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2608632 CF-4042548 Mayur J. Hi Piyush, Please verify if this has been fixed?As per Poonam's comment, seems like working. Thanks Mayur Jain
5380145 CF-4204037 Mayur J. Hi Mike, Let us know when you create another bug report for the issue you are facing. In the mean time we will close this bug. Thanks, Mayur Jain
2673662 CF-4119097 Mayur J. Hi Aaron, API Manager supports import from swagger for both Swagger 1.2 and Swagger 2.0 documents. Reagard Mayur Jain
key value pairs of input and output parameters. The SharePoint webservice response for individual out parameters will be populated in the struct passed as the cfsharepoint param attribute. It will not be available as part of result attribute of the tag. Thanks Mayur Jain
: DEV-YR and port:9,250. For further support please reach out to or please share your mail id we will setup a screen share session. Thanks, Mayur Jain
issue you have mentioned below. Comment by Mayur Jain ----------- What is the second issue? If Piyush raised a separate bug, could someone please share the number? Thanks!, -Aaron
Mayur Jain Auto Discovery in Performance Monitoring Toolset In this blog we will talk about discovery of ColdFusion nodes on Performance Monitoring Toolset. This feature will help Performance Monitoring Toolset (PMT) to discover ColdFusion nodes within the network using multicast. When you install
:Aaron Neff Note Added: Hi Mayur, I've replied here: Thanks!, -Aaron Date Added :2015-10-21 09:41:11.0 Added By:mjain Note Added: Aaron, can you please confirm if the stubs got generated for this request. Thanks Mayur Jain Date Added :2015
or domain controller user.As I said it is used to form type 3 message in NTLM exchange, and if user is in domain controller it becomes a mandatory attribute. Thanks Mayur Jain Date Added :2015-10-20 09:56:00.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Aaron Neff Note Added: Entered Bug. Date Added :2015
949841ab8416adcfe81c245e Date Added :2015-12-09 06:37:54.0 Added By:mjain Note Added: It purely makes sense to disallow NTLMDOMAIN attribute when authtype is basic. Thanks Mayur Jain Date Added :2015-10-20 09:59:14.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Aaron Neff Note Added: Entered Bug. Date Added
2673473 CF-4126514 CFwatson U. Added By:mjain Note Added: Hi Aaron, We are actually not using the domain attribute passed in createObject. createObject support any superfluous attribute, and we don't do any specific validation there. Thanks Mayur Jain Date Added :2015-12-12 08:39:44.0 Added By
api's to consume services, when the server responds with WWW-Authenticate: NTLM header axis triggers NTLM message exchange flow, othewise it fall backs on Basic. Regards Mayur Jain Date Added :2015-10-20 09:51:59.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Aaron Neff Note Added: Application.cfc is simply