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Comment on Spreadsheet Data Formatting Not Working by Jim Priest
Comment on SpreadsheetAddRow fails if string starts or ends with comma by Jim P.
Comment on Interface checks are now runtime and not at CFC creation, breaking TestBox by Jim P.
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Comment on Is there a way to turn off enterprise features off on developer edition? by Jim Priest
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Sure Jim, the logs would be really helpful to debug the issue. Thanks!
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 1, ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 7, and ColdFusion 11 Update 15 Released by Jim Priest
Comment on Bug 83748:It seems that the ORM event handler now fires the preUpdate method twice when updating a persistent entity by Jim P.
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 2, ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 8, and ColdFusion 11 Update 16 released by Jim Priest
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hi Jim, Does this happen to you on CF10/11 lockdown guide setup as well? Thanks!
Charlie Arehart Grr. That was of course supposed to be a reply to Jim's comment below. It's just too easy (especially on mobile, it seems) to make that mistake, and it can't be corrected.
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hey Jim, Closing this bug for now as there has been no response with the same. But do let us know in case as discussed you were able to replicate the issue, we would be re-opening the issue. Thanks!
Charlie Arehart That's another great point, Jim. Has anyone in this thread yet opened a feature request for this? That's often key to getting something seriously considered. Chris, you should if it turns out  no one has (at
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hi Jim, We have been trying to repro this issue, but have not been able to encounter it yet. Will be trying it with new settings/environment again. Else is it possible that we can have a session where we can have a look at the issue in your machine, so that we can debug it
2608775 CF-4006270 Nimit S. Jim, Can you please share the table structure so that I can try replicating this issue? I am not getting the exact same error. Please share the exception stacktrace which will help us in further narrowing down this issue.
2613240 CF-3337394 External U. @Jim-sama, I understand you are working with structs. I've just created another ticket to resolve this when dealing with queries. #CF-3337487 Not sure if that'd help you or not. Just mentioning it as FYI. Thanks!, -Aaron
5728939 CF-4204325 Nimit S. Hi Jim, I have made this bug -CF-3041853- public. It should be accessible now. It is working fine with a single data source. I am also unable to repro it with multiple data source. Can you give us a repro case with multiple data source to investigate it further
Tracker Issue CF2016 sandobx bug?
2672512 CF-4193907 Security Jim Frankowski CF2016 sandobx bug? Problem Description: working thru 2016 lockdown guide. Sent to work with sandbox security. Allowed some tags/functions/ others disallowed; folder with cfm files has read/execute permissions restart coldfusion, IIS-public mapped site
2608228 CF-4160098 Installation/Config Jim Pickering Official Adobe ColdFusion Docker Images Adobe is behind when it comes to officially supporting Docker, so clearly Adobe needs to be a part of this movement. Atlassian just released BitBucket Pipelines to help developers run builds and deploy code
2608775 CF-4006270 Database Jim Ward The CF10 script query object adds spaces in quotes Problem Description: When there are several quotes in a row (for escaping purposes) such as ''', 3 single quotes, the CF10 style query object adds a space, breaking the query. In CF 11 you can use query
2610661 CF-3688253 Installation/Config Jim Priest On Ubuntu - the installer will not find the apache config file at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Problem Description: When trying to install ColdFusion on Ubuntu 13 the installer fails when trying to connect to Apache. The Apache config file on Ubuntu
2597242 CF-3084795 Document Management : PDF manipulation Jim Priest Bug 87142:-(Watson Migration Closure)If you combine PDF files in a package with CFPDF you get different behavior in Acrobat than if you combine the files within Acrobat itself Problem: If you combine PDF files in a package
2597694 CF-3042922 ORM Support Jim Priest Bug 85280:I ran into a weird issue today - working in MG and had an event Iwanted to fire and set some file info Problem: I ran into a weird issue today - working in MG and had an event Iwanted to fire and set some file info.So when I ran this - my cfdump
Charlie Arehart Cool Jim. I see it adds a memoize function, which may be what you were focused on for this comment. Otherwise, we should note that that library (adding lots of functional programming features to CFML) is from the CF10 timeframe, before CF added more and more such functional
2682712 CFB-3740336 Editor Features itisdesign [ANeff] ER for: CTRL+/ to place // at cursor when no text pre-selected Jim Pickering's idea. Posting on his behalf. When text is pre-selected, then existing ctrl+/ behavior is helpful. However.. When -no- text is selected, then ctrl+/ should: 1
3859167 CF-4200574 Language Jim Priest SpreadsheetAddRow fails if string starts or ends with comma Problem Description: When adding a row with SpreadsheetAddRow if the string starts or ends with a comma CF will throw String index out of range error Steps to Reproduce: See attached files for code
Charlie Arehart Sure, Jim. Again, the title was what to check first. :-) I find too many people run to slack or the portal or  the bug tracker to claim "bug, bug" when it turns out it was indeed just an error in the applying of the update. But I could have added a PS saying, "what if you have
in the toolbox.

Hi Jim, I’ve looked at underscore.cfc before but hadn’t previously noticed that it already has a memoize function in it. That one is more sophisticated as you can pass in the hashFunction as well so if anyone wants to try out this kind of thing in real-world code, then they should

2609718 CF-3793678 AJAX Jim Ward cfmenu no longer works when nested in cflayout type="border" Problem Description:If you include cfmenu within a cflayoutarea you receive a javascript error and nothing is rendered. Steps to Reproduce: Use the following code snippet to reproduce
2615152 CF-3044030 General Server Jim Priest Bug 87105:Discussed this with Josh / Rakshith a bit at NCDevCon Problem: Discussed this with Josh / Rakshith a bit at NCDevCon . Include a link to the bug tracker within the CFAdmin, within CFBuilder and it would be nice to have a link
2609190 CF-3914309 AJAX : UI Components Jim Ward body div created for cfwindow has "-body" instead of "_body" so _body.innerHTML does not work. Problem Description: The body div created for cfwindow has an id of "-body" (dash) instead of underscore "_body" so the _body.innerHTML does not work
2609191 CF-3914301 AJAX Jim Ward The code obj.value.length in _CF_hasValue function in cfform.js fails in IE 9 (maybe 10) on a textarea Problem Description: When using form validation on a textarea in IE9 it fails on the function _CF_hasValue on the line of code that says "if(obj.value.length==0
2609720 CF-3793029 AJAX Jim Ward ajaxonload executes before grid object is available Duplicate ID: CF-3697683 Problem Description: When trying to use any ColdFusion.grid related function in a function that is called by ajaxOnLoad, the grid object is not available. This worked in Coldfusion 10
2612320 CF-3525182 AJAX JIM STAHLIN CFGRID HTML version issue Problem Description: Data does not submit correctly Steps to Reproduce: Using the following grid: Select 'a', 0 union Select 'b', 0 union Select 'c', 0 union Select
2596905 CF-3473880 AJAX Jim Carroll Inconsistant Array Data From CFGRID Duplicate ID: CF-3518082 Problem Description: Data updates made via CFGIRD passed inconsistently to the update action code causing data corruption. Steps to Reproduce: Update multiple CFGRID rows and then submit updates
Charlie Arehart Jim, I'd bet that's because of a configuration problem with CF. See if you or someone changed the "settings" page value for "default script src".  If so, the problem is that the built-in web server you're using for CF does not know about that change. You could change it back (to
2609612 CF-3821299 Document Management Jim Johnson Proxy Attributes on CFDocument Tag are ignored... Problem Description: When I supply the proxyHost and proxyPort attributes on my cfdocument tag and convert HTML to PDF, the proxy server I specify is NOT used to look up any resources such as (but
2610154 CF-3724983 General Server Jim Briggs java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String Problem Description: java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String occurs in cftextarea and cfselect when setting a value using cfset and adding +1 to it. This has also been tested in CF9
External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Jim-sama External Customer Email: External Test Config: My Hardware and Environment details: ColdFusion 10, Window 2008 x64
Tracker Issue Bar Chart Node Issue
gets stuck in the corner. Can you please give me an idea on what type of a timeframe we would be looking at for a resolution? Please don’t hesitate to contact me if more information is needed. Thanks, Jim Romano
Charlie Arehart

Thanks, Jim (and to others “liking” it so far).

That said, I see now a slight mistake in my logic, in my first iteration of this post. I could/should have noted that my proposal to have a search feature “for all comments and replies to a given post” would indeed be obviated

2612598 CF-3494006 Database Jim Yang Calling Oracle Package: [Macromedia][Oracle JDBC Driver]User defined type not found: SYS.DBMS_UTILITY Problem Description: Error occurs when calling Oracle Package from CF10. Error does not occur when calling Oracle Package from CF9. CF script and Oracle