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2609649 CF-3815793 Language : Datastructure Jork Zijlstra structcopy doens't return a copy Problem Description: Structcopy doesn't return a copy for FORM or URL. We expect Session to do the same Steps to Reproduce: 1) do a form post 2) make a structcopy 3) update form key of copy 4) dump / output
2608422 CF-4098395 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra isnull with argument struct["key"] will cause a element is undefined error Problem Description: Calling a isnull(struct["key"])); with a struct notation like struct["key"] (square bracket version) will cause an element us undefined in struct error
2609912 CF-3744955 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra import doesn't help when creating new object Problem Description: When you have multiple component classes with the same name in the same codebase, you use the import statement, the create new 'class' just picks one out of all with the same name
2596945 CF-3328578 Language Jork Zijlstra cfloop array and wrong iterator Problem Description: When using cfloop array the index should contain the item in the array. When you var scope the index anywhere in your function the index item will always be the first item of the array. I suspect
2613615 CF-3200295 Web Services Jork Zijlstra Displayname cannot be set in webservice component Problem Description: if you create a component for instance webservice.cfc you cannot set the displayname property to "test" in this component. You will get an error "coldfusion
2608411 CF-4100650 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra Component fullName, and name is different between apache2.2 and apache2.4 Problem Description: When creating an object (on a site hosted via apache 2.2) the fullName and name is a FQDN. Complete with the whole path When creating an object (on a site
2608412 CF-4100649 Language Jork Zijlstra Using component FQDN as returnType is case-sensitive but using component name as returnType not Problem Description: There is a difference in how the returnType of a method is handled when using a component name or a component FQDN. The component return
2608442 CF-4093045 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra Methods are overwritten by CF version with the same name Problem Description: When creating a (private) method named '_binary" in a component it causes a runtime exception "argumentNotFound" or IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch. Although
2613613 CF-3200369 ORM Support Jork Zijlstra Persistent object can have a hashcode of null Problem Description: When a persistent object has not been persisted yet the getHascode method return "null" as value. This is because you have implemented a logic that when it is a persistent object
2613614 CF-3200312 Web Services Jork Zijlstra Webservice version 2 inheritence problem Duplicate ID: CF-3197933 Problem Description: A webservice of version 2 will not show methods that are inherited in the wsdl. Subsequently a SOAP call will not work. (ping2 method is defined in B.cfc en A
2608681 CF-4024159 ORM Support Jork Zijlstra ormClearSession and ormCloseSession causes entityDelete not to work Duplicate ID: CF-4024153 Problem Description: calling ormClearSession and ormCloseSession after an entityDelete causes the entity nog to be deleted Steps to Reproduce: 1) entity
2608801 CF-3991492 Language Jork Zijlstra cfloop list index value isn't updated Problem Description: When looping over an list you can get the problem that the vale in the index isn't updated for each iteration. It remains the value that it got for the first time. Steps to Reproduce
2608679 CF-4024165 ORM Support Jork Zijlstra entityLoad doesn't get all the new data directly after an entitySave Duplicate ID: CF-3737411 Problem Description: Account.cfc property name="subscription" fieldtype="one-to-one" cfc="subscription" cascade="delete" mappedby
2608682 CF-4024153 ORM Support Jork Zijlstra ormClearSession and ormCloseSession causes entityRelations not to be persisted Problem Description: Calling ormClearSession or ormClosession after an entitysave nog all cascading data is saved. When you have on object with an one-to-many property both
2608808 CF-3989480 Caching Jork Zijlstra cacheGet returns values by reference Problem Description: Object that are in put in the cache with cachput can be unintentionally edited afterwards when getting it from the cache with cacheget and then update it. cacheGet return values by reference, except
2612313 CF-3527009 Language : CF Interfaces Jork Zijlstra Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException On CreateObject Problem Description: We get an nullpointer exception on the createObject(). Steps to Reproduce: We are not sure, jvm has enough memory. We think: 1) concurrency problem 2) garbage