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2609796 CF-3767744 CFPRINT John Walker CFPRINT cut the top margin of the page Problem: The margin on the of page gets cut off when printed with CFPRINT Method: Use the below code:- Result: When the output is print using Adobe PDF/Acrobat, the page prints fine. However, the margin on the of page
2608208 CF-4163333 Administrator John Walker Do not allow special characters in scheduled task names if scheduler cannot handle them I thought my scheduler XML was corrupt, but it the problem was caused by having / and - and , in the scheduled task names. It caused some of them to show as Expired
3879994 CF-4200715 Language : Functions John Walker Change cutoff year for createodbcdate() and createodbcdatetime() If you convert a user entered date of 12-31-30 using createodbcdate() the resulting date is 1930, not 2030. That is only 12 years from now. SQL Server and other software I am