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2608264 CF-4148767 Language Matthew Clemente ToString() Member Function Broken for Binary Data Problem Description: variable.ToString() member function does not work Steps to Reproduce: test = ''; //mimic basic auth test = test.tobase64(); //start decoding test = test
3236467 CF-4198939 Caching Matthew Clemente cacheSetProperties() ignores "memoryevictionpolicy" Problem Description: When setting the properties for a cache, the function cacheSetProperties ignores the property "memoryevictionpolicy". It cannot be changed from 'LRU' programmatically. Steps
2608259 CF-4150938 Language : Functions Matthew Clemente isValid Regex Incorrectly Validates Problem Description: When using isValid, with regex, to validate a string, the result returned is incorrect (and differs from what is returned by refind(), which works as expected). Steps to Reproduce
2608315 CF-4129321 Language Matthew Clemente Array member functions broken for results of getMetaData(this) Problem Description: Member functions do not work on the arrays returned by getMetaData. Steps to Reproduce: index.cfm: ___ test.cfc: component accessors=true { property name
2612332 CF-3521227 Caching Matthew Clemente Page Level Caching Does Not Work Correctly For Application Specific Caches Problem Description: If you define a custom ehcache.xml in application.cfc, full page caching with the tag ceases to work. Fragment caching continues to work as expected. Steps
3794131 CF-4200346 Net Protocols : HTTP Matthew Clemente Body Ignored in CFHTTP DELETE Problem Description: ColdFusion ignores the body content sent via HTTP DELETE requests. This is similar to this fixes bug: As I understand it, while it is commonly
4014018 CF-4201311 Installation/Config : Connector Matthew Clemente PUT/PATCH Request Body is lost with IIS connector Problem Description: When a PUT/PATCH request with a body is made to ColdFusion, running on IIS 8, the body of the request is lost. The request body is preserved for the same
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2673030 CF-4155899 Wishlist Matthew Clemente Wish list I know you aren't going to want to see this, but Adam Cameron's wishlist for CF2016 pretty well covers my wishlist for enhancements. It's developer focused updates and enhancements: Package / Dependency Manager (I like the idea of working
2608261 CF-4149198 Net Protocols Matthew Clemente Body Ignored in HTTP PUT/PATCH (and DELETE) Problem Description: CF ignores the body content sent via HTTP PUT and PATCH requests Steps to Reproduce: INDEX.cfm: Checking ColdFusion's Support For PUT/PATCH/DELETE Checking Cold