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2682214 CFB-4152930 Dattanand M. Hi Jake Munson, I tried this on Win 7, 8 builder 3.1.1 standalone. I am unable to repro this issue. Thanks, Dattanand Bhat
2682214 CFB-4152930 General - IDE Jake Munson Saving file opened from file system creates duplicate editor Problem Description: While editing a file opened from the local file system (not from a Project), each time you save the file a duplicate editor is created for the file. Steps to Reproduce
2827197 CF-4198314 Functions Jake Munson Implicitly declare array fails when var scoped Problem Description: CF Update 11 for ColdFusion 11 has a bug with implicit array declaration inside cffunction. If you var scope a variable that is implicitly declared, CF throws an error. Steps to Reproduce
2609033 CF-3944176 Language Jake Munson isValid() email does not accept unicode characters Problem Description: If you try to validate email addresses using the isValid() ColdFusion function, and you pass in a valid address using unicode characters, isValid returns false. Steps to Reproduce: Run
2609509 CF-3840297 Net Protocols : POP Jake Munson CFPop truncates attachment file names when the file name is large Problem Description: When a user sends an email message that contains an attachment with a large file name, cfpop truncates the file name. You lose the file extension in the process