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Comment on ArrayResize doesn't support unsynchronized arrays by James P.
2673640 CF-4120075 S P. Hi James, This is ESAPI powered function.
Comment on Subclass cfc loses property type info from parent during SerializeJSON() by James P.
2673644 CF-4120000 S P. Hi James, Yes, the behavior of 'EncodeFor' arguement in the writeOutput() function is similar to the 'EncodeFor' functions.
4251078 CF-4202139 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, Adding more comments from ----------- James Mohler: I thought that ArrayNew[dataType](params) is just a strange way of doing things. I can’t think of any other BIF that has this syntax ----------- ----------- Kama Sama I
2609254 CF-3864180 Logging James Moberg Log4J patterns doesn't use text qualifiers for empty application names Problem Description: The Log4J pattern doesn't use text qualifiers when logging an entry without an application name. This has caused an issue for me when ColdFusion log files are parsed