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Comment on isNull() Fails When Using Scoped Query Variable by Michael D.
Comment on isNull() Fails When Using Scoped Query Variable by Michael D.
3479371 CF-4199631 Michael T. I'd recommend referencing a previous case that I opened up earlier this year (6/26/17). My Case ID was 189033405. I was working with Abhishek. He was able to recreate the issue on his end but was unable to resolve the issue. Perhaps whoever you were working
5847488 CF-4204514 Michael C. Hi Mukesh, Just checking to see if there is any progress on this. We'd really like to move forward from CF2016 Update 7. Cheers, Mike.
Michael Clark Many thanks for this information, Rakshith. I'd be very grateful if you could clarify just one more thing. For those of us who have manually updated Java for CF, where the update is installed outside the ColdFusion root, e.g. C:\Java\jdk1.8.0_191\jre is this covered under Adobe
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I think Michael has identified the difference between our production code and the example I provide. As a workaround for us, we've decide to just swap out the tags with where appropriate. However; the example Michael posted is most like our prod issue. "If called from
2610311 CF-3712010 External U. Case in point: Output: The value $10,000,000 cannot be converted to a number. The error occurred in D:/HostingSpaces/ line 3 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : *do you
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I placed the patch under /hf-updates instead of /lib/updates on my dev box. When I moved it to the right directory, my broken example works. I also added multiple levels deep as Michael P. suggests. It was still working with the patch. I will confirm in production.
2598113 CF-3041725 General Server Michael Nimer Bug 83466:(Watson Migration Closure)Add new #IFNULL( object, default )# function Problem: Add new #IFNULL( object, default )# function. So users can easily output a "" string when the java objects they are working with are null. Since they can't do a
: External Company: External Customer Name: Michael DeJonghe External Customer Email: 731D217644E9D0A6992015A9 External Test Config: 08/05/2009
Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3041890 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Michael Sprague External Customer Email: 60411912444D4E82992016B8 External Test Config: 08/16/2010
: Michael Henke External Customer Email: 11315A0244D0C91F992015C3 External Test Config: 03/25/2010
Tracker Issue Bug 80118:ER request
: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3040190 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Michael Nimer External Customer Email: 2A9532C544B718E0992015D5 External Test Config: 09/21/2009
5241384 CF-4203901 Aaron N. Hi Michael, Named parameter syntax `csrfGenerateToken(forceNew=true)` isn't valid until CF2018. Pre-CF2018 that'd be positional syntax `csrfGenerateToken("", true)`. It's a bug if it worked pre-CF2018. Hi Adobe, If you run `csrfGenerateToken(forceNew=true)` in CF2016
Charlie Arehart Kevin, I realize you are asking Adobe, but since it's in reply to my comment I'll just add that the answer would seemingly be yes, unless you mean that "compiled third-party code" was being used OUTSIDE of CF. If you mean only that you'd call those Java objects from within CFML
the origin query itself in the correct order ) according to the input ( ideally it’d support a comma delimited list of column names but even just 1 column would already provide some serious efficiency assuming this was reasonably performant ) and then use that temporary, sorted query as the loop provider
_SQL_VARCHAR select * from arbitrary limit X As it stands now it would require rewriting a large portion of various codebases for us to move to CF 10, which up until the discovery of this bug we'd planned to do on release day
2612286 CF-3530276 Caching Michael Little Another CacheManager with same name '_ORM_...........' already exists in the same VM Description Duplicate ID: CF-3327626 Similar to bug 3327626 which was supposedly fixed. This is with ColdFusion 10 version 10,0,8,284032 on Windows 2003 Server 32 bit
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. Hi Michael, We tried with the code you had shared in the forum, only difference is I have assigned date1 =CreateODBCDateTime(CreateDateTime(DatePart("yyyy",thisDate),DatePart("m",thisDate),DatePart("d",thisDate),15,12,0) just to repro with the exact time you had
2598295 CF-3041495 AJAX : UI Components Aaron Neff Bug 82998:[ANeff] Bug for: Apostrophe, in cfmapitem's name attribute, prevents display of map Problem: [ANeff] Bug for: Apostrophe, in cfmapitem's name attribute, prevents display of map.Please see comments by michael_evangelista: http
://{be45a6ae-bb99-44f8-aa07-4642b1f1907f}&topid={4a5415de-7cf9-4e3a-833c-288c4054525f}&tp=1&to=asc&ts=last&tl=15&tv=desc#{049FBB68-4E75-4D65-8010-B112BAFFE3BC} ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID
2613182 CF-3340564 Installation/Config : Connector Michael Mongeau CGI.ALL_HTTP variable does not exist (IIS, all versions) Problem Description: ColdFusion 10 no longer passes through the variable CGI.ALL_HTTP when running on IIS (both 6.0 and 7.5). This is critical for our company since we use
2610882 CF-3672861 Language M S Add a DISABLED (optional, default=false) argument to the CFSILENT and CFTRY tags. My idea is to add an option to the and tags to help in development. By their nature, these tags mask real errors, which is good in production, but in development I'd sometimes rather
Charlie Arehart Michael, there are two docs for you to look at (to start), both linked to from the page about the beta (, linked to from that top right banner on the portal). There, you'll see a "documentation" column to the right
there including the application name, but I imagine that might be the one that’d still need to live in the pseudo constructor, which I could live with. From a discussion in the thread: Ray Camden said: "I agree with this. A great example is custom logic to get paths to important directories based on code
2600467 CF-3038996 Language : CustomTag Michael Dawson Bug 78130:Custom Tag Paths Chosen Arbitrarily Duplicate ID: CF-3036819 Problem: Custom Tag Paths Chosen Arbitrarily Several months ago, we rebuilt our primary web site to migrate from ASP to CF. I chose to use Application