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Comment on Implicitly declare array fails when var scoped by James S.
Comment on Implicitly declare array fails when var scoped by James S.
Comment on When creating new datasource for MSSQL via adminapi.datasource.setMSSQL then the 'drop' attribute is ignored by James S.
Comment on CF should track the state of last execution of tasks in a file separate from neo-cron.xml, to prevent loss of all tasks on its corruption by James S.
2613457 CF-3312096 Nimit S. Hi James, This fix was included with CF11 release build itself. Are you able to repro this issue with CF11? If yes, please share the build number. But this fix is not available with CF10 as of now.
Comment on Oracle’s Java policy change by James Mohler
3151573 CF-4198816 Nimit S. James, Can you please share the ColdFusion settings summary with me? Email:
2673668 CF-4118951 Suchika S. Hi James, We dont support StructNew('sorted') . We only support struct that mantain insertion order . Syntax for Ordered Struct: StructNew('ordered') The exception message needs to be changed to Valid struct type values are: Ordered. This is a bug . Thanks
3151573 CF-4198816 Nimit S. Thanks James for sharing the feedback. Please try steps mentioned below: 1. Delete *.class files located inside //wwwroot/WEB-INF/cfclasses. 2. Restart ColdFusion service.
4932835 CF-4203364 Suchika S. Hi James , We are currently testing the fix for this bug. The fix will be out in the next update of ColdFusion 2018. If you need the fix urgently , please contact [|]   Thanks, Suchika
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. James,  Are you getting any error while starting the CF server? Can you please share the settings summary and coldfusion-out.log/coldfusion-error.log to investigate it further? -Nimit
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. James, Can you please confirm if it is still an issue or not?   Dave, Can you please share the exception stack trace and sample code that you are trying? I will try the same code at my end.   -Nimit
3270775 CF-4198980 Nimit S. James/Aaron, This is a duplicate of bug #CF-4198816. Please check and let me know so that I can close this bug as a duplicate. I am tracking this issue as part of bug #CF-4198816.
6950409 CF-4207622 Suchika S. Hi James , Closure in Tags was a feature which was introduced in ColdFusion 2018 , hence all other versions prior to 2018 do not support the syntax as mentioned in the code sample. Thus , closing the bug. Regards, Suchika
2608727 CF-4015253 James M. It's been 4 years. Has this been reviewed? As a result of RAM + CFContent short-comings, we've had to duplicate files w/random names (and clean up files using a schedule) and/or upload files to Amazon S3 in the background to a bucket configured to delete files after
3270775 CF-4198980 Nimit S. Thanks James for replying. "To Test" means it has been fixed and it is in a testing phase. So, I am closing this bug. I will update the original bug whenever the patch is available.
James Moberg When I was using ColdFusion 6, 7, 8 & 9, I couldn’t get the date format to work using CFSpreadsheet either.  I don’t know if anything’s been updated since then (it would be interesting to compare code & generated Excel files), but we’ve been using the following workarounds since
6551050 CF-4206264 James M. ALTERNATIVE: If you are copying/syncing static resources to S3, you may want to consider using CFExecute with S3Express (portable CLI/command line). I've found it to be a better alternative, supports multiple threads (faster), gets updated
3151573 CF-4198816 Nimit S. James/Aaron, Here's the link to the early access patch: MD5 checksum: 97cdae9fe74f3670e74c1e477b8c5a9c Steps to apply this patch: 1. Stop the ColdFusion service. 2. Navigate to //lib
2962266 CF-4198446 James M. I found this video that explains it more... it may not be entirely related to ColdFusion. "This came to light on a production server where if the end user leaves their browser open can cause 100's of hit's per second recorded
5485928 CF-4204100 Suchika S. {color:#333333}Hi James,{color} {color:#333333}'>{color} {color:#333333}{color}   Above code snippet prints YES in CF 2016 and 2018.    {color:#333333}'>{color} {color:#333333}{color}   {color:#333333}Above code prints NO which means the email part within
Comment on How to get CF to know a user’s real IP address, when behind a proxy, load balancer, caching solution, etc. by James Moberg
James Mohler I was there but I must have been in a different part of the war. I was leading a team of 4 developers (5 total). It was a job for two people, but we had to have five. Why? Netscape 4's CSS implementation was so bad, we couldn't use it. We were littering our pages with font tags
Comment on How to get CF to know a user’s real IP address, when behind a proxy, load balancer, caching solution, etc. by James Moberg
Comment on Regular expressions – practical examples to get you started by James Moberg
James Mohler Make form processing simpler with Brian Kotek’s FormUtils Have you ever had to work with HTML tables filled with rows and columns of data? If you have, you know that picking out all the data out of the form scope can be difficult. As a ColdFusion developer, I wish forms could submit
Comment on Regular expressions – practical examples to get you started by James Moberg
Comment on ArrayFilter only works when used in CFScript. by James M.
Comment on isValid("email") shouldn't ignore a "display name" by James M.
2673667 CF-4118956 Documentation James Mohler Missing # on New feature list Problem Description: In the documentation, the following is shown on ~~~~~~ employee?.getDesignation or employee
: not so much." James Mohler: "When I have something locked down, I want it to stay locked down." Sean Corfield and I agree w/ the above and proposed: s1 = {simple="simple"} final s2 = {simple="simple", complex=s1} s2.simple = "changed"//this should fail s2.complex.simple = "changed
James Mohler Taffy for REST: Part 2 Connecting to DB This video picks up where the last one ended.   Let’s do a quick recap of what have done done so far.   We have the Commandbox’s box.json and server.json ready. We have done and install of the Github repositories We need. I can see   Taffy
PiyushN James, good to know that the update installed. About CF hogging the CPU cycles, did you notice anything in the CF logs? If not, you can try capturing thread dumps of the CF process, the next time that happens. About the 404s from the YUI lib., that should be harmless... and expected as we
Charlie Arehart James, there are many, many Adobe products not listed on their front pages or main navigational menus. They do clearly focus on promoting the products in the creative/design space. If something doesn’t fit that, it doesn’t get that front page promotion. It is what it is. Neither we
Comment on How to get CF to know a user’s real IP address, when behind a proxy, load balancer, caching solution, etc. by Charlie Arehart
2596682 CF-3954042 Caching James Moberg cacheGetMetadata() Null Error attempting to access key with large query Problem Description: Large queries that are cached via cachePut() can't be accessed using cacheGetMetadata(). An error message that simply states "null null The error occurred on line -1
5485928 CF-4204100 Aaron N. Hi James and Justin, Sorry for getting into RFCs. My main point is (IMO): CF's already-existing tag for sending email () and CF's already-existing function for validating email addresses (isValid("email")) must validate email addresses consistently, b
/5/2014 A quick way to test if a string is a URL @param stringToCheck The string to check. @return Returns a boolean. @author Nathan Dintenfass ( @version 1, November 22, 2001 @version 2, August 8, 2010 James Moberg (based on http