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2673078 CF-4152769 Language : Functions Ian Clark Replace() fails if one of the strings is a number Duplicate ID: CF-4126411 Problem Description:I have a custom tag that creates a soundex value of a persons name. This tag has this code: stringtoconvert = ucase
3826791 CF-4200446 Text Search : Solr Ian Clark indexed file locations do not update when moved Problem Description:Client needed to relocate files from one location to another. Once the files were moved the collection was deleted in using the administration screen. Then it was recreated using
2609223 CF-3909694 Language Ian Clark The function gethttpRequestData() fails when form posted with encType="application/octet-stream" Problem Description:I have action script code compiled into a SWF file that breaks large files into chunks to send to the sderver. On the server I have code
2608689 CF-4022999 Document Management : Office Integration Ian Clark cfspreadsheet action ="update" causes a POI error Message Problem Description: We have a nightly scheduled job that provides information on fund accounts. There are two spreadsheets created in a single work book. The first has