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Comment on Arrays and String enhancements in ColdFusion 2018 by Kama Sama
Comment on Documentation for listSort() & structSort() need to be changed . by Kama S.
Comment on [ANeff] Doc Bug for: "Supported XML member functions" list issues by Kama S.
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: member functions cannot be called on literals (continuation of CF-3712122) by Kama S.
Comment on arraynew[type](params) vs object[method](params) by Kama Sama
Comment on Unable to assign result of a QueryExecute to a bracket style variable reference by Kama S.
Comment on sort member functions should accept compare and compareNoCase functions as comparator callbacks by Kama S.
Comment on function expressions do not support annotations by Kama S.
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: nested struct reference returns undefined/null from closure by Kama S.
Comment on Public beta for Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) and Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) by Kama Sama
Aaron Neff Hi Kama, That's a good point. I agree `isSynchronized` would need required if `dataType` was specified using positional parameters. Thanks!, -Aaron
4426790 CF-4202734 Ashudeep S. @kama S. : this will work in the next update i. CF2016 Update 12 and CF2018 Update 5.
4727075 CF-4203286 Aaron N. Hi Kama, Completely agree. All member functions should have a BIF counterpart. Including the DateTime "setter methods". Either CF maintains its predictability, or it doesn't. Thanks!, -Aaron
4251078 CF-4202139 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, Adding more comments from ----------- James Mohler: I thought that ArrayNew[dataType](params) is just a strange way of doing things. I can’t think of any other BIF that has this syntax ----------- ----------- Kama Sama I