellectual capital after revolutionary processes. Efficiently plagiarize one-to-one human capital without plug-and-play portals
recognition, and in general OOP modeling up front and you'll get better results without having to re-write everything they touch. HUMAN FACTORS - A PILOTS PERSPECTIVE I no longer discount how frail we are and on the other hand how much we can accomplish when we are energized and ready. Obtaining a pilots
Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán Editing JSON files with ColdFusion Builder Communication between applications or services have become more common in today’s applications, and one very popular open-standard file format is JSON (Java Script Object Notation). This is a human-readable data interchange
your operations across budget, program and project planning, human resources, supply chain, stock control, asset control, sales, work-order services and financials. Equipped with a powerful workflow definition framework, Prosis is capable of modelling business processes through a collection
application settings. I know you've already got those WDDX files for settings, but that's not really usable if yer a human. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4013820 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Adam
2610707 CF-3684150 External U. Blimey... please do not do that. Humans think in numbers, not "special Adobe notation". Just leave it as numbers. That and we've already got createTimespan() to convert from D,H,M,S values to the number this function would expect. You might want to think about a
is a contract, so one ought to accept it's gonna stick to the contract. This is different from data that comes into your app from a user-filled form or other human interaction. Yes, you ought to validate that obviously. But if you were asking humans to type in a ISO 8601 string, you should probably
to fill their Human Resources needs. Adobe isn't in the social networking business... but here we are discussing it on a social platform specific to our community.
to determine if a string is formatted in some sort of human-readable date format - simple integers clearly do not meet that test, and all other CF versions that I'm aware of appear to bear out my assumption about the intent.
:// and/or wiki syntax: This would allow us to build applications that would allow the users to enter data in a much more human-readable and easier to write/read format than html, but allow us to convert from these formats into html (and back again would be great
fire. That error message is a bit bad since it uses the internal struct key used to store the task which is not human readable at all. When the form reloaded, the end date was replaced with this value: "{ts '2018-04-13 00:00:00'}" This caused subsequent saves to fail with the validation message
months since I raised this), I just used an XML formatter to de-minify it so I could actually read it (rememebr the whole idea with XML is that both humans and machines can read it). It seems to me like whatever you do to read the values from it is a bit fragile, and can only cope with the file in a
the compressed JavaScript, making it more difficult for someone to human read the output. Sorry to severely borrow from their docs, but I've wanted this in ColdFusion for a few years now. I've built and used a few things, but having this functionality built in CF is something I want to see ASAP. Method
in this example the equivalent of a department in that last one? Or an employee? How many office cubes is an art going to have? WTF?" Also one can have a single piece of narrative at the beginning of the section explaining in human-language how the various components relate, and possibly a graphic
. It could be human nature. It could be a remnant of how the old bug system was replaced by the newer one. Only time would tell if doing that would be a “waste” of the time spent. And sharing the news of that experience, either way, would again be “something to do”, for those with the motivation.

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