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Fighting Stagnation: Learning how to grow your skills in a stagnant development environment
Comment on Fighting Stagnation: Learning how to grow your skills in a stagnant development environment by James Mohler
Why I keep going back to the learning, getting started, etc. articles.
Grae Desmond Online ColdFusion Meetup 10/24/19 Reminder for upcoming ColdFusion Meetup The post Online ColdFusion Meetup 10/24/19 appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning,blog,learning,Meetup
Michaela Light Better Time and Number Formats with ColdFusion In this article, you will learn: Why these functions are so important for CIOs The ColdFusion Number Format The ColdFusion Date Format The ColdFusion Time Format The ColdFusion DateTime Format What makes these functions are so important
2613559 CF-3228676 Frank J. Updated the following pages:
’t normalize that data Intro to DB Compression Normalization is not the answer Stop wasting your time with normalization Traffic tracking for the rest of us How I learned to stop worrying and learn to love data compression […] The post Avoiding data normalization with data compression appeared first on Cold
2610775 CF-3679387 Frank J. Please see the updated doc:
2613294 CF-3335502 Frank J. Updated the doc:
2613441 CF-3316776 Frank J. Modified the doc:
2613737 CF-3172613 Frank J. Added a note:
Grae Desmond Using ColdFusion, Tabulator, and WordPress in unison Making dynamic tables for a WordPress site using Tabulator and ColdFusion The post Using ColdFusion, Tabulator, and WordPress in unison appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning,blog,ColdFusion,learning
Comment on Need to make some change in the docs for import ( by Nitin K.
2682165 CFB-4171612 External U. I am attempting to learn how to use Coldfusion. I have no Urgent programs or items dependant on this, but I would like to start learning again. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me on this matter. Thanks,
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remmarg Linked Folder I have been developing ASP.Net pages with Visual Syudio for years. I am trying to learn Cold Fusion. I tried to take a class with Learning Tree on Cold Fusion in Jan 2019 but it was cancelled. So I rescheduled in April and it was cancelled as well. I found a online class
Need to make some change in the docs for import (
themikehenson I tried ColdFusion Builder, but I have been much happier using VS Code. You can find extensions that work with CF. As far as a better learning experience, check out Ortus Solutions.
2609725 CF-3791737 External U. +1 "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room" - President Merkin Muffler, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
2610354 CF-3707543 External U. Adobe is migrating the wiki to Adobe Experience Manager. They will eventually push the new docs from staging to production. (learned of this from an Adobe's comment on CF-3315068) Thanks!, -Aaron
2610812 CF-3678038 Frank J. Added the section here:
2611049 CF-3648120 External U. Been bitten by this more than once, learned to work around it, but I don't think I should.
2611121 CF-3639695 External U. Doc page for reference:
2596830 CF-3600667 Immanuel N. Closing bug as "AsDesigned". HTMLEditFormat does not preserve "Return Characters" as mentioned in the docs,
2612098 CF-3558347 Frank J. Check this doc: Updated the document.
2612161 CF-3553079 Frank J. Could you please take a look at this updated document and verify the changes:
2612728 CF-3434902 Frank J. This tag has been completely enhanced for Splendor. The corresponding doc is being built here: Please keep this bug to track as most of these may not be valid now.
2612795 CF-3429634 Frank J. The changes have been made in the Wiki:
2612932 CF-3367378 Frank J. The following page has been updated:
2612943 CF-3364745 Frank J. Updated the doc at:
2613154 CF-3342986 Frank J. Please verify now:
2613293 CF-3335503 Frank J. Updated the doc:
2613365 CF-3329177 Frank J. Added the required recommendations on top of all the obsolete pages. For instance:
2613655 CF-3194067 Frank J. Added a note:
2613657 CF-3194065 Adobe D. Changed the info in Wiki; (Comment added from ex-user id:ramachan)
2613658 CF-3194060 Adobe D. Completed. Review at (Comment added from ex-user id:ramachan)
2613659 CF-3194053 Adobe D. Implemented the change in the Wiki: (Comment added from ex-user id:ramachan)
2613663 CF-3194044 Adobe D. Changed it in the Wiki: (Comment added from ex-user id:ramachan)
2613669 CF-3193632 Frank J. This seems to be dated. Please confirm the changes in the latest docs:
2613912 CF-3148706 Immanuel N. Closing the bug as Withdrawn -> Not a bug. As per the documentation at,, showuser attribute works appropriately. Changing the attribute name would result in backward compatibility issues.
Resources for learning more about CF2016
-do-i-insert-into-a-table-and-get-back-the-primary-key-value The post TSQL – Getting New Primary Key appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning,blog,Data,insert,learning
cost otherwise ($90, currently, for all 24 sessions and 20 hours of content). See, where the two keynote sessions are available for free. The post CFCamp 2018 videos now available appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning,blog,ColdFusion,learning
in Munich Part Four- ORM-Love it or Hate it? appeared first on ColdFusion. Learning,Question,2018,learning,question
Fusion programmers: First 10 minutes appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning,blog,development,javascript,learning,programming
icons Ortus CommandBox And, of course, Adobe ColdFusion Resources   The post Fancy Landing Page with VueJS appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning
2609610 CF-3822362 External U. CFScript is an inconsistent mess. No new developer should have to learn this conflicting, illogical, botched, scripting language. V2 implemented this way will guarantee backward compatibility and wipe the slate clean to attract newcomers to CF and utilise it based
. Their finding was that developers who were experienced in other languages didn’t want to learn ColdFusion. Their ultimate solution was to abandon CF in favor of RoR so they could get new developers. There was also another company here that was trying to hire CF devs willing to migrate/learn .Net. They had a
Dani Szwarc Hi Charlie, I have a question: is there any book you can recommend or a place to learn from in order to know about CF installation, tuning and all that part, not coding related? Thank you in advance!
Bug 83800:(Watson Migration Closure)A really minor bug but thought I'd report that links from the Welcome page in the CFIDE/administrator go to 404 pages for:Security Zone- Learn how to keep your server secure »- Sign up to receive secu
2608754 CF-4010501 External U. I would love to see this. I think threads are under leveraged due to the boilerplate required to use them. Futures/Promises are common enough in other languages that it would be a much easier learning path for developers to start using this feature more.
Comment on Need to make some change in the docs for import ( by Jacob J.
Comment on Need to make some change in the docs for import ( by Jacob J.
2610810 CF-3678093 External U. I have updated the docs ( I can't help but think you probably could have done this, Rupesh, instead of simply saying it ought to be done. -- Adam
2611074 CF-3644083 External U. You're not even looking at the current documentation site, Rupesh. Andy's first example is this one: His second example is incorrect, as you state. -- Adam
2596897 CF-3492087 Frank J. The documentation is being actively cleaned. Many obsolete functions are refactored. For instance, take a look at: The page has now correct examples and also community-contributed snippets. In the case of
2612938 CF-3366102 External U. See Ben Nadel's blog on using cfthread with cfhttp. [ ] There he solves the problem by using multiple, asynchronous threads, like this:
2612938 CF-3366102 External U. tested using the multi threaded solution suggested by Ben Nadel [ I-Parallel-Threads.htm ]. Does not seem to make a difference. CF9: We Got 1000 Results in 0.72 seconds using CFHttp and CFThread
2613154 CF-3342986 Frank J. The new page is at: with the changes incorporated. The old page will be redirected.
2613282 CF-3335948 Frank J. Updated all the Array functions. Also, added the 2 missing functions. Please verify the changes for searching for the function at:
2613439 CF-3316788 External U. Adam, I think you may be mistaken here. ArrayFindAll was introduced in CF10 as far as I can gather, and its second argument should be a callback truth-test function.
2613440 CF-3316784 External U. If Rupesh's comment is the intended use for this function then the documentation is wrong. It says nothing about passing a string as the second parameter, and only defines how it would work with a
2613589 CF-3212477 Frank J. Here is the new page: And the old link will not work:
2613696 CF-3183938 External U. Hi Adam, Adobe's in the process of moving the docs from wiki to Adobe Experience Manager. Learned of this from Adobe's comment on CF-3315068. Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment on Bug 83800:(Watson Migration Closure)A really minor bug but thought I'd report that links from the Welcome page in the CFIDE/administrator go to 404 pages for:Security Zone- Learn how to keep your server secure »- Sign up to receive secu by S P.
Comment on Bug 83800:(Watson Migration Closure)A really minor bug but thought I'd report that links from the Welcome page in the CFIDE/administrator go to 404 pages for:Security Zone- Learn how to keep your server secure »- Sign up to receive secu by External U.
. Steps to Reproduce: Place any of the following into the contents of a field in CF Report Builder: Case 1: To learn more about the class you registered for, go to  our home page. Case 2: To learn more about the class you registered for, go to our home page at Case 3: To learn more
/Adobe Dreamweaver CFEclipse CFBuilder IntelliJ IDEA I feel like each IDE that I’ve used over time served a purpose.  Dreamweaver, for example, was a great learning tool and for someone just starting to learn web design, the “design view” and integrated FTP synchronization was a valuable […] The post What Cold
:// The post Extracting text/html out Word (.docx) files appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Learning,blog,cfscript,cfzip,learning,programming
RAHUL UPADHYAY ColdFusion 2018 features Webinar by Rakshith Naresh   Learn about the new exciting features in ColdFusion 2018. Join the webinar hosted by ColdFusion Product manager Rakshith Naresh today at 8:30 AM PST. Register Now The post Cold
Michaela Light 7 Steps To Get The Best Coldfusion Web Application Performance Learn about the simple performance tuning tricks and habits that will help you get the best ColdFusion web application performance and save your company hours of time and precious resources, all the while saving some
Michaela Light Upgrade Your ColdFusion Today (Security, Performance and Cost) In this article, you will learn: The problems with running outdated CF. The real savings of switching to the newest version of ColdFusion. A price comparison between the cost of upgrading and the downsides of staying
Charlie Arehart I've learned today that there is yet another bug in the PMT causing a negative impact on CF (indeed cfquery) processing. See the thread on the problem, and the reply from Priyank of Adobe pointing out that the problem seems due to the PMT, at 
jBrodeur Thanks Elisha, It's a bit buried, but yes, indeed, in Prime: Upon diving back into the Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Program - Learning Program video presentations: A Resources feature appears bottom-right with red download icon and below that a link
1723012 CF-4164063 External U. We just discussed this again and I learned that the current implemented solution is causing some issues. Sometimes we have JSON and sometimes XML reponses. I was not aware of this, but in case of a JSON request the responds should be JSON and not XML. Additionally
2609026 CF-3944862 External U. OMG! I am embarrassed. I got to learn checking out all the possibilities and the possibility of I might be wrong. The reason I thought these emails are not valid because it emails are invalid because absence of TLD or presence of invalid TLD. I have also tested
2610458 CF-3700851 External U. I think you need to update/fix your docs. There is no mention of the format string for parseDateTime(): That said, I disagree with you here. Out of any possible format one might potentially use, **ISO
Comment on Need to make some change in the docs for import ( by Aaron N.
Google to find information, only to be led often solely to the CFML Reference. That’s not all there is to the CF docs, folks! And you shouldn’t stop there. You wouldn’t try to learn a language from reading a dictionary, or put a tool […] Blog,ColdFusion,documentation
advantage of the Early bird offer. All the workshops are full day BYOD hands on labs and would be a great learning opportunity. Below is a summary of the workshops: Pre-conference Session 1: Troubleshooting Common CF Challenges […] The post ColdFusion Summit 2018 – Pre-Conference Sessions appeared first
to capacity limitations.  Please register today if you haven’t yet! As a reminder, these workshops are full day hands-on labs so it’s a great learning opportunity for your teams.  Below is a summary of the workshop descriptions: Topic 1 Angular + CFML Workshop Angular is one of […] The post Adobe Cold
to developers outside the community is so important. Together, we can help to solve issues, learn new features, and create better code for the future. Without active CF experts and developers in a community, ColdFusion wouldn’t be really […] The post Making Adobe ColdFusion a Thriving Community appeared first
to be one of those must-learn languages. But why Java? Why not ColdFusion? Let’s take a look at some of the key features that help ColdFusion stand out from Java. ColdFusion Java RAD When it comes to Rapid Application Development, there is no other […] The post ColdFusion Vs Java (Afraid to Know Which One
to make any CIO or Project Leader’s job easier. In this article, you will learn: What is a Query of Queries? What are the benefits of using a Query of Queries? How to conduct a Query of Queries. What are some functionalities of ColdFusion Query […] The post ColdFusion Query of Queries (Streamline your
Kishore Balakrishnan Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Certificate Program Professional certificate program from Adobe for ColdFusion developers. Give your ColdFusion career an edge. Adobe ColdFusion Specialist is a blended learning certificate program, comprising 15+ hours of online videos followed by a
Fusion Security Workshop (Trainer : Pete Freitag) and Going from Zero to 60 with Docker and ColdFusion images (Trainer : Charlie Arehart). Register Now at Both of the workshops are full day BYOD (bring-your-own-device) hands-on labs and will be a great learning
Kishore Balakrishnan Overview of the new Performance Monitoring Toolset Webinar :: Recording We had the webinar giving an overview of the new Performance Monitoring Toolset last week. Learn about the end-to-end performance management right from the connector, application, individual lines of code
Michaela Light Top 3 Key Factors When Choosing a Programming Language (Why CFML is Always the Best Option) In this article, you will learn: What factors you should consider when facing a dilemma on which programming language to choose Whether to modernize or replace your language The risks
Michaela Light How To Find Your Next Job As a ColdFusion Developer (Job hunting tips for CFers) In this article, you will learn: How to find work if you’re a CFer or developer making the switch to ColdFusion Resources for CF job seekers Tips and tricks to being a better job candidate Follow
Charlie Arehart Online ColdFusion Meetup meeting, Nov 7, 6p ET. All welcome We will have another meeting of the Online ColdFusion Meetup, Thursday Nov 7 at 6p US Eastern time (note the changed time compared to the previous one on Oct 31). The presentation will be “SQL, I learned enough to break
Vikram Kumar Configuring Jetty on HTTPS in CF2018 In this blog, we’ll learn how to configure Jetty on SSL using self-signed certificate created by a key tool. To configure Jetty on SSL, follow the steps below: Step 1: Generate a private key in a KeyStore file. Provide the details when
Bradley Wood John, looked into running CFML on Lamda but never finished, mostly because no one was paying me and it looked like it would take some learning on my part. That said, I'm pretty sure you could do it fairly easily with CommandBox. It just that it would necessarily be Adobe CF... ahem
v10 which you can't use with CF9, so I installed the development edition of CF2018 and now I can't find the wsconfig tool. I've only been programming for about a year and a half, I have a lot to learn, and I need lots of help getting this installed.    
2613656 CF-3194066 Documentation Aaron Neff cfschedule doc should link to Using Scheduler doc The "See also" section of cfschedule's doc should contain a link to the Using Scheduler doc. This would be especially helpful when developers want to learn more about the scheduler enhancements added in CF
2556941 CF-3040338 Debugging : CFDump Matt Quackenbush Bug 80451:When using mixins, cfdump nor getmetadata() show the mixin methods Problem: When using mixins, cfdump nor getmetadata() show the mixin methods. For more information, see
for a CFUpdate that may add or break other CF functionality. There's so much that you can do with jsoup and it'd be more beneficial to learn it versus depending on canned built-in function. (We wrote some jsoup functions to automatically inline CSS from CKEditor and make it more compatible w
getcomponentMetadata() for components being able to programmatically learn a views expected parameter requirements is useful Not the right name but getTemplateParams("foo.cfm")
of contents item that links to community efforts on gitHub. Either way, the docs need updated to include more Script examples, or adding script support will be only for the highly skilled developer not the newbie just trying to learn or coming from a new language. Please do something to get more script