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5241384 CF-4203901 Michael M. My coworker found information that agrees with this. You can close this ticket. We were only using it in a couple of places. We can work around it. Thanks! Michael Miller
2743529 CF-4198243 CFForm Michael Miller Patch 11 introduces fckeditor bug Problem Description:When updating ColdFusion from Patch 10 to 11 CFTEXTAREA quits working as designed. The page throws a javascipt error when run saying that it is looking for a file in the cfide
3522108 CF-4199784 Net Protocols : MAIL Michael Miller CFMAIL Long Attachment Names Problem Description:When Update 11 for Coldfusion 11 was installed we started to have difficulty with email attachments that had longer filenames. We use some names that are very long. Over 60 characters. Update