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3522108 CF-4199784 Michael M. I had a chance to test this in 2016 today, and experienced the same issues.
3522108 CF-4199784 Michael M. I found a fix for this on a Japanese website. Modify your jvm.config file. add to your java.args = line -Dmail.mime.encodeparameters=false
3522108 CF-4199784 Michael M. I'm trying to gather examples of headers that send from other mail clients. The latest versio of Thunderbird is very close to what we saw in Update 10. --------------060305020202080403040402 Content-Type: application/pdf; name="CommissionStatement_20170630_Z_370
4481296 CFB-4198401 Michael C. Any progress on this, Adobe? I notice there are other odd looking icons too, such as the drive icon in the 'File View' view (see uploaded image).
3479371 CF-4199631 Michael T. I'd recommend referencing a previous case that I opened up earlier this year (6/26/17). My Case ID was 189033405. I was working with Abhishek. He was able to recreate the issue on his end but was unable to resolve the issue. Perhaps whoever you were working
6547071 CF-4206252 Michael M. I should note that when I open in the the browser on the server where CF is installed, I get a display of the XML file, so that file is accessible to my machine.
6472567 CF-4205912 Michael D. I want to note an error I made in my previous comment. I used the wrong scope in the isNull() function. It should have been: isNull(row.title) rather than isNull(person.title) This particular use-case works as expected when corrected.
Comment on Compiler sometimes fails to compile the java classes for function expressions (or closures) by Michael I.
4486139 CF-4202965 Michael G. Hi, sorry it took a while to respond. I don't have a lot of free time at the moment. I can confirm that the code you posted evaluates the same as your output. However I fail to see the value in this since what you've posted is different than what I posted. When you
Michael Mongeau Why does membership in the CF Alive Inner Circle require a Facebook account? I would like to join the group but I do not use Facebook and have no plans to start using it now.
3349916 CF-4199410 Michael C. Hi, I wasn't able to see anything at (server not found), and searching for issue CF-4198198 returns 'no issue found'. Please could you double-check the issue ID number? Many thanks, Michael.
Michael Clark Thanks for commenting, Charlie. I'm aware of all the points you make, and as you mentioned, all I'm looking for is the legalese to just confirm what we pretty much know.
5380145 CF-4204037 Michael S. Sorry, you are right. I posted the wrong sample code. I'll submit a different bug report.
3108512 CF-4198725 Michael C. Hi Wil, I think the best thing for you to do is open another bug report. Once issues are closed, the support staff tend not to look at new comments, in my experience.
3591417 CF-4200012 Michael L. Given the nature of our project, I don't want to reveal any unnecessary information. How can we verify our database supports this feature?
4486139 CF-4202965 Michael G. Correction: Under "actual result" it's actually Time 1 that evaluates as earlier than Time 2. In my test time1 was: {ts '2018-06-20 15:12:00'} and time2 was {ts '2018-06-20 09:00:00'} yet time1 evaluated as false when I did a GTE than time2. Sorry for the confusion.
3479371 CF-4199631 Michael T. Nikhil, I assume you saw the posting in the IIS thread ( by Paul Lynch who managed to get the logging working properly? According to his post, he is using
5361900 CF-4204021 Michael T. Awful. Just lots my Scheduled Tasks. From what I can tell, the backup does not have the file either. This is really sad.
2608419 CF-4099446 Michael C. I know this is only an enhancement, but would it be possible to put it in soon? It really is difficult to see the difference between active tasks and paused tasks in a list of 30 tasks.
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. Michael, I am able to repro the issue with the sample code you provided. Please contact me @ [|] so that I can assist you further -Nimit
5847488 CF-4204514 Michael C. Hi Mukesh, I noticed the Reason Code for this issue is marked as 'PRNeedInfo'. Please could you let me know if you are awaiting information from me? We would really like to move forward from CF2016 Update 7 ASAP, and cannot do so without this issue getting resolved
6624479 CF-4206491 Michael C. Hi Suchika, I've just noticed that it looks like when the ColdFusion service is restarted, the last run dates are wiped out. This would explain why it gradually resolved itself. Shouldn't the last run history be maintained and survive a service restart? Cheers, Mike.
6624479 CF-4206491 Michael C. Hi Suchika, I've just noticed that it looks like when the ColdFusion service is restarted, the last run dates are wiped out. This would explain why it gradually resolved itself. Shouldn't the last run history be maintained and survive a service restart? Cheers, Mike.
2608788 CF-3996917 Nimit S. Hi Michael, I am unable to find any documentation related to this driver. It looks like this JDBC driver implements an older version of the JDBC API, which isn't JDBC 3 and/or 4 ready. Can you please check the latest version of this driver? Regards, Nimit
5105751 CF-4203490 Nitin K. Hi Michael, I will be sending you the patch on your email Id [|] . This patch works should work fine for you.  Regards, Nitin
6299942 CF-4205369 Piyush K. Thanks for getting back, Michael. I'll close this. If you fee like the NO COUNT thing is a buggy behavior pls. feel free to log a new bug with the relevant details...
6472567 CF-4205912 Michael D. I am able to reproduce this issue with the following code. Working example of the following code: ----------------------------------Application.cfc---------------------------------- component{ = "null
2709153 CF-4198198 Michael C. Just checking again to see if any thought has been put into implementing this? It really would assist us (and I'm sure many others) greatly.
3479371 CF-4199631 Michael T. Alexandar, I'll be honest with you. I do not believe Adobe is going to fix this issue. I have lost hope. I recognize that the next few sentences are out of context but in one of my email exchanges on the case with Abhishek, I said, "It FEELS like you are not taking
Michael Clark Many thanks for this information, Rakshith. I'd be very grateful if you could clarify just one more thing. For those of us who have manually updated Java for CF, where the update is installed outside the ColdFusion root, e.g. C:\Java\jdk1.8.0_191\jre is this covered under Adobe
Object' , it will throw the error: Detail: A query driven queryloop tag is nested inside a queryloop tag that also has a query attribute. If the is not surrounded by it will not throw the error. I've got test files created that i attached above: - Michael
5446523 CF-4204075 Michael C. Hi Arwin, Samuel and Charles, I'm going to open another issue with the same description, because it would appear Adobe are ignoring this thread. I'll post the new issue number in here when it's done. Cheers, Mike.
6712677 CF-4206902 MICHAEL W. Hello No, it does not work with HF7 - i referenced to that in the "Found In Build" option of the Bug-Details Is there something that i can manually change? Regards
6259329 CF-4205250 Michael C. Completely agree with Charlie, if manual hotfix updates are to continue going forward. I understand the need for an occasional hotfix, so Charlie's comments should definitely be taken on board. Suggestion: in this particular case, rather than supplying these hot fixes
Comment on CFHTTP Calls will Hang, subsequent calls then fail . - CF2018 by Michael B.
5847488 CF-4204514 Mukesh K. Hi Michael, I have tried out your code in ColdFusion 2016 update 11 and could not observe issue. Could you try out in different browser and check the behavior? Is there any error logged in browser console and if yes, send the details to us with screenshot. Please
6472567 CF-4205912 Michael D. Piyush, thank you for looking into this issue. I took your code and modified it to show the issue happens on HF6. The code doesn't throw an exception, however, it returns unexpected results which can cause other errors to happen. Basically, the issue happens when
5446523 CF-4204075 Michael C. Hi Adobe people, This issue is preventing us (and many others I would imagine) from updating CF2016 above Update 7. Please could you either reopen this issue, or provide us with a valid duplicate issue ID? Many thanks.
Charlie Arehart Thanks, JG. And to Tom and Michael, when I made my comment (in reply to Tom's first), I prefaced it with "or" meaning if Adobe might balk at a generic proposal of "the community" somehow "continuing to run it". I was just proposing a more concrete proposal. I'm open myself to any
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. Hi Michael & Dave, I have tried both the suggestion for the repro case but I am unable to repro it with the patch. Can you please share the settings summary and exception stack trace so that I can confirm the patch is applied successfully? -Nimit
Comment on All CFM requests logged as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll in IIS 10.0 by Michael T.
3108512 CF-4198725 Michael C. The update level is 2016,0,04,302561, on Win 2008 Server R2 64 bit. The Solr Home variable in the CF Admin page appears to just point to the location of the collections, not the actual executable files of a Solr installation. So, I copied the contents of C
6624479 CF-4206491 Michael C. Which patch are you talking about? If you mean U13, then as you can see from the build number I provided, we are already there: 2016,0,13,316217.
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I think Michael has identified the difference between our production code and the example I provide. As a workaround for us, we've decide to just swap out the tags with where appropriate. However; the example Michael posted is most like our prod issue. "If called from
Comment on Reload/Redirect Loop caused by HTTP2, IIS10 and Safari. by Michael T.
Comment on All CFM requests logged as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll in IIS 10.0 by Michael T.
Charlie Arehart Michael, I can confirm what you're reporting. All the downloads for the Java 8 update 261 (jdk's and jre's) do fail with "not found" (not just that Windows 64-bit one).  And FWIW, the links for Java 11 update 8 (which was also new last week) DO work. And I have compared the URLs
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by Michael C.
3108512 CF-4198725 Piyush K. Michael, I am unable to observe the issue with CF2016.0.04.302561/Win7. I'm able to re-index or search a collection after restarting the Add-On services or even after changing the Solr server to a Solr server(CF2016-based) located in a non-default location
Comment on Nested CFLAYOUT/CFLAYOUTAREA tags with source attributes throw javascript error by Michael C.
5826259 CF-4204486 Nimit S. Hi Michael, This is a duplicate of another bug CF-4204484 Hence, I am withdrawing this bug. -Nimit    
5826258 CF-4204485 Nimit S. Hi Michael, This is a duplicate of another bug CF-4204484 Hence, I am withdrawing this bug. -Nimit    
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I placed the patch under /hf-updates instead of /lib/updates on my dev box. When I moved it to the right directory, my broken example works. I also added multiple levels deep as Michael P. suggests. It was still working with the patch. I will confirm in production.
2608513 CF-4073011 Nimit S. Hi Michael, We are trying to investigate this issue, but unable to repro it. I will really appreciate if you can provide us a repro case.
3588520 CF-4200009 Michael C. (CF 2016,0,13,316217) I realize this issue/thread has been dormant for quite a while now, and if the discussion has moved to the comments section of another issue, please could someone point me to it and I will post there. I noticed a change in behaviour in schedule
Charlie Arehart Michael, I realize you will want to hear from Adobe, or better to see the legal terms. But as this is about covering use of Java by CF, I can't imagine it would somehow be tied to the directory where Java is installed, but instead only to its use by CF (and that bundled jetty server
6472567 CF-4205912 Piyush K. Michael, I am not able to reproduce the issue with HF5 or HF6. Can you share/try the following: - the error output - the complete working test code. - can you check if the issue is reproducible on HF6 Here's the test code that I tried. The output is as expected
6259329 CF-4205250 City A. Hi Nimit, I received the patch for 2016. The email got caught in our quarantine so it appeared as though no one had responded. Thank you for your reply. The patch fixed the issue on our CF2016 server. However, I would like to echo Charlie and Michael. Why not post
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. Hi Dave, I have shared the patch with Michael and he has confirmed that the patch is working at his end. You can either contact [|] or [|] to get the patch.   -Nimit
2682309 CFB-4128367 Editor Features Michael Clark Code Folding/Collapsing by selection I can fold/collapse code by tag. For JavaScript it will allow me to collapse the whole function, but not the blocks (for loops, if/else blocks, switch blocks, etc). A feature that was available in Dreamweaver
2816424 CF-4198297 Piyush K. Michael, At what point and which log file do you see this error. Can you share the detailed log file, so that I can see what is happening before that error is logged. What module is that? If this has anything to do with an application you are running, can you pls. share
, then yep this license covers the use of Java by CF. Still, I suppose (like Michael Clark's question above about whether it matters "where" Java is installed), you are just covering your bases. Let's see what else Adobe may say.
2603074 CF-3036173 Event Gateway Michael Dawson Bug 73018:(Watson Migration Closure)Create Database Watcher Gateway Type Problem: Create Database Watcher Gateway Type I would like to see a gateway type that can connect to a database (DSN) and perform a query. If a certain criteria is met, within
2613552 CF-3231447 Document Management : Presentation Michael Nimer add name attribute to CFPRESENTATION Add a name attribute like cfdocument, and cfpdf that will return the bytes of the cfpresentation. This way I can pass it back to my java method to be outputted in the browser
2603075 CF-3036172 Event Gateway Michael Dawson Bug 73017:(Watson Migration Closure)Create Calendar Gateway Type for MS Exchange Problem: Create Calendar Gateway Type for MS Exchange I would like to see a gateway type that can connect to an Exchange server. This gateway could check for new
-separated list, or range of values. column row I suggest that these be changed to: columns rows Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3035884 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Michael Dawson
2611830 CF-3587061 Caching Michael Henson Cannot clear query cache Problem Description: I cannot clear the query cache. Using does not work and neither does clearing the query cache from the CF administrator. Steps to Reproduce: I run a query on my MySQL database and use the attribute
2602383 CF-3036913 Language : Tags Michael Dawson Bug 73887:(Watson Migration Closure)CFOUTPUT - Add Array and Collection Looping Problem: CFOUTPUT - Add Array and Collection Looping Currently, you can only loop over queries with cfoutput. Looping over other types of data requires cfloop
2608233 CF-4159611 REST Services Michael Henson NULL pointer exception when visiting REST URLs I have been receiving errors on my websites when somebody (suspected bots) tries to visit the REST URLs. For example when visiting this throws a NULL pointer exception. I tried
2602315 CF-3036991 CFExchange Michael Dawson Bug 74099:Add RECURRENCE-ID to CFEXCHANGECALENDAR Recordset Problem: Add RECURRENCE-ID to CFEXCHANGECALENDAR Recordset Can RECURRENCE-ID be added to the query object that is built using the CFEXCHANGECALENDAR tag? This would allow developers
3591417 CF-4200012 Nimit S. Hi Michael, DBVarname is supported with CF2016 release. However, if the backend database does not support stored procedures with the named parameter, then it may not work. Please provide the information mentioned below: 1. Have you verified it on the latest update
Michael Elias Paul application.cfc sometimes doesn’t load I have this code in my application.cfc sometimes like 1
it disabled by default so that existing applications are not affected and then if needs be add an attribute to the function to turn it on. For me this issue is NOT FIXED and I need it to be fixed urgently. -- Michael.
michaell72894454 CF11 database connection BLOCKED – JDBCPool.checkIn Dear All, I have recently experienced an unexpected 503 server error and server crash quite often. The application has been running for more than 5 years and never experienced this issue before. I had thought it was due to bot
2596861 CF-3545133 Database Michael Kranitz coldfusion.sql.DataSourcePermission error on properly setup dsn Problem Description: I have 4 websites using CF on a cloud server at Rackspace running 2008R2. I just set up another db (a restore from an existing one under a different db name. I
2613551 CF-3231455 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer cfdump throws null error Duplicate ID: CF-3223299 using the sqlilite if I try to call cfdump, from java, with the results of "select * from artist" I will get a null error (275 rows). If I try
2603076 CF-3036171 Event Gateway Michael Dawson Bug 73016:(Watson Migration Closure)Create Email Gateway Type for MS Exchange or POP Server Problem: Create Email Gateway Type for MS Exchange or POP Server I would like to see a gateway type that can connect to either an Exchange server or POP
2599929 CF-3039569 AJAX : UI Components Michael DeJonghe Bug 79292:CFWINDOW center="true" works well but when you create a window using JavaScript and you apply the center attribute the window never centers Problem: CFWINDOW center="true" works well but when you create a window using Java
2597964 CF-3041890 Security : Authentication Michael Sprague Bug 83830:Using CFLOGINOpen one browser, log in Problem: Using CFLOGINOpen one browser, log in. Open a second browser, log in with the same account.Log out of the first browser, then refresh the second browser. It logs you out of both
2598547 CF-3041212 Document Management : PDF generation Michael Henke Bug 82512:(Watson Migration Closure)cfdocument format=pdf doesn't pass the adobe acrobat pro 508 complience check Related Bugs: CF-3818467 - Similar to Problem: cfdocument format=pdf doesn't pass the adobe acrobat pro 508
are another name for undefined values. java.lang.NullPointerException ----------- As mentioned by Michael Dawson, cfdirectory should return the directory, but should show some indicator that it was not accessible. My suggestion: Maybe it could set an attribute like "I" for "I
Comment on Bug 73959:(Watson Migration Closure)I was wondering if it would be possible to have a config page in the cfadmin that allows you to add other validation routines to isValid (and for that matter cfform fields) so we don’t have to use reg by External U.
. There is some code here by Russ Michaels (with the original JS Dump being created by Shuns) that could be used here for inspiration: I am attaching those files to this request for your convenience. Again, this will help people
2608788 CF-3996917 Administrator Michael Rolfes Error when creating CF data source for viaSQL connection (works in previous versions of CF) Problem Description: I am migrating from CF9 to CF11 and the driver which connects to viaSQL through JDBC does not validate as it does successfully from within
2610442 CF-3701570 CFIMAGE Michael Thomas Error reading PNG image data - CFIMAGE Problem Description: I receive an error while reading a .png image, see attached. Steps to Reproduce: Created a screen capture using the Windows Snipping Tool larger than 500 x 500. Uploaded the image to server
2613607 CF-3206505 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer add bootstrap classloader for listeners In order to get run Spring running inside of ColdFusion CF needs to load the "org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener" class, otherwise you can get all kinds of WebContext Init
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. Hi Michael, We tried with the code you had shared in the forum, only difference is I have assigned date1 =CreateODBCDateTime(CreateDateTime(DatePart("yyyy",thisDate),DatePart("m",thisDate),DatePart("d",thisDate),15,12,0) just to repro with the exact time you had
of the tracker entry here, so let's leave it at that. I will say (for those following along) that I did ping some Adobe folks privately today to see if we can get someone to revisit this entry. If they don't, then as Michael C suggested on the 21st, I may need to create a new ticket instead to get
2612166 CF-3551492 Text Search Michael Bleyer The search needs a faceted drill-down option Your search on needs a faceted drill down option by product at least, and maybe other facets - really really really urgently. The way it currently
Michaela Light CFCamp 2018: Madness in Munich – Recap Day 1 Hi there! This is Michaela Light. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it personally to the CFCamp in Munich. However, my associate Paul has gone in my stead. And boy, from the pics and videos he’s been sending me. It looks like a great time
2798314 CF-4198283 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Michael Clark Division by zero in a QoQ returns 1.#INF Problem Description: I believe there are actually two bugs here: 1. When division by zero is encountered in a query-of-query, a value of \{numerator} .#INF is returned, rather than throwing
2612746 CF-3434307 Web Socket michael kunezler wss should be supported to take advantage of websockets for CF business solutions. 1) I assume mostly all CF solutions for clients will run under https when some critical business data is handled. Unfortunately wss seems not to be supported. Looking
2613543 CF-3282992 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer direct invoke argument throws null error by only changing the direct invoke argument to true I get NULL error works: new CFCProxy(cfcPath, false); breaks: new CFCProxy(cfcPath, true
2603116 CF-3035992 Language : CF Component Michael Dawson Bug 72960:(Watson Migration Closure)Components should return proper MIME type Problem: Components should return proper MIME type. I should be able to control the mime type by a combination of the following attributes. This behavior
Charlie Arehart Adobe folks, there are some additional problems on the Java downloads page (beyond those mentioned by Michael and others in other comments here). Please note that the first two jdk links for updates 261 and 251 mistakenly refer to "241" in their links: http
2609189 CF-3914314 Installation/Config : Connector Michael Sanchez undefined symbol: ap_get_server_description Problem Description: Running wsconfig or trying to start Apache throws an error related to loading I have also added the new for a compatibility issue with CF10
2613604 CF-3206530 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer Spring integration, spring security and jsp tags Problem Description: If I configure Spring to run inside of the ColdFusion class loader, so I can use CFCPROXY when I try to use Spring JSP tags or Spring security I get errors Steps