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4410027 CF-4202679 Installation/Config : Lockdown Installer Typo in Lockdown Installer: intall Problem Description: install is spelled as intall It is recommended that latest ColdFusion update is installed. Do you want to intall the latest update? Steps to Reproduce: run lockdown installer
6289484 CF-4205362 Installation/Config: PMT Installer Allow External Elastic Search A nice feature of PMT would be to allow us to use our own Elastic Search instance. The benefits here would be to leverage existing infrastructure and also require less resources on the monitoring server.
2612943 CF-3364745 External U. The solution for this issue: Just to see if it would work I mapped a virtual directory named "jakarta" to CFUSION INSTALL\config\wsconfig\{instance id}
[ANeff] Bug for: installer config wizard spacing issue
2673679 CF-4118880 Installation/Config : Installer Aaron Foote [AF] - Installer - Incorrect RDS information The information in the installer about the effects of disabling RDS does not mention that this will also disable the Security Analyiser ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2671924 CF-4197995 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user [Tracking Bug] Update ANT Script for CF2016 Installers Problem: Update ANT Script for CF2016 Installers Method: Result: Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2608516 CF-4072573 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user OS details for win 10 machine in coldfusion admin page is not showing correctly Problem: Method: OS details for win 10 machine in coldfusion admin page is not showing correctly Result: Expected: Workaround
Tracker Issue EULA file
2613866 CF-3154979 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user EULA file Problem:The placed EULA file license.txt under installation directory should be changed to the new license.html file. Method: Result: Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2614290 CF-3119067 Installation/Config : Installer Aaron Neff installer spells "appliciations" Installer misspells applications as "appliciations". Please see attached image. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3119067 External
4483539 CF-4202961 Installation/Config : Installer Instraction of PMT is missing in CF2018 installation wizard (Japanese Ver.) There is no description of Japanese in PMT dialog (PMT_missing_instraction.png) In IE: Enter the hostname / DNS of the ColdFusion server. Ensure that the hostname / DNS
4828400 CF-4203335 Installation/Config : Installer Version 2018 Trial Version Problem Description: Installed Trial - Launched and got trial has expired - Mac OS Steps to Reproduce: Tried on Second Computer - same issue Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: Install Cold
4216429 CF-4202003 Installation/Config : Lockdown Installer Lockdown Installer should find port from server.xml When asking for the Internal Web Server Port the installer should be able to find this by looking in the server.xml file (because it has the instance name and CF path already
6259329 CF-4205250 James M. Tracker appears to be very casual and doesn't maintain a changelog to track changes in status. Here's the latest: 11/3/2019 08:00-ish Pacific - Component updated to 'Core Runtime' - Component updated from 'Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer' to an empty value
4191828 CF-4201953 Installation/Config : JEE Deployment Tomcat install of cfusion.war with security manager turned on Need to install ColdFusion 2016 JEE cfusion.war file with Apache/Tomcat security manager active ' start -security' requires setting permissions for the cfusion.war app
2613872 CF-3154247 Installation/Config : License Compilance ext-user EULA for .Net and Solr Installers Problem: New EULA should be put in for .Net and Solr independent installers. Method: Result: Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2612197 CF-3544018 Installation/Config Jill Crawford Ability to downgrade Trial or Developer to Standard Edition Add a Standard Edition trial or Developer download. Change the ability to downgrade the Trial or Developer to Standard Edition. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
3637578 CF-4200066 Installation/Config Support for systemd environments in addition to sysVinit which is the current default for RHEL distributions Problem: Support for systemd environments in addition to sysVinit which is the current default for RHEL distributions. This is for "start on system
4467862 CF-4202900 Installation/Config : Connector [ANeff] Bug for: wsconfig UI says "WebSites" Issue: wsconfig UI says "WebSites" Repro: - Launch wsconfig.exe - See all "WebSite/WebSites" should be "Website/Websites" (uppercase "S" should be lowercase "s") (see attached screenshot)
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: installer config wizard spacing issue by CFwatson U.
2556974 CF-4147893 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user The commons-collections jar gets deleted under "ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib" on uninstalling the hotfix. Problem: The commons-collections jar gets deleted under "ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib" on uninstalling the hotfix. Workaround: The jar
2608603 CF-4051460 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user Unable to install CF10 in mac 10.11 OS Problem: Unable to install CF10 in mac 10.11 OS Method: Result: Installation pop up displays "to install legacy Java SE 6 ". Expected: Installation should be done . Workaround: installs the legacy
2613635 CF-3197628 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user cfcompile.bat/ is not being shipped in CF10. It used to be in cfusion/bin during CF9 cfcompile.bat/ is not being shipped in CF10. It used to be in cfusion/bin during CF9 ----------------------------- Additional
2613715 CF-3177214 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user Truncated filenames in DVD On UNIX Platform, when the ColdFusion 10 DVD is mounted, the installer file and folder names might get truncated to eight characters and get converted to lower case. The workaround is to mount the DVD on a
2613740 CF-3171058 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user On Mac: Standalone SOLR installation fails with the default directory Problem: Install SOLR using ColdFusion Jetty installer and do not change the default path. This will fail and in the error logs a 'Permission denied' error for solr
2614173 CF-3127216 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user Missing Performance registry entry for Performance monitor Duplicate ID: CF-3124873 Problem: Performance regsitry entry missing for ColdFusion 10 Application server in control set Method: Perfmon failing Result: missing registry
2614486 CF-3101550 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer ext-user Instances to install hot fix is not properly aligned in the UI Problem: If we have more then 4 instances onto which we have to apply the hot fix. The UI is not showing all the instances its showing only 4 and remaining instances
4666074 CF-4203244 Installation/Config : Lockdown Installer Lockdown Installer does not report fatal errors as fatal Problem Description: If the lockdown is rolled back, then it should mark it as a fatal error rather than a non-fatal error. Currently it reports this: 71 Successes 0 Warnings 1 Non
2673561 CF-4126407 Installation/Config Dave Ferguson Durring install text is overlaping See attached image. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4126407 External Customer Info: External Company: Disney IT External Customer Name
2612947 CF-3364136 Installation/Config Sean McKee cf install on win server Internet Explorer enhanced security configuration (IE ESC) is turned on by default on windows server. You can not log in to the coldfusion administrator site without disabling IE ESC. There should be an option to disable
2614440 CF-3104705 Installation/Config ext-user [CF Installation] : The CF install was completed on MAC 10.7 with errors. They were non-fatal errors Problem: [CF Installation] : The CF install was completed on MAC 10.7 with errors. They were non-fatal errors and Admin page was loading properly
2597011 CF-3191756 Installation/Config Dominique Kimbell cfcompile is missing fin install of ColdFusion 9 Enterprise Problem Description: cfcompile is not available in the install we currently have. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds
2673536 CF-4126435 Installation/Config Dave Ferguson Layout issue with post install screen Duplicate ID: CF-4110429 Configuration and Settings Migration Wizard screen looks odd with the long product name pushing to the right into the paragraph title.
2673537 CF-4126434 Installation/Config Dave Ferguson Scheduled task names are garbled Post install migration the scheduled task names are all garbled. CF 2016 migration: AS in CF10 install:
2613710 CF-3179320 Installation/Config Aaron Neff IIS sites not alphabetical in installer Please see attached image. The list of IIS sites is not alphabetical in the installer. The logic should be: listSort(list, "textnocase") #3041651 sorted wsconfig.exe's list as listSort(list, "text
Tracker Issue Support for IIS 10
2608822 CF-3984812 Installation/Config : Connector Stephen Walker Support for IIS 10 Windows 10 with IIS 10 is currently in pre-release and will be live later this year. To prepare for IIS 10 we need to begin testing now. Please modify the installer and most importantly wsconfig so that we can
5645599 CF-4204267 Installation/Config,Installation/Config : Connector Reserved folder name "connector" Problem Description: Any folder named "connector" will not properly function in an IIS/ColdFusion 2018 configuration - CFC files do not work. Steps to Reproduce: Create a folder called
2673670 CF-4118947 Installation/Config Aaron Foote [AF] - CF ships with 2 versions of Jetty C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib\etc\jetty-6.0.0rc0.jar C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib\jetty-*.9.3.6.v20151106.jar Additionally the 6.x was a Release Candidate, not the final product
2608534 CF-4070239 Installation/Config : Connector Brian Salerno BUG# 3853535 NOT fixed in Update 5 as stated Problem Description: See #3853535 Steps to Reproduce:See #3853535 Actual Result:See #3853535 Expected Result:See #3853535 Any Workarounds:See #3853535
2609685 CF-3806036 Installation/Config : Scripts Adam Cameron Typo in error message for CFENCODE I am trying to work out how to get help for CFENCODE, so tried the obvious ones: CFENCODE /? CFENCODE -h And each gave me a pop-up containing the message: {quote} The encryption header was ommitted
2612951 CF-3361936 Installation/Config Jan Ruusuvuori CFSTAT server configuration options When enabled, cfstat server listens on *:7995 by default, allowing connections from remote hosts. It would be great if - cfstat server listened on a unix domain socket, or at least localhost:7995 by default
2613619 CF-3199281 Installation/Config : Connector Aaron Neff Built-in server is case-sensitive in ColdFusion 10 The built-in server is case-sensitive in ColdFusion 10. This is a Tomcat limitation. Creating this public ticket so that this issue can be mentioned in CF10's Release Notes
2601568 CF-3037821 Installation/Config : Config Nick Walters Bug 75884:License terms include extraneous special characters Problem: License terms include extraneous special characters. Would have cut and pasted but the textarea they're displayed in seems to be locked. Method: Result
2602049 CF-3037287 Installation/Config : JEE Deployment Adam Haskell Bug 75028:(Watson Migration Closure)Added support for a new classloader to createObject Problem: Added support for a new classloader to createObject. Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2614297 CF-3118481 Installation/Config Andy Matthews Installer tries to install as "start on config" when that's not selected Installing CF 10 for the first time. I uncheck the "start ColdFusion on system init" option and walk through the rest of the install. After the "Server Updates" dialog box
2673517 CF-4126456 Installation/Config : Installer Peter Freitag Uninstall does not remove cf_scripts folder from wwwroot Problem Description: When you run the uninstaller it forgets to remove the cf_scripts folder from the wwwroot, it removes the CFIDE however. Steps to Reproduce: Install
2673521 CF-4126453 Installation/Config : Installer Peter Freitag Jetty folder includes unused JRE 162mb Problem Description: Jetty folder has a jre folder which is the same as the {cf.root}/jre folder, and Jetty is configured to use the {cf.root}/jre folder not the subfolder. Steps to Reproduce
2673680 CF-4118878 Installation/Config : Installer Aaron Foote [AF] - Installer - 64 bit installer contains both 64 & 32 bit installers The 64bit windows installer contains both the 32bit & 64 bit versions of the API Manager Same for NodeJS Probably others. This is adding an extra few hundred
2673394 CF-4126650 Installation/Config : Installer Neil Pugh Uninstall deletes ColdFusion 11 services Problem Description: When I un-installed ColdFusion Raijin it removed the following services installed by ColdFusion 11. Steps to Reproduce: Install ColdFusion 11 then install ColdFusion Raijin
2673535 CF-4126437 Installation/Config : Installer Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: API Manager file name casing C:\ColdFusion2016\ApiManager_win64.exe should be C:\ColdFusion2016\APIManager_win64.exe Note: the "Api" should be "API" "API" should always be UPPERCASE. Please see: https
2673518 CF-4126455 Installation/Config : Installer Peter Freitag Enable/Disable Servlets Installer UI is confusing Problem Description: It is not readily clear if checking a box will enable or disable a servlet. Steps to Reproduce: Run installer and go to screen that says Enabling
2673534 CF-4126439 Installation/Config : Installer Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Readme issues C:\ColdFusion2016\Readme.htm issues has issues: 1) It discusses ColdFusion 11. It should discuss ColdFusion 2016. 2) "Register Today" link throws 404. (url: 3
2613489 CF-3306457 Installation/Config : Installer ext-user 32 –bit install on 64 bit machine: CFX_ CPP and other dlls should be 32-bit and not 64-bit Problem If ColdFusion is insalled as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit OS, then 32-bit DLLS's should be placed. Currently, 64-bit DLL's are placed
4056021 CF-4201447 Installation/Config : Installer Chad Adamson neo-websocket.xml is installed as a blank file Unable to initialise WebSocket service: coldfusion.server.ServiceException: [C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib\neo-websocket.xml]coldfusion.wddx.WddxDeserializationException: WDDX packet parse
4214811 CF-4201999 Installation/Config : Installer [ANeff] Bug for: CF2018 Lockdown Guide URLs Issue: CF2018 Installer's "Select ColdFusion Server Profile" screen mentions these outdated URLs: 1) 2)
4214503 CF-4201997 Installation/Config : Installer Configuration Wizard error in japanese installer When installing ColdFusion 2018 which selected "Japanese (Japanese)", setMigrateCFPrevFlag function error occurred in the configuration wizard. Steps to Reproduce: - Install ColdFusion 2018 (with
4213060 CF-4201996 Installation/Config : Installer [ANeff] Bug for: CF2018 Lockdown Guide URLs Issue: CF2018 Installer's "Select ColdFusion Server Profile" screen mentions these outdated URLs: 1) 2)
4213745 CF-4201995 Installation/Config : Installer [ANeff] Bug for: CF2018 Lockdown Guide URLs Issue: CF2018 Installer's "Select ColdFusion Server Profile" screen mentions these outdated URLs: 1) 2)
2612021 CF-3564451 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer ext-user Error applying update on a child instance, if main (cfusion) instance is not selected. Problem: Error Occurred while reading update information - Element PUBDATE is undefined in UPDATE. Method: 1. Install ColdFusion 10. 2. Create
2613059 CF-3348487 Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: Updaters should always create a .car file Updaters should _always_ create a .car file of all settings. As we've seen w/ Update 3 (all tasks deleted on CF start), it should've created a .car file so that people can
4216433 CF-4202004 Installation/Config : Lockdown Installer Lockdown Installer Should default Domain to Computer Name The lockdown installer requires you to enter the Domain on two different screens. If the server is not part of a domain (standalone server) you should not have to enter the domain
4214883 CF-4202002 Installation/Config : Lockdown Installer Passwords are written to lockdown_logs.txt Problem Description: When asked for the OS Administrator password it says "The password is not stored" but it ended up in the lockdown_logs.txt file. It also writes the CF Admin passwords
5551519 CF-4204130 Installation/Config : Lockdown Installer CF2018 Auto lockdown not able to complete, if Add-on, ODBC and .NET service services are not installed in Windows environment. Problem: CF Autolock down not able to complete if Add-on, ODBC services are not installed. Method: If we
2609883 CF-3752318 Installation/Config Adam Cameron Install summary doesn't list all options See It doesn't look like the summary screen (before install actually kicks off) has been updated to include the new secure
2610387 CF-3704135 Installation/Config Jochem van Dieten installer requires elevated privileges to generate a WAR Problem Description: It is not possible to generate an EAR or WAR file from the installer without elevated (Administrator) privileges. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start the installer. 2
2673549 CF-4126421 Installation/Config Shigeyoshi Muraoka Wrong Installer UI Text in "Select Server Profile" page (Japanese Ver.) Problem Description: A profile name in "Select Server Profile" page of Japanese installer is wrong. Actual translation: ??????????????? Expected translation
2673541 CF-4126429 Installation/Config Philipp Cielen [cielen] Installer: description for API Manager missing In the installation dialog the option API Manager is written in all caps (API MANAGER) and there is no description on what this is. Unlike the other options where the help text provides
2673547 CF-4126423 Installation/Config Peter Freitag Linux Installer does not allow you to specify builtin server port Problem Description: The windows installer allows you to specify a port number for the builtin web server, but the linux installer does not. Steps to Reproduce: Run installer
2673538 CF-4126433 Installation/Config Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: CF and API Manager installer and installation issues This ticket is for CF and API Manager installer and installation issues. Please see attached PDF containing screenshots and descriptions
2603703 CF-3035288 Installation/Config : Config Andy Allan Bug 72067:Server Configuration Install Problem: Server Configuration Install. When you make a change in he JVM page, ColdFusion is making the change first, and then taking a backup of the jvm.config file. The process should obviously be
2612295 CF-3529336 Installation/Config David Epler Default user in Windows The installer for Windows should allow for specifying the user that ColdFusion should run as and not rely on the administrator to come back and change it by following the lockdown guide. The Linux and Solaris installers have
2673540 CF-4126430 Installation/Config Philipp Cielen [cielen] Raijin does not install on OS X 10.11 Server I was not able to install Raijin on OS X 10.11.2 with the installed. I can provide further details on request but first wanted to ask if OS X server is supported by CF 2016
2673471 CF-4126516 Installation/Config Travis Walters Cosmetic/Branding Issue After Installation CF11 Instead of CF12 First time the main Coldfusion Administrator screen is accessed after installation, a screen displays that we are very familiar with. However, this still says Adobe Coldfusion 11
2602168 CF-3037154 Installation/Config : Config Stefan Salzbrunn Bug 74765:J2EE install - finishes with error Problem: J2EE install - finishes with error. The last screen of the installer reports to find install log at E:\JRun4\Adobe_ColdFusion_8_InstallLog.log - file does not exists - file
Tracker Issue Bug 77198:1
2600894 CF-3038542 Installation/Config : Config Ahamad Bug 77198:1 Problem: 1. The installer while installing, still says, "Welcome to ColdFusion 8". This should be changed to "ColdFusion Centaur"? 2. After installing in 30 days trial period, it says, "You have 79 days remaining in your trial
2598600 CF-3041149 Installation/Config : Config Stephen Rittler Bug 82434:At the end of installation, the message reads:"Congratulations Duplicate ID: CF-3040837 Problem: At the end of installation, the message reads:"Congratulations. The Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.1 has been successfully installed to
2614177 CF-3126940 Installation/Config : Connector Patrick Heppler Apache version Check on Linux box Problem Description: Installer checks for supported Apache version, but the minor versions supported are outdated Steps to Reproduce: Run installer on linux box with Apache 2.2.15 Actual Result
2613567 CF-3222860 Installation/Config Padster Reynolds RHEL 6* / CentOS 6* requires Problem Description: Installation of ColdFusion 10 requires to enable full functionality. Steps to Reproduce: Install w/o libstdc libs Actual Result: installs but fails login
2609747 CF-3785990 Installation/Config Mark Jackson Invalid CF Admin Password Duplicate ID: CF-3761527 Problem Description: Installed Coldfusion 11 this morning as a stand alone developer server. Runs through the entire installation process, but when it opens a browser to finalize the setup
2598030 CF-3041827 Installation/Config : Config Wim Dewijngaert Bug 83704:Every page returns a "Datasource service is not available" error after installing the 9 Problem: Every page returns a "Datasource service is not available" error after installing the 9.0.1 update. Had to re-install 9
2613455 CF-3312917 Installation/Config .5 .5 CF9 won't uninstall; CF10 is a nightmare to install Problem Description: CF9 won't install - I had to use a third-party uninstaller. Neither the Control Panel uninstall nor the CF uninstall does anything. Steps to Reproduce: Try it and see. Actual
2612179 CF-3550103 Installation/Config Adam Cameron Be able to specify the port for built-in web server during install G'day: Currently the installer takes a guess at which port to listen on for the inbuilt web server: it starts at 8500 and increments through ports that it finds in use. It
2603258 CF-3035827 Installation/Config : Config Kev McCabe Bug 72699:No warning that you have to be an admin user to install Problem: No warning that you have to be an admin user to install. Method: Result: When selecting /Applications/JRun4 a pop up comes up warning not able to write
2614107 CF-3131509 Installation/Config : JEE Deployment Andrew Scott CF 10 crashes in a non responsive way under tomcat Problem Description: When stopping ColdFusion on a tomcat install, it will stop. But you can't start ColdFusion as it sits there trying in an endless loop for over an hour
2612296 CF-3529334 Installation/Config David Epler Secure Profile should be opt-out Duplicate ID: CF-3590046 The ColdFusion 10 installer set Secure Profile to be an opt-in with it being shown as "Enable Secure Profile". This should be changed to make it an opt-out with "Disable Secure Profile
2613588 CF-3213501 Installation/Config : Connector Sean Ford Conflict with Microsoft Exchange and Handler Mappings Problem Description: CFM pages (administrator) does not run on same IIS site where Exchange OWA is installed. Steps to Reproduce: Install Web Connector on IIS 7.5 on "All", Actual
2673592 CF-4125413 Installation/Config Shigeyoshi Muraoka Wrong Japanese UI Text in wsconfig.jar Problem Description: Japanese UI Text newly added to wsconfig.jar of CF2016 are not properly translated. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Install ColdFusion 2016 Japanese (with language "???(Japanese)" selected
2613207 CF-3339175 Installation/Config Jan Ruusuvuori "coldfusion status" command fails silently on Linux Problem Description: On Linux, if sudo is configured with the "env_reset" option, the "coldfusion status" command fails immediately without giving any output. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Install
4222690 CF-4202033 Installation/Config .NET Integration and Add-on service Uninstaller are registered as ColdFusion 2016 (Japanese Ver.) Problem Description: When ColdFusion 2018 is installed with ???(Japanese) language selected, .NET Integration and Add-on service Uninstaller are registered
3479371 CF-4199631 Installation/Config : Connector e-domizil License Team All CFM requests logged as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll in IIS 10.0 Problem Description: If ColdFusion ist installed on Windows 2016 every request is logged as "/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll" and not with the real URL like
2601314 CF-3038095 Installation/Config : Config Neil Middleton Bug 76384:Simple test: Problem: Simple test: myFoo = new Foo(); system.dump(var=myFoo); fails with a NPE. BUT, if I remove system.dump and stick a tag CFDUMP just after the new Foo() it works as expected. After investigation
2673524 CF-4126450 Installation/Config Peter Freitag CFSecurityAnalyzerServlet is loaded in web.xml when SecureProfile is enabled Problem Description: The servlet definition for CFSecurityAnalyzerServlet is still loaded when secure profile is enabled (probably production profile as well
2610100 CF-3729575 Installation/Config : Connector ext-user ja_JP: Could not login to Administrator page if added connector for IIS Problem:Could not login to Administrator page if added connector for IIS Method: Install ColdFusion server with Server profile as Development profile Add IIS as web
2613536 CF-3287298 Installation/Config : Connector ext-user CGI.PATH_INFO value appears to always be empty in CF10 Duplicate ID: CF-3209090 Problem:CGI.PATH_INFO value appears to always be empty in CF10 Steps to repro: Install CF10 with IIS7.5 run the page below code See the CGI
4049280 CF-4201427 Installation/Config : JEE Deployment ZEKERIYA KORKMAZ The Monitoring service is not available. Problem Description: I am trying to deploy WAR into WL and everyting seems ok, however when I check application after deployment,
2610661 CF-3688253 Installation/Config Jim Priest On Ubuntu - the installer will not find the apache config file at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Problem Description: When trying to install ColdFusion on Ubuntu 13 the installer fails when trying to connect to Apache. The Apache config file on Ubuntu
3018695 CF-4198541 Installation/Config : Connector Yorke Hinds CF2016 ERROR – SEVERE: Error in getRealPathFromConn Problem Description: Just did a clean update from CF10 to CF2016 Enterprise and now getting errors – numerous errors when users try to download files – via CFContent and files located
2673467 CF-4126519 Installation/Config : Connector Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: wsconfig "All" to consider number of sites It would be helpful if wsconfig's "All" option considered number of sites when setting connection_pool_size and max_reuse_connections. Suggestion: Selecting "All" should set
2608426 CF-4097008 Installation/Config : Connector Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: CGI.HTTP_URL returns [empty string] on IIS when default doc omitted CGI.HTTP_URL returns [empty string] on IIS when default doc omitted Repro: 1) Dump #CGI.HTTP_URL# at URL http://localhost/index.cfm?foo=bar 2) Dump
2608524 CF-4071931 Installation/Config : Connector ext-user Same site is getting multiples times if we configure connector multiple times from command prompt in win 10 Problem: Method: Steps to reproduce : 1. From the command prompt --> go to runtime/bin folder . 2. Run the below command
2608829 CF-3982328 Installation/Config : Connector ext-user IIS not displaying content of OnMissingTemplate Description: When OnMissingTemplate is configued in ColdFusion Admin and when user try to access some non-existing page, OnMissingTemplate gets invoked and Tomcat returns that content