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Comment on Reload/Redirect Loop caused by HTTP2, IIS10 and Safari. by John M.
3015864 CF-4198534 Jonas M. John: The high CPU might have been caused by constant full GCs due to the leaked memory. I've found that the following will allow the leaked memory to be garbage collected: Use at your own risk.
6798777 CF-4207163 John D. I should have clarified that I'm running the hotfix update jar at the command line with CF services stopped.
6790746 CF-4207069 John W. @Piyush - you said: > I'm attaching the test code I used, for your reference. I can't see your attachment - can you make it visible please. BTW the version of ColdFusion that you are running will be shown in the Testbox HTML runner.
5361900 CF-4204021 John S. Just a note that the neo-cron.bak file created by the update is also empty. I'm guessing that it gets overwritten when the unistall of the update is used, but either way my tasks our gone and the backup file is useless.
4386380 CF-4202619 John D. Hari, I'm glad to know the fix works for you. It appeared to cause new problems for me even if I remove the setting. My testing continues to show problems for CFM and HTM in directories with restricted rights. After the fix was added, NO USERS GET ASKED TO ENTER
: H & M bay inc External Customer Name: John Walker External Customer Email:
of the tag. Method: Here's the way I'm using the tag to produce the result. Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3039874 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: John Mason External Customer Email: 3D0523FA
2613281 CF-3335956 External U. Hi Awdhesh, I'm searching for a 'string', not an 'array'. Can you please try this? data = ["aaaa", ["sam", "john"]]; elementToFind = "AAAA";//string inn = ArrayFindNoCase(data, elementToFind); writeoutput("Index found at #inn#"); Result: Index found at 1
Bradley Wood John, looked into running CFML on Lamda but never finished, mostly because no one was paying me and it looked like it would take some learning on my part. That said, I'm pretty sure you could do it fairly easily with CommandBox. It just that it would necessarily be Adobe CF... ahem
John_Allred Managing multiple server instances under CF2018 Trying to get a few local server instances set up under CF 2018, and I’m having inconsistent results. Sometimes a new instance will start and run. Sometimes it won’t. Sometimes a modified instance (e.g., change port #) will run. Sometimes
2608491 CF-4077685 Installation/Config : Connector John Barrett Can't install CF 11 using Apache While trying to install ColdFusion 11, and using the connector to attach apache (port 80) this option does not at all. Also, when you try to use the apache connector after installing with build in web
one could express this, and I'm not sure any of the above (besides the optional type system) would make sense when looking at other language implementations, but it's a starting point. One should not have to revert back to 2005 and do: when we could instead have: Ordered departments
Charlie Arehart Thanks for digging into this, John (aka Yorik). But I do think you've missed an opportunity. As mentioned in the doc quote, the feature is about concurrent access to a given array in multiple threads at the same time. Your speed tests are all taking place in a single template, thus
2596946 CF-3327190 CFIMAGE dmitry mardukhayev IsImageFile not working on cf9 like it did on cf8 Problem Description:A lot of images from my company database have non-conventional names such as "st. john's.jpg". In cf8, I used URLEncodedFormat(myimage) inside IsImageFile to check such images(see my
Charlie Arehart John, that's interesting--though your last comment that a 10 million character password might take 300ms does kind of dampen the concern suggested in the post. :-) Still, you clarify that the problem was when a bad actor was "sending multiple login requests in a short period
2612631 CF-3488063 Web Container (Tomcat) John Pansewicz IIS 404 custom error handler URLs that are .cfm files do not consistently return entire document Problem Description: When a URL pointing to a .cfm file is configured as a custom error handler for 404 errors inside IIS (Error Pages
2609521 CF-3837347 Language : Serialization John Nelson Base64 Strings Mishandled During Serialization Duplicate ID: CF-3941059 Problem Description: When encoding binary data (in this case an image) as Base64 and adding it to a struct which is then serialized into JSON (I have not tested XML
2611110 CF-3640428 Document Management : Office Integration John Dobbins Using SpreadSheetFormatCellRange and other SpreadSheetFormat functions may create corrupted Excel spreadsheets Problem Description: When creating a spreadsheet using the cfscript SpreadSheet functions, any time a format