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Comment on SpreadsheetAddRow fails if string starts or ends with comma by Jim P.
Comment on Interface checks are now runtime and not at CFC creation, breaking TestBox by Jim P.
Comment on Whitespace management not available on J2ee installations by Jim P.
Comment on Support "arrow functions" syntax for closures by Jim P.
Comment on Bug 83748:It seems that the ORM event handler now fires the preUpdate method twice when updating a persistent entity by Jim P.
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Sure Jim, the logs would be really helpful to debug the issue. Thanks!
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hi Jim, Does this happen to you on CF10/11 lockdown guide setup as well? Thanks!
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hey Jim, Closing this bug for now as there has been no response with the same. But do let us know in case as discussed you were able to replicate the issue, we would be re-opening the issue. Thanks!
2672512 CF-4193907 S P. Hi Jim, We have been trying to repro this issue, but have not been able to encounter it yet. Will be trying it with new settings/environment again. Else is it possible that we can have a session where we can have a look at the issue in your machine, so that we can debug it
in the toolbox.p>>Hi Jim, I’ve looked at underscore.cfc before but hadn’t previously noticed that it already has a memoize function in it. That one is more sophisticated as you can pass in the hashFunction as well so if anyone wants to try out this kind of thing in real-world code, then they should
Charlie Arehart <p>Jim, I can’t tell if you’ve seen it but there is a page documenting those env vats, as well as showing use of the images, and including compose file showing various integrations. It’s at
Charlie Arehart <p>Thanks, Jim (and to others “liking” it so far).p>>That said, I see now a slight mistake in my logic, in my first iteration of this post. I could/should have noted that my proposal to have a search feature “for all comments and replies to a given post” would indeed be obviated
companies than ones that host CF, that really doesn’t diminish the value of those that are there, and how anyone can run a CF site for a pretty low cost.p>>But yes, yes. There will always be (as Jim notes there has long been) this ongoing debate about CF, its price, its marketing, its reach