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Comment on Cannot use HTML in cfhtmltopdfitem header/footer by Matthew P.
Comment on [ANeff] ER for: canonicalizeURL(inputString, restrictMultiple, restrictMixed[, throwOnError=false]) by Matthew P.
2608370 CF-4110208 S P. Hi Matthew, Could you attach the file that you have mentioned in the bug. Thanks!
2609106 CF-3929327 S P. Hi Matthew, The fix would be available in the update 8 of ColdFusion 11. Thanks!
2608370 CF-4110208 S P. Hi Matthew, The IV would be ivorsalt as per the documentation. Do let us know if it worked after providing that. Also, wrt the documentation, the necessary changes would have to be made. Thanks!
3085992 CF-4198656 Matthew H. Here is some simple code as a test example of the cfajaxproxy version of the issue. CFM FILE: function runTest() { var instance = new p(); instance.setHTTPMethod("POST"); var result = instance.testProxy('Test String'); alert(result); } CFC FILE:
2608370 CF-4110208 S P. Hi Matthew, Can you specify if you are facing this issue on a specific platform or it is generic. Also do mention which java version you are using. Please do try out one of the following workarounds : 1)Since you are using "CBC" feedback mode in AES algorithm
3091324 CF-4198668 CFComponent Matthew Hunnell cfajaxproxy fails to a remote cfc when using Post Problem Description: We are trying to migrate from cf11 to cf2016. Much of our code is failing because 2016 does not handle remote cfcs the same when accessing them via cfajaxproxy post. It looks like