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Comment on csrfGenerateToken generates error in Update 15 by Michael M.
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. @Michael  thanks for the info, we will check from our end.
Michael Clark Thanks for commenting, Charlie. I'm aware of all the points you make, and as you mentioned, all I'm looking for is the legalese to just confirm what we pretty much know.
2709153 CF-4198198 Michael C. Just checking again to see if any thought has been put into implementing this? It really would assist us (and I'm sure many others) greatly.
5446523 CF-4204075 Michael C. Hi Arwin, Samuel and Charles, I'm going to open another issue with the same description, because it would appear Adobe are ignoring this thread. I'll post the new issue number in here when it's done. Cheers, Mike.
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. @Michael, In the getDate() function you have used application.GMTOffset, could you please let us know what value you have  set to this variable ? Also let us know the time zone set on the machine.
6712677 CF-4206902 Dattanand M. @Michael this issue is been fixed in CF2018HF7. Please try updating the CF server to (2018.0.07.316715), let us know if you still face this issue.
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. @Michael We could see that you have used getDate() in the code, if you are setting anything specific to time zone or locale in this function please share with us, it would be helpful for us to repro. We tried the code below, we have used now() instead of get
Comment on Solr collections disappear when restarting 'ColdFusion 2016 Add-on Services' service by Michael C.
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. Hi Michael, We tried with the code you had shared in the forum, only difference is I have assigned date1 =CreateODBCDateTime(CreateDateTime(DatePart("yyyy",thisDate),DatePart("m",thisDate),DatePart("d",thisDate),15,12,0) just to repro with the exact time you had
Comment on CF should track the state of last execution of tasks in a file separate from neo-cron.xml, to prevent loss of all tasks on its corruption by Michael C.
Charlie Arehart Thanks, JG. And to Tom and Michael, when I made my comment (in reply to Tom's first), I prefaced it with "or" meaning if Adobe might balk at a generic proposal of "the community" somehow "continuing to run it". I was just proposing a more concrete proposal. I'm open myself to any
2682309 CFB-4128367 Editor Features Michael Clark Code Folding/Collapsing by selection I can fold/collapse code by tag. For JavaScript it will allow me to collapse the whole function, but not the blocks (for loops, if/else blocks, switch blocks, etc). A feature that was available in Dreamweaver
3108512 CF-4198725 Piyush K. Michael, I am unable to observe the issue with CF2016.0.04.302561/Win7. I'm able to re-index or search a collection after restarting the Add-On services or even after changing the Solr server to a Solr server(CF2016-based) located in a non-default location
2614028 CF-3135653 Net Protocols : IMAP Michael Cummins CFIMAP does not work with Exchange 2010 SP1 Problem Description:CF 9.0+ cannot to a Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 server. You receive: javax.mail.MessagingException: Unable to load BODYSTRUCTURE Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected
3349916 CF-4199410 Administrator Michael Clark Login to CF Administrator using AD authentication Could it be made possible to allow authentication into the CF Administrator by using Windows accounts/groups? We have quite a few CF servers in the same Windows domain, and rather than having to go
2610882 CF-3672861 Language M S Add a DISABLED (optional, default=false) argument to the CFSILENT and CFTRY tags. My idea is to add an option to the and tags to help in development. By their nature, these tags mask real errors, which is good in production, but in development I'd sometimes rather
2600467 CF-3038996 Language : CustomTag Michael Dawson Bug 78130:Custom Tag Paths Chosen Arbitrarily Duplicate ID: CF-3036819 Problem: Custom Tag Paths Chosen Arbitrarily Several months ago, we rebuilt our primary web site to migrate from ASP to CF. I chose to use Application
Tracker Issue form scope is missing
2613544 CF-3282988 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer form scope is missing I'm not sure if this is a bug or enhancement. But on a form post (servlet doPost()) the FORM and URL scopes are not populated. I know the whole servlet filter chain is not invoked with CFCProxy, but it would be nice
2613553 CF-3231445 Charting/Graphing Michael Nimer cfchart fails from cfcproxy trying to generate a chart inside of a cfpresentation through CFCProxy throws this error I'm attaching the cfc, and the servlet to invoke it. ============ java.lang.NullPointerException coldfusion
2613604 CF-3206530 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer Spring integration, spring security and jsp tags Problem Description: If I configure Spring to run inside of the ColdFusion class loader, so I can use CFCPROXY when I try to use Spring JSP tags or Spring security I get errors Steps