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2608114 CF-4189738 AJAX Jay Kirk Session information in AJAX call Problem Description: We have users who do not allow cookies. When we make an ajax call, their session is not maintained. Steps to Reproduce: Disable cookies in your browser. Create a coldfusion session. Make an AJAX request
2608149 CF-4181270 Web Socket Jay Kirk Websocket Proxy in infinite loop Problem Description: Websockets locking up thread stuck in infinite loop. What we're seeing is it's receiving a poorly formatted message, and then gets stuck in infinite loop. Steps to Reproduce: We're seeing this in our
3007007 CF-4198513 Caching Jay Kirk Query Caching with cachedwithin = 0 Problem Description: I just recently switched my developer environment to ColdFusion 2016. We were previously running ColdFusion 11. We cache queries using the query tag cachedwithin. When we update the database, and rerun