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2671773 CF-4198099 Core Runtime Joel Grimes form.fieldnames list loses fields with name ending in "_date" Problem Description: form.fieldnames list does not contain any field that was named with _date at the end of the name Steps to Reproduce: date: Name: Actual Result: NAME
2673304 CF-4130691 Database Joel Grimes Dcoldfusion.ignoredbvarname flag no longer works Problem Description: jvm switch -Dcoldfusion.ignoredbvarname which gave the option to ignore dbvarname attributes, no longer works. Steps to Reproduce: Add -Dcoldfusion.ignoredbvarname=true to JVM Arguments
2673312 CF-4127481 Language : Functions Joel Grimes Whitespace stripped when output=true and cfoutput is outside function Problem Description:In a cf function with output="true", whitespace is stripped between output variables when the cfoutput is not inside the cffunction. Steps to Reproduce
2608063 CF-4197174 Language Joel Grimes Coldfusion does not expire empty-value cookies in IE Problem Description: In Internet Explorer, trying to set or expire an empty cookie results in a new session cookie with the name "cookieX" where X is some number and a value of "Y=" where Y is the cookie
2673272 CF-4136479 Administrator Joel Grimes Font Management throws an error Problem Description: Adding a folder or font using administrator throws a hard error. Steps to Reproduce: In CF Admin, go to Font Management Select folder or font (C:\Windows\fonts, in my case) Hit "Add" Actual Result
2911135 CF-4198392 Core Runtime Joel Grimes CF10 & CF11 URL validation regular expression for 'isValid()' method are not in sync across CF10, CF11 Inconsistent behavior across CF 10 / CF 11 and CF 2016 needs to be streamlined. Method: Run the below script in CF 10, CF 11, CF 2016, /* 5