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2612951 CF-3361936 Installation/Config Jan Ruusuvuori CFSTAT server configuration options When enabled, cfstat server listens on *:7995 by default, allowing connections from remote hosts. It would be great if - cfstat server listened on a unix domain socket, or at least localhost:7995 by default
2612807 CF-3427668 General Server Jan Ruusuvuori cfinfo reports wrong version number Problem Description: The cfinfo utility does not report the ColdFusion version number accurately. Steps to Reproduce: run "cfinfo -info" Actual Result: ColdFusion Server 10,0,0,28246 Expected Result: Cold
2613207 CF-3339175 Installation/Config Jan Ruusuvuori "coldfusion status" command fails silently on Linux Problem Description: On Linux, if sudo is configured with the "env_reset" option, the "coldfusion status" command fails immediately without giving any output. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Install
2612318 CF-3525473 Net Protocols : MAIL Jan Ruusuvuori Mail spooler jam due to SpoolLockTimeoutException Problem Description: ColdFusion's mail spooler jams, and fails to spool any mail until server is restarted. Steps to Reproduce: Occurs intermittently, excact steps to reproduce the error
2612596 CF-3494405 Web Container (Tomcat) Jan Ruusuvuori Separate JVM config for "coldfusion status|stop" The server management script bin/coldfusion should apply a separate, lightweight JVM configuration when running the operations "status" and "stop". Applying the actual server process JVM
2612952 CF-3361929 Installation/Config Jan Ruusuvuori CFSTAT server port conflict in multiserver configuration Duplicate ID: CF-3306641 Problem Description: All ColdFusion 10 standalone server instances running on a machine are configured to use the same CFSTAT server port (7995) by default