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Jim Pickering Ctrl+R gives you quick access to your methods in a CFC, but I use the Keyboard Extension for Sublime Text 3 in VS Code. So Ctrl+R for VS Code by default might do something different.
2609718 CF-3793678 AJAX Jim Ward cfmenu no longer works when nested in cflayout type="border" Problem Description:If you include cfmenu within a cflayoutarea you receive a javascript error and nothing is rendered. Steps to Reproduce: Use the following code snippet to reproduce
2609190 CF-3914309 AJAX : UI Components Jim Ward body div created for cfwindow has "-body" instead of "_body" so _body.innerHTML does not work. Problem Description: The body div created for cfwindow has an id of "-body" (dash) instead of underscore "_body" so the _body.innerHTML does not work
2609191 CF-3914301 AJAX Jim Ward The code obj.value.length in _CF_hasValue function in cfform.js fails in IE 9 (maybe 10) on a textarea Problem Description: When using form validation on a textarea in IE9 it fails on the function _CF_hasValue on the line of code that says "if(obj.value.length==0
2609720 CF-3793029 AJAX Jim Ward ajaxonload executes before grid object is available Duplicate ID: CF-3697683 Problem Description: When trying to use any ColdFusion.grid related function in a function that is called by ajaxOnLoad, the grid object is not available. This worked in Coldfusion 10
2609612 CF-3821299 Document Management Jim Johnson Proxy Attributes on CFDocument Tag are ignored... Problem Description: When I supply the proxyHost and proxyPort attributes on my cfdocument tag and convert HTML to PDF, the proxy server I specify is NOT used to look up any resources such as (but
2610154 CF-3724983 General Server Jim Briggs java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String Problem Description: java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String occurs in cftextarea and cfselect when setting a value using cfset and adding +1 to it. This has also been tested in CF9
2612598 CF-3494006 Database Jim Yang Calling Oracle Package: [Macromedia][Oracle JDBC Driver]User defined type not found: SYS.DBMS_UTILITY Problem Description: Error occurs when calling Oracle Package from CF10. Error does not occur when calling Oracle Package from CF9. CF script and Oracle