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Comment on AWS S3 interaction - Extra metadata being return by StoreGetMetadata tag by JJ B.
Comment on AWS S3 interaction - File Append error with CFFILE tag and function by JJ B.
Comment on CFC Returning a string with an E and surrounded by numbers as a JSON numeric value (without quotes) by JJ B.
2615421 CF-3043393 Document Management : Office Integration jj blodgett Bug 86400:When a spreadsheet is read using cfspreadsheet, it will error when the first characters of a field is a pound sign (#) and then field has formatting of at least "Custom" or "Date" Problem: When a spreadsheet is read
Customer Name: jj blodgett External Customer Email: 02245D5E4471E38E992016B6 External Test Config: 02/07/2011
2596979 CF-3226380 File Management : VFS-S3 JJ BLODGETT StoreGetMetadata - Amazon S3 Metadata Caching Problem / Requires Restart (CF 9.0.1 and CF10) Problem Description: It appears that ColdFusion is caching Amazon S3 Metadata on the Server / Instance. Once you retrieve an object's Metadata on a
is thrown. But the exception doesn't contain the line and column number of the error. Result: coldfusion.compiler.ParseException: Invalid CFML construct found on line '' at c olumn ''. at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.generateParseException( at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.jj
Array.isEmpty() ? [] : someArray; Actual Result: Invalid CFML construct found Relevant stack trace: at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.generateParseException( at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.jj_consume_token( at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.OrderedStructInitializer(
.compiler.cfml40.generateParseException( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.jj_consume_token( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.parameterDefinition( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.functionDefinition( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.cfscriptStatement(
in the documentation: it appears never to have been implemented.It would be very useful for there to be a way to add custom meta data to function arguments like you can
CFML construct found on line 1 at column coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.generateParseException( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.jj_consume_token( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.NotExpression( coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.AndExpression(