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Comment on How to Make Adobe ColdFusion Desirable Again by Jerry Borsh
Comment on How to Make Adobe ColdFusion Desirable Again by Jerry Borsh
2609026 CF-3944862 External U. Don't be embarrassed mate: everyone makes mistakes! PHP is a fairly jerry-built sort of language, so not surprised it doesn't get things right all the time.
2609626 CF-3818776 External U. "The flag is used at to preserve the original case and this happens at code generation and compilation time" Wow. Really? That sounds a bit jerry-built, dunnit?
2611763 CF-3594414 Suchika S. Hey Jerry, If the above code throws an exception , then the res(result="res") is not created. Do you want res structure to be created for the successfull uploads while uploading multiple files even when one of them does not match the given mime types? I am attaching
2602309 CF-3036998 File Management : VFS-S3 jerry hamby Bug 74107:(Watson Migration Closure)cfdirectory needs to return a nested object when using recurse="Yes" Problem: cfdirectory needs to return a nested object when using recurse="Yes". It states in the cfdirectory docs that action
Michaela Light Jerry Thanks for the great ideas on promoting CF better! You would be very welcome in the CF Alive Inner Circle group where we discuss and act on these kind of ideas Absolutely! I have been talking to C level folks about CF. I
2611763 CF-3594414 File Management Jerry Bucci cffile uploadALL result bug Problem Description: The Result attribute returns a Structure instead of an Array of Structures when an exception is thrown after processing 1 or more files successfully. The structure returned contains the results
2612805 CF-3427961 Scheduler Jerry Cintas Changing Task Name causes CTASK error and tasks deletes itself Problem Description: If using a password on an existing task and you change the Task Name or Group Name, a CTASK error is produced and the task is deleted. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Create new
callback was also passed the index. I think that a very high percentage of the time, one would want to know which element one is looking at, as well as the element value. It's a bit "jerry-built" to have to roll one's own. a = ["Tahi
requiring the owner of the website to hack their code to accommodate HotBox (and any other plug-in module they might use). One very jerry-built way it might work is have the site's serialise extend HotBox's one, I suppose... but it still requires hacking about to then have the site's methods also call
currently use a jerry-rigged combination of application names and uniformly named session vars to store status/progress information in a task, and Java calls in a display app to retrieve and report it all - being able to use a cleaner approach (even if I still need to write the app that displays the data
of the routing), and it doesn't need to know about serialising. And also it's not the main mechanism to do the deserialisation, it's just the fall back if the prescribed approach hasn't been used. TBH, this still sounds a bit jerry-built, and I'm open for better suggestions. This is probably a well-trod subject