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2682460 CFB-4090449 Installer John Barrett How to get ColdFusion Builder 3 working with Java 8 Problem Description: When I try to start ColdFusion Builder 3, I get the error that I must be running Java (JDK 1.6), but I am using Java 8 (JDK1.8.65) Is there a fix for this. I heard that there was a
2614302 CF-3118149 Administrator John Barrett the browse sever does not save the location Problem Description: When I set up a Solr collection, To index the collection I use the browse directory dialog, and pick a location, but does not save the location. I am using ColdFusion 10 beta on mac OSX 10
2608491 CF-4077685 Installation/Config : Connector John Barrett Can't install CF 11 using Apache While trying to install ColdFusion 11, and using the connector to attach apache (port 80) this option does not at all. Also, when you try to use the apache connector after installing with build in web