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2672875 CF-4159661 Wishlist Jack Drysdale Jr EDIT SOLR COLLECTIONS Problem Description: CF11 and previous cannot actually edit a Solr collection. If you click on the collection, you have to remember what the collection is supposed to be indexing, re-enter that information with any changes desired
2608326 CF-4126114 Database Jack Drysdale Jr CFDBINFO type="columns" claims table does not exist in an Oracle 11g db if table name has an underscore in it Problem Description: CFDBINFO type="columns" claims table does not exist in an Oracle 11g db if table name has an underscore in it Steps
Tracker Issue modulus in QoQ
3612573 CF-4200041 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Jack Drysdale Jr modulus in QoQ I know that QoQ doesn't have all of the functionality of most standard queries, but it would be nice if QoQ could support modulus. For example, imagine I queried a database and named it myQry: SELECT columnA, column
2825017 CF-4198309 Language : Functions Jack Drysdale Jr CFSCRIPT QoQ issue (when querying object created via 'queryNew') Problem Description: Query object created in CFSCRIPT with queryNew() cannot be queried inside CFSCRIPT. You can QoQ _after_ the closing tag, but not inside the CFSCRIPT
4081263 CF-4201528 Language : DateTime Functions Jack Drysdale Jr CreateDateTime() has an aversion to using '11' for the day part Problem Description: CreateDateTime() does not like me using '11' for the day part. Steps to Reproduce: #aDate# #bDate# #cDate# Actual Result: {ts'2018-03-10 02
4081253 CF-4201527 Language : DateTime Functions Jack Drysdale Jr Can't add 2 hours to a date object created with CreatDate() Problem Description: I cannot add two hours to a date object created with CreateDate(y,m,d). I can add one hour, I can add three hours, I can add four hours, but two hours
4121382 CF-4201687 Document Management : Office Integration Jack Drysdale Jr Give spreadsheetread() ability to read from file object Currently, spreadsheetRead() / cfspreadsheetread can only read an Excel file saved to disk. I would like spreadsheetRead() and cfspreadsheetread to have the ability
2596850 CF-3562775 Text Search Jack Drysdale Jr POSSIBLE Java 7 issue regarding CFCOLLECTION in CF9.0.1 Standard & Enterprise Problem Description: CFCOLLECTION action="create" error, possibly related to Java 7 (we don't have any Java 6 systems to test; error started around the time we "upgraded
2596879 CF-3517341 Text Search Jack Drysdale Jr Solr PDF collection - not all documents matching keyword search are displayed in results Problem Description: Solr collection not returing all documents (PDFs) that contain keyword. Steps to Reproduce: Index a solr collection with PDFs (each PDF
2612836 CF-3389023 Administrator Jack Drysdale Jr Ability to truly EDIT a collection (Verity or Solr) Duplicate ID: CF-3502465 When a collection is created, either by CFAdmin or by CFCOLLECTION, it cannot be truly edited. Clicking on the collection name will allow you to index or re
2596980 CF-3225111 Text Search : Solr Jack Drysdale Jr Solr: CFSEARCH errors if TYPE attribute is used In a SOLR collection, using the TYPE attribute in CFSEARCH tag produces error "error executing query:unknown_handler_{type}" (ie, if type="explicit", result is "unknown_handler_explicit", etc
2609716 CF-3795112 Language : Java Integration Jack Drysdale Jr CF9/CF10 - Java Updates 7.51+ break Solr collections Problem Description: In both CF9 and CF10, if JDK 7.51 or later is installed, Solr collections will have SocketPermission issues. Steps to Reproduce: If JDK 7.51 or later