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Comment on QueryParseException on latest release when the string contains double colons by Mark W.
2918733 CF-4198396 Bradley W. This is marked as "fixed" but the examples given in the ticket throw syntax errors in 2018 beta 3. Is this part of Aether?
2608066 CF-4197116 John W. This is marked as fixed - please confirm which updater / hotfix this was fixed in and for which CF versions. Thank you :)
5752036 CF-4204404 Bradley W. Suchika why were the other tickets marked as resolved if this bug was never fixed? This was originally reported back in the 2018 prerelease.
2918733 CF-4198396 Bradley W. Can we get an update on this ticket? It's been marked fixed since before 2018 released and we're still waiting for the feature.
2613311 CF-3333862 External U. I see this is marked BugVerified/ToFix!! w00t!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pumped!! =D =D
2918733 CF-4198396 Bradley W. Hello? The first example in this post doesn't work on the final release of 2018 yet this ticket is marked as fixed. What is up?
4263677 CF-4202200 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I see you closed this ticket w/o any comment. You marked it "Closed/Withdrawn/UserError". Could you please explain? Thanks!, -Aaron
and displays question mark: à cfdocument honors cfprocessingdirective and correctly displays character: à Another workaround is add -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 on CF Admin's "Java and JVM" page in the "JVM Arguments" and then restart CF. Then cfdocument and cfhtmltopdf both correctly display the character w
Null("33") always returns YES b/c CF-4183352 was marked Closed/Withdrawn/AsDesigned w/o explanation. Thanks!, -Aaron
2598162 CF-3041672 External U. Hi Elliott, Can this be marked Closed/Fixed? The following runs w/o error in CF11 and dumps the objects from the array: arr = createObject("java","java.lang.Class").forName("java.lang.String").getDeclaredMethods(); for(x in arr) {writeDump(x);} Thanks!, -Aaron
2608626 CF-4044095 External U. Hi Avinash, This ticket can be changed to Doc Bug and marked Closed/Fixed. I've updated the doc w/ this: ---------------------- If the pattern consists of a comma(,) then the pattern should be enclosed
2608204 CF-4163932 Dan M. I still don't see this fixed in the latest CF11 update or CF2016 even though this has been marked as fixed. We've had an update since it was marked as fixed. Am I just not seeing something correctly? Please confirm. Thanks, Dan weekdays = dateDiff("w","2016
2612806 CF-3427695 External U. +1, agreed. Would be useful. Just FYI, we previously logged this as #CF-3107461 w/ title 'marked Deferred.
2609459 CF-3845979 External U. I see this is marked "Fixed". Was same issue fixed for URL scope? Repro: structClear called and it returned: #structClear(url)# structIsEmpty called. Is the url scope empty? #structIsEmpty(url)# Just run that w/ a URL parameter to see same issue. Thanks
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: CF9 vs CF10 wrt urlSessionFormat() w/ J2EE sessions by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Doc Bug for: dateTimeFormat() w ww W WW masks undocumented by External U.
2609121 CF-3926812 External U. Hi Robert, I see this ticket was recently marked Closed/Fixed. However, I wasn't ever able to reproduce the issue w/ these steps: 1) Send email with MyPDF.pdf attachment to Outlook 365 My PDF 2) Using Outlook, save the email as MessageWithAttachment.msg 3
browsers became active. Verified on production solution 3/13/2014 by Matt Bram Per the W3, URL: The WebSocket constructor takes one parameter, a string containing the URL of the server to be connected to. **** Please mark this as verified *****
://, marked as 'Fixed' but this is not fixed. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Build variable w/ HTML w/ an image tag that has the 'alt' attribute set 2. Use cfhtmltopdf to generate a PDF file. 3. Run through Adobe Acrobat accessibility checker. Actual Result: 1. Fails accessibility b/c image tag isn
for new code. Adobe CF should create a ticket w/ Adobe Acrobat to get this fixed so that is fit for purpose. This ticket could just be marked Open/ToFix/ThirdParty. While this ticket is related to #3928680, #3928680 was actually created as a 'bug' whereas this ticket is created as an 'ER' (an ER
6259329 CF-4205250 Aaron N. First, now that has all of 's looping functionality, 's looping functionality could be marked deprecated and the docs could recommend that users use instead. Next, since 's encodefor attribute isn't a substitute for context-specific encoding, itself could
2609626 CF-3818776 External U. Hi Rupesh, Thanks very much for confirming all of that! Very cool about #1 and especially #3 =) And I think this is the 1st time I've received an email notification of an engineer adding a comment, so -maybe- that notification issue has been fixed. And I'm also w
2613063 CF-3348026 External U. First: If this is confirmed, why is this ticket still marked "Unverified"? Can the status please be changed to "Confirmed" so that users know this issue is being resolved? Second: Updaters should _always_ create a .car file (ER #CF-3348487). The neo-cron.xml may
2673466 CF-4126520 CFwatson U. Added By:sjayaram Note Added: This is not a duplicate of CF-4094158. Thanks Shigeyoshi Muraoka Date Added :2016-02-03 14:34:03.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Aaron Neff Note Added: Adobe, I hope you are communicating w/ the customer here, instead of on a
for usability and accessibility! This bug is marked "1 - Critical (Totally prohibits use of product)" (where 'product' refers to CF Flash features) based on the fact that if valid source code is a requirement, then CF Flash features, as currently implemented, cannot be used. Related thread: https
2673492 CF-4126492 CFwatson U. Added By:aksriniv Note Added: Please provide code to repro the case. Date Added :2016-01-12 17:37:18.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Dave Ferguson Note Added: This bug has been marked as "Need More Information" for the 2nd time. Yet no instructions were
Comment on cfhtmltopdf outputs special characters as question marks (?) by External U.
5327930 CF-4204003 Aaron N. Hi Mark, I asked the same during CF9 PR in 2009. Here is the question I asked, and scroll to bottom for Adobe's answer. My question: ----------- If an MSSQL datasource is added via CF Administrator, the following are set by default: - type - vendor - cf
5327924 CF-4204002 Aaron N. Hi Mark, I asked the same during CF9 PR in 2009. Here is the question I asked, and scroll to bottom for Adobe's answer. My question: ----------- If an MSSQL datasource is added via CF Administrator, the following are set by default: - type - vendor - cf
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: Task w/ handler cannot be updated via CF Admin by CFwatson U.