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Comment on Oracle Java support for Adobe ColdFusion by Michael Clark
Comment on Oracle Java support for Adobe ColdFusion by Michael Clark
Comment on Oracle Java support for Adobe ColdFusion by Michael Clark
2682309 CFB-4128367 Editor Features Michael Clark Code Folding/Collapsing by selection I can fold/collapse code by tag. For JavaScript it will allow me to collapse the whole function, but not the blocks (for loops, if/else blocks, switch blocks, etc). A feature that was available in Dreamweaver
, then yep this license covers the use of Java by CF. Still, I suppose (like Michael Clark's question above about whether it matters "where" Java is installed), you are just covering your bases. Let's see what else Adobe may say.
3027836 CF-4198548 Language : Functions Michael Clark Implicit array creation within a function throws null pointer exception Problem Description: When creating a var scoped array implicitly in a function, a null pointer exception is thrown. Steps to Reproduce: Execute the following code
3349916 CF-4199410 Administrator Michael Clark Login to CF Administrator using AD authentication Could it be made possible to allow authentication into the CF Administrator by using Windows accounts/groups? We have quite a few CF servers in the same Windows domain, and rather than having to go
2608184 CF-4168596 Installation/Config : Installer Michael Clark Message file doesn't exist (C:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\bin\coldfusionsvcmsg.dll) Duplicate ID: CF-3739481 Problem Description: When viewing the Application log in the Windows Event Viewer, any messages having source as 'ColdFusion 11
2798314 CF-4198283 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Michael Clark Division by zero in a QoQ returns 1.#INF Problem Description: I believe there are actually two bugs here: 1. When division by zero is encountered in a query-of-query, a value of \{numerator} .#INF is returned, rather than throwing
2738653 CF-4198240 AJAX Michael Clark CFAJAXPROXY tag places generated tags at bottom of Problem Description: When creating a JavaScript proxy for a CFC using the CFAJAXPROXY tag, the generated tags in the HTML source are placed at the bottom of the . Before CF11 Update 11, they were placed
2609051 CF-3941352 Administrator Michael Clark Update Notification Scheduled Task has malformed URL Problem Description: When switching on update notifications, the scheduled task that gets created has a malformed URL which does not resolve, so no notifications are ever sent. Steps to Reproduce
3108512 CF-4198725 Text Search : Solr Michael Clark Solr collections disappear when restarting 'ColdFusion 2016 Add-on Services' service Problem Description: When the Solr home path is changed to anywhere other than the default value (C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\jetty\multicore), Solr collections