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Comment on Editing in CFGrid throws `The GRIDACTION parameter to the xyz function is required but was not passed in.` by K V.
2609320 CF-3859367 External U. This is not fixed for HTML/pie. Repro: 1) Run below code 2) Click large pie slice and see 2 alerts "%t | %k | %v" and "myItem 2 | myLabel | 60" 3) Click small pie slice and see 2 alerts "%t | %k | %v" and "myItem 1 | myLabel | 40" The "%t | %k | %v" is a bug
2610329 CF-3710336 Language Adam Cameron struct.filter() missing It looks like all struct functions have had their methods implemented except for structFilter(). Repro: // structFilter.cfm base = {a="b", c="d", e="f"}; filtered = structFilter(base, function(k,v){ return k == "a" || v =="f
.clear().append({"d"=4}).each(function(k,v) {writeOutput(k);});//should return "d" a.insertAt(2, "a2").each(function(e) {writeOutput(e);});//should return aa2bc s.insert("a2", 11).each(function(k,v) {writeOutput(k);});//should return aa2bc s.update("a", 11).each(function(k,v) {writeOutput(v
2608832 CF-3981800 Piyush K. James, Thanks for the confirmation. CF11 uses POI v3.9. CF10 used an earlier version.
", "b", "c"]; s = {"a"=1, "b"=2, "c"=3}; a.delete("b").each(function(e) {writeOutput(e);}); a.deleteAt(2).each(function(e) {writeOutput(e);}); s.delete("b").each(function(k,v) {writeOutput(k);}); Actual behavior: "The each method was not found." Expected behavior: "ac
" : "v1"} snull = {"k1": null} s2 = {"k1" : snull} person = queryNew("id,title","Integer,Varchar", [ {id=1,title="One"}, {id=2,title="Two"}, {id=3,title="Thirteen"} ]); writeDump(person) #isNull( s2.k1.k1)# #is
2613713 CF-3178676 Piyush K. fix verified in build 284908. test case: \\depot\ColdFusion\qa\cf\regression\coretests\coldfusion\tags\extensibility\msoffice\poi_v39\Bugs\bug7_CF-3042909
2609440 CF-3847104 Piyush K. Nigwizzle, Looks like Apple stopped supplying Windows installer for Safari from v6 on. Ref. I have verified that the check boxes are rendered as expected in the current versions of Safari on OSX. I am closing this, since Safari
2598062 CF-3041786 Piyush K. unable to observe the issue with the test case in the bug description on Chome v39 / CF902 / Windows 7x64. Browser does not crash and no errors are reported in the browser debugger console.
"]; s = {first={letter="a", number=1}, second={letter="b", number=2}, third={letter="c", number=3}}; q = queryNew("letter", "varchar", [["a"], ["c"], ["b"]]); qUDF = function(r1, r2) {return compare(r1.letter, r2.letter);}; a.sort("text").each(function(e) {writeOutput(e);}); s.sort("text", "", "number").each(function(k,v
2609438 CF-3847264 Piyush K. Thanks Aaron. @Mr.Hanks, using the id attribute of cfselect works with CF10 update 14 and CF11 / Windows 7 x64 / Chrome v39 / IE 11 I used Aaron's code which uses the ID attribute. Can you please share the test code with us.
2610387 CF-3704135 Piyush K. Jochem, Even with EAR/WAR packaging, certain services(Solr/.NET) can be installed by the CF installer. Can disabling the UAC be an option? Ref.
2600054 CF-3039436 External U. +1 vote. I get the same error. If I open the file in Excel - I have v11 (Office 2003) - and save it, the file shrinks from 43 kB to 25kb, and then CF can open it OK. Not sure if this is a problem with the way Google exports, or a problem with CF. That said: CF
2608135 CF-4183980 Piyush K. looks like "FDIST" is not supported yet, with POI v3.12 (used with CF2016). wrkbk_eval_obj = createObject("java","") ; itr = createObject("java","java.util.Iterator"); //supported functions f_coln = wrkbk
2609255 CF-3864168 Piyush K. In grid 1 the image is cropped in Chrome v39 and FireFox v34.0.5 and not cropped in IE11. In Chrome the the image is cropped even after page reload. On FF, the image is cropped on first load, but displayed in full after page is reloaded. In grid 2 the image is displayed
(attributes.stringtosoundex); stclength = len(stringtoconvert); leader = left(stringtoconvert, 1); leadervalue = leader; body = right(stringtoconvert, stclength - 1); body = replacelist(body, "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z", "0,1,2,3,0,1,2,0,0,2,2,4,5,5,0,1,2,6,2,3,0,1,0,2,0,2"); leadervalue
sample code: rainbow = "Whero,Karaka,Kowhai,Kakariki,Kikorangi,Tawatawa,Mawhero"; externalList = ""; reverseRainbow = listMap(rainbow,function(v,i,l){ var newValue = "#i#:#v.reverse()#"; externalList = externalList.append(newValue); return newValue; }); write
2608974 CF-3951681 Piyush K. Mark, Can you share the error msg you are observing. You've mentioned that you can observe the issue when switching from CF10 to CF11. Is the URL exactly the same in both the cases? I am unable to observe the issue with IE11/Chrome v41 on Win7 x64 when switching from
Comment on 404 - File or directory not found (Tomcat/ISAPI/isapi_redirector/1.2.46) by Piyush K.
AhkAlBI19nEAe7eUJ6LewgFeJ1r0Z2DmPwKcAhkA 3xJ56vG7DXBJJhOkJ63nYQy2K9oUQVXM -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- we are not able to determine the keylength of the public key of this certifcate request, neither to parse the information related to the curve (name, oid..) because the JsafeJCE provider
@ ckeditor.js:258 y @ ckeditor.js:258 v @ ckeditor.js:258 (anonymous) @ ckeditor.js:259 setTimeout (async)$.onload @ ckeditor.js:259 load (async) A @ ckeditor.js:259 load @ ckeditor.js:259 a @ ckeditor.js:260 (anonymous) @ ckeditor.js:260 k @ ckeditor.js:272 g @ ckeditor.js:274
DemandRecallGoService/RecallGoService HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Accept: application/soap+xml, application/dime, multipart/related, text/* User-Agent: Axis/1.2.1 Host: xxx.xx.xx.xx:8443 Cache-Control: no-cache Pragma: no-cache SOAPAction: "urn:interfaces.v1.common
2596927 CF-3359625 HariKrishna K. Hi Mike,   Here is the snippet, I have used to repro the bug:   This is text part of the message HTML Message Bold   Here is the raw data of the mail: Return-Path: Received: from by with ESMTPSA id a11-v6sm7660124
OTM8e+z2Rq36+U2R+l19wYAK/5pTeVRg4hgDnNhaovOcBAP0WgDXm1zhY/vBv oAAwCQYHKoZIzj0EAQM5ADA2AhkAlBI19nEAe7eUJ6LewgFeJ1r0Z2DmPwKcAhkA 3xJ56vG7DXBJJhOkJ63nYQy2K9oUQVXM -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- we are not able to determine the keylength of the public key of this certifcate request, neither
to Reproduce: Use the attached CFC and CFM to create a REST service and call it with varying sizes of data until failure (Seems to be around 74K). Actual Result: Multiple faults cause IIS to stop the associated application pool. With larger data sizes the Visual Studio debugger is invoked. Expected Result
Comment on At startup of an instance, Server Monitoring ALWAYS starts irrespective of whether or not Monitoring is disabled. Result: unexpected exceptions and 100% CPU memory use by Piyush K.
.0__________________________________________________________________________Thu Aug 20 09:34:56 CEST 2009Free Memory: 14871 kBTotal Memory: 16320 kBNo Argumentsjava.class.path: /Users/giacomomicali/Downloads/ColdFusion 9 /Users/giacomomicali/Downloads/ColdFusion 9 Installer
) For upload and uploadall action of cffile tag , best practice is to use destination='#getTempDirectory()#' Your form is prone to CSRF attack (k) uploadWithArchiving.cfm (Type: Warning / Security Level: Low) Your code is vulnerable to file injection Your form is prone to CSRF attack For upload