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Comment on Whitespace being stripped out when using CFMAIL by John S.
Comment on Whitespace being stripped out when using CFMAIL by John S.
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by John S.
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by John S.
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by John S.
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by John S.
Comment on Method invocation through ajaxproxy fails even if the required arguments are passed . by John S.
2821713 CF-4198301 Nimit S. Thanks John for confirming that you are not facing this issue anymore. Hence, I am closing this case.
4576633 CF-4203086 Suchika S. Hi John , This fix will be available in the next update of CF 2016 & CF 2018 . Thanks, Suchika  
Comment on Ability to keep connection state on http/s calls by John W.
5361900 CF-4204021 T. O. @ John S. - If you do have a valid backup file (check the contents of the neo-cron.cml file): 1) Uninstall the update, 2) Stop de CF service, 3) put the backup file in place, 4) restart the CF service, 5) login as admin and your scheduled tasks are there again.
2821713 CF-4198301 Nimit S. Hi John, Please provide the information mentioned below: 1. Settings Summary 2. Database being used with application 3. Sample code to repro this issue.
2556976 CF-4197194 Nimit S. Hi John, This is a bug and we have already moved it to ToFix state. We will consider this bug for the next general update of ColdFusion. -Nimit
2608208 CF-4163333 Suchika S. Hi John, Are you still facing the issue? Please send us the neo-cron.xml if you are still facing the issue. Thanks, Suchika.
2608208 CF-4163333 Suchika S. HI John, I tried with a schedule task that had '/' and '-' in the task name,but failed to reproduce it. Can you provide us your neo-cron.xml file ? Can you also tell us which update are you on? This would be helpful for us to get a repro case! Thanks, Suchika P.S
3588520 CF-4200009 John D. Before I ever saw this issue here, I looked at neo-cron.xml and was surprised to see the file date changing nearly continuously. Viewing the XML, it’s clear the file is tracking each execution of every task. While most of our tasks run a few times a day or perhaps once
3283113 CF-4199031 Suchika S. The script variant of cfloop now supports looping over list , structures , array and  query . {code:java} cfloop(list="1,2,3,4", index="i", item="j"){ writeoutput("index:" & i) writeoutput("item:" & j & "") } {code} {code:java} myArray = ["John", "Paul", "George
Charlie Arehart

That’s very interesting, John. I’d not heard of memoization before. I see it’s been around a long time ( And I see that it relies upon the concept of closures (

2600797 CF-3038644 Database : CFDBINFO John Whish Bug 77370:cfquery will use "this Problem: cfquery will use "this.datasource" set in the Application.cfc, so shouldn’t cfdbinfo also be able to use it? Example: SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES Works. Fails. Method: In Application.cfc add: this
2672562 CF-4187705 Aaron N. Hi John, You're welcome! Aha, I retract the 1st part of my last statement then. Nice find there. I completely agree with what you said. This issue is -not- fixed and should not be added to CF2018's Issues Fixed list. +1, voted. Thanks!, -Aaron
2672575 CF-4186779 Database John Whish Unscoped vars in Query.cfc Problem Description: There appears to be unscoped vars in parseSQL of query.cfc (which is shipped with ColdFusion in the com.adobe.coldfusion package) which could have unintended side effects. 1) In the switch statement `switch
Charlie Arehart

Yes, very nice. Thanks, John (aka poor yorik. “Alas”, I wonder how many get the quip in your “alias”!)

About the code, I hope you'll submit it to the cflib site ( Folks do still search there for possible CFML solutions to problems. 

You’ll see a link

Tracker Issue Illegal characters
that includes a colon, or some other illegal filename character. For example, the file I received this morning had the name "C:UsersJohnDAppDataLocalTemprmStmt_CMPNY_00.pdf" (notice the colon). Actual Result: An exception of type "java.nio.file.InvalidPathException" is thrown with a message like: "Illegal char
Charlie Arehart

Interesting thoughts, John. But I do think there’s more to the matter than it may seem.

My first thought on seeing this was I wondered if you may have just wanted instead to add a comment on his post, asking “Hey, Matt. Did you really need to add the floor in that example

6790746 CF-4207069 General Server,Performance Very slow startup time CF2018 update 6 and above - compiler issue? Problem Description: It looks like u6 has introduced a significant overhead to the compiler, I would guess with the new fat arrow parsing (props to John Whish for that thought). 2018
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2608491 CF-4077685 Installation/Config : Connector John Barrett Can't install CF 11 using Apache While trying to install ColdFusion 11, and using the connector to attach apache (port 80) this option does not at all. Also, when you try to use the apache connector after installing with build in web
2612637 CF-3486968 External U. Hello, Thank you for calling. Here are my notes from our phone conversation on 2/20/2014 at about 11:15 AM E.S.T. Please correct me if I am wrong. 1) Adobe management has indicated to you that there are no plans to support DB2 10 in ColdFusion10. Therefore
2609438 CF-3847264 AJAX John Hanks Bind does not find elements by ID attribute in CFSELECT Problem Description: When attempting to bind a 2nd CFSELECT dropdown to a query that is fired when the 1st CFSELECT changes there is a "Bind failed, element not found: 'element_name_here' Steps to Reproduce