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Comment on ColdFusion documentation has a new home by Jürgen Wittsiepe
2609512 CF-3839458 Security Jürgen Wittsiepe User Login session not properly closed Problem Description:When a user logs (CFLOGIN) and the session expired the next login will fail. Although the user seems to be logged in it does not work. The next login will work again Steps to Reproduce: Actual
2609715 CF-3795400 File Management : CFZip Jürgen Wittsiepe does not work as expected. Problem Description: does not work as expected. The files are unzipped to the entry path and not to the root level. My code worked fine with Coldfusion 9, but not with Coldfusion 11. Steps to Reproduce
2672505 CF-4194557 Language : Functions Jürgen Wittsiepe left and right not working as expected Problem Description: When using the left (or right) function to truncate a string values greater as 26 do under some circumstances not work Steps to Reproduce: I had a database query giving longer
2609493 CF-3842815 AJAX : UI Components Jürgen Wittsiepe CFGRID with BIND - Bug reoccurred in version 11,0,02,291725 Duplicate ID: CF-3759630 Problem Description:The recently fixed bug with CFGRID including a BIND reoccurred after the newest update to version 11,0,02,291725. I am using CF since
4799358 CF-4203320 Nitin K. Hi Jürgen, Let's meet tomorrow then. I will send you a meeting invite (bluejeans) on your mail [|] to understand and see the the environment where this issue is occurring. Thanks, Nitin   
3510166 CF-4199730 Database : ODBC Jürgen Wittsiepe ODBC Datasource is not found - Missing entry in swandm.ini Problem Description: I configured a 64-bit ODBC datasource. When I try to add this to the Coldfusion datasources I receive the error: Connection verification failed for data source: test